After his partner was killed by a terrorist named Le'Sheque, an agent of LRS teams up with a cop, who barely knows what an agent is. Together, they team up to find out what the terrorist is up to and what he is planning.


May 3, 2013


  • Ryan Whethers (Ben Stiller) - an agent of LRS, who teams up with a cop named Cam Dutch in order to stop the mastermind, Le'Sheque, in the end, marries Melissa!
  • Cam Dutch (Chris Rock) - a cop, who teams up with Agent Whethers in order to stop the mastermind, Le'Sheque, in the end, returns to the Police Department and becomes promoted!
  • Melissa Harris (Christine Taylor) - Whether's girlfriend, she is also an agent of LRS, she spends time as Ryan's new partner, and they grow together as a couple, in the end, marries Ryan!
  • Nikki West (Naomie Harris) - Dutch's love interest, and a secretary of New Jersey, in the end, kissed Dutch on the cheek!
  • Byron Horus Boothe (John Malcovich) - the director of LRS (short for Legal Rights Support), he wants to know what Le'Sheque is planning, so he calls the police chief, Yukon to team up one of his cops, Dutch with Whethers, in the end, assigns Ryan to Alabama for a project beneath the Lake!
  • Chief Abraham Yukon (Lawrence Fishbourne) - the foul-mouthed chief of police, in the end, finally calms down!
  • Jules Might (Kenneth Branagh) - Ryan's partner and best friend, who was killed by Le'Sheque in an accidental mission, in the end, given a momorial in his memory!
  • Le'Sheque (Gary Oldman) - the main antagonist, a terrorist with a long beard, long robe, with fingerless gloves, he used a smoke bomb to kill Might, Whethers's best friend, just to prevent him from stopping him from stealing The Crown Jewels of London, ten years later, he was using the Emerald for a long time connecting all the earth's resources to his war machine, near the end, escapes for the Yukon, in the end, states to get Even!
  • Dr. Jarkis (Jeffery Combs, Dan Castelleneta for oxygen mask) - the secondary antagonist, he is Le'Sheque's scientist, his left eye is replaced with a cybernetic green eye, he wears an oxygen mask to help him breathe, and his hair is shaved off, and replaced with some technology inside his head, he helped nuplify the Emerald, for the Power Core, in the end, dies in the core!



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