Sometime,probably one year after the movie Power Rangers, Saban Brands LLC could develop an animated series based on the Mighty Morphin saga. It will air on Disney Channel.


Teens Jason, Zach, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly try to juggle their lives with school, family, and saving the world as Power Rangers who tassle with Rita's dark forces in Angel Grove!


  • Dacre Montgomery-Jason/Red Ranger
  • RJ Cyler-Billy/Blue Ranger
  • Ludi Lin-Zach/Black Ranger
  • Naomi Scott-Kimberly/Pink Ranger
  • Becky Gomez-Trini/Yellow Ranger
  • Aaron Johnson-Tommy/Green Ranger
  • Bryan Cranston-Zordon
  • Bill Hader-Alpha 5
  • Jeff Garlin-Ernie
  • Jameson Moss-Bulk
  • Joel Courtney-Skull
  • Elizabeth Banks-Rita Repulsa
  • Mr. T-Goldar
  • Jack Black-Baboo
  • Jim Parsons-Squatt
  • Meryl Streep-Scorpina
  • Willem Dafoe-Lord Zedd
  • Dwayne Johnson-Lokar
  • Zach Galifianakis-Finster
  • Tim Curry-Mordant


See List of Power Rangers: Defenders of Earth episodes


A toy line will be released by Bandai to tie-in with the show.


  • Nicktoons(USA)
  • Teletoon(Canada)


  • TV-Y7-FV(USA)

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