Three spies are chosen to save the world. They must partner up with their SpyZords and form the SpyMission Megazord. The battle must begin for them to defeat the enemy.

Spy Rangers

Red Cheetah Spy Ranger- Spencer Harr (Jason Dolley)

Blue Gorilla Spy Ranger- Timmy Hargan (Carlon Jeffrey)

Yellow Rabbit Spy Ranger- Hannah Williams (Debby Ryan)

Golden Beetle Spy Ranger - Lincoln Sirtis (Kevin Sorbo)

Silver Stag Spy Ranger - Johnny Sampson (Austin St. John)


Spyshifter- The rangers' morpher that also calls upon the SpyZords

BinoCutter- A sword that turns into a pair of binoculars.

CaMP5K- A gun that transforms into a camera.

TransCapusle- a sidearm to the rangers that summons their weapons


CheetAce- Red's SpyZord that can transform into two cars, a motorcycle, and its own robot.

BananApe- Blue's SpyZord that can transform into a truck.

RabbiTracer- Yellow's SpyZord that transforms into a helicopter.

StaggerBeet- The SpyZord form of Silver Stag Spy Ranger and SpyZord of Golden Beetle Spy Ranger.

Vyroid Clan

Hacker- (Dwight Schultz) a man who creates the Vyroids

Techskull- the leader of the Vyroid Clan who can connect with Hacker.

Crashers- the footsoldiers that can assume the appearances of humans, first seen in Episode 1.


  • VyroDigger- based off of a shovel.
  • VyroBurn- based off of a flamethrower.
  • VyroNeedle- based off of a needle.
  • VyroBlade- based off of a cutting utensil.
  • VyroWheel- based off of a tire.
  • VyroSpray- based off of something that sprays.
  • VyroTrain- based off of a train.
  • VyroDrill- based off of a drill.
  • VyroShoot

Spy Vehicles

  • Cheetah Bike
  • Gorilla Truck
  • Rabbit Copter
  • Beetle Crane
  • Stag Jet


  • DiggerZord- a beta VyroZord.
  • BurnZord- an alpha VyroZord.
  • PinZord- a beta VyroZord.
  • SlicerZord- a gamma VyroZord.
  • WheelZord- an alpha VyroZord.
  • SprayerZord- a beta VyroZord.
  • TrainZord- an alpha VyroZord.
  • DrillerZord- an alpha VyroZord.
  • CrashZord- zords that belong to Crashers.


SpyMission Megazord - a megazord formed from CheetAce, BananApe, and RabbiTracer.

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