The Pokemon World was destroyed, Ash, Misty, Brock, James, May, Cilan, Tracey, Iris, and Dawn were chosen by the Great Rift, a living portal that sent them to a whole new world of New Avalon. Ash is mutated into a Pokeman similar to Mewtwo called Ashemis Prime, Misty is mutated into Statrfire- later Star Prime and becomes Ash's wife, Brock mutates into the Second Mr. Fantastic, James into the new Joker, May becomes Raven, Cilan into the massive Chimera, Tracey into the quick Streak, Iris into Color Girl, Dawn becomes the half human, half Dragon, Jinx, and Max becomes Mr. Sinister's Son Power Bend. They vow to protect their new home Pokopulis, from the forces of Man-Dragon. Title Card: They lost the world they once, they are protecting it.

The pokesquad by inkheart7-d5g2l2x

Season 2 Pokesquad outfits by Inkheart7!


Pokesquad symbol

This is the symbol for Pokesquad

Pokesquad (Red)

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Ashemis prime
Ash Ketchum/ Ashemis Prime Matthew Broderick Red Leader Leader of the Pokesquad, and a good friend to the Pokemon, he is also very mature, and pretty smart. He no longer lets his stomach get the better of him, and he has the Power of Mewtwo and the mind. Ashemis is his Sarcanian name, and Prime is from his hero Optimus Prime, or Rodimus Prime. Ash is a Scientist of Dream Weavers.
Star prime
Misty Ketchum/ Star Prime Jodi Benson Green Second in Command Second in Command of the group, and Ash's wife, she is very calm, kind, and always using her head and wits, but also her strength. She is a rad surfer, Swimsuit model, and a assistant to Ash's work at Dream Weavers labs. She has the same powers as Starfire, she is also said to be a descendent of Ariel.
Mister fantastic II
Brock Harrison Richards/ Mr. Fantastic Robin Williams Blue Medical Officer He is thre medical officer of the group, he still has his cooking skills, and kind healing skills. Like the original Mr. Fantastic he can stretch, and can expand, unlike him he is more a comic relief and shapeshifts like Genie from Aladdin. He is very encouraging and always trying to fight for the perfect girl for himself!
Joker, jr.
James Naipier/ Joker Martin Short Yellow Inventor Inventor of the group, and former member of Team Rocket, he is very considerate of others, unlike his predecessor, he is intelligent, although he looks like a clown. He is the teams best inventor, he is also Brock's job partner, and he and Brock work in Jungle Japs Cafe, and in the Chon Shop, both Brock and James are close friends!
May Roth/ Raven Tara Strong Black Mindbender Mindbender of the group, she is the most Gothic of the group since their makeover in the Great Rift, she still retains her original personality when she was still in the Pokemon world, only mixed with Azarathian traits. She has the power to blend in the dark, and to control Dark Energy without being corupted by it, she is also the one one who does not use incantations!
Chimera (pokesquad)
Cilan Morse/ Chimera Fred Tatasciore Orange Enforcer He is the enforcer of the group, and the veteran of the group. He was once part of Project Harpy along with his brothers, Chilli/Hydra, and Cress/Cerberus, he has super strength, agility, and the thick skull of a Goat. He is very compassionate and sometime short tempered, and he is the most interesting member of the group.
Tracey sketchit AKA the streak
Tracey Sketchit/ Streak Steven Jay Blum Indigo Daredevil He is the Daredevil of the group, he is also the former assistant to the late Prof. Oak! Like Ash he feels the same pain as Ash does with the loss of Prof. Oak, he is a speedster, and is one of the fastest heroes in the Pokopulis, he is also very slick and cool.He also became Dawn's boyfriend and both have been together ever since!
Color girl
Iris Jane/ Color-Girl Katie Griffin White Watcher She is the Watcher of the group, and the one who often keeps an eye for anything strange or unatural. She has the power of controlling colors and shaping them into any items she believes fits (Red: Sword, Orange:Claw, Yellow:Key, Green:Sheild, Blue:Fist, Indigo:Hammer, and Purple: Hook), She takes more responsiblity than her younger self did, and she is more under thinking then seeing!
Dawn Rachel Simmons/ Jinx Chiara Zanni Violet Tracker She is the tracker of the group, and more importantly the heart of the group. She looks like Jinx from Teen Titans, she is also very depressed of what she has become, but thanks to Tracey being her boyfriend, she no longer feels that way. She has Dragon abilities, such as breathing fire, acute sense of Smell, Dragon Teeth, and even can morph into a Dragon, combined with her Sarcanian abilities!
Picture 001

by Tragould

Max Roth/ Power Bend Will Friedle Brown Guide He has the same abilities as Raven, only he can form into a ball of light, he has a girlfriend named Molly Hale, good friends with Boggy, and he is very much loyal to the Pokesqaud! He even has his father's abilities!
Odette Swann/ The Swan Kari Wahlgren Pink Investigater She was Ash's friend in the sixth region, where Ash actully won the Pokemon League there. She has the powers of the Swan, and is the love interest of Dr. Derrek Chanticleer, son of Corneilus Chanticleer!
Ryan Winters/ Anti-Matter- Boy Khary Payton Gray Chemist He is the Hipster of the group, and is the one who studies certain chemicals, and certain devices, and is in love with Country-Girl!

Pokesquad Blue Team (young rookies)

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Picture 003
Leo Den/ Mr. Moral Yuri Lowenthal Leader Blue He has the ability to see the future, and can feel the Presence of another Poke-Freak!
Picture 005
Johnny Manx/ Wild Wolf Khary Payton Second in Command Gray Leo's Best Friend, and a man who can see in the dark, and is friends with Wolves, he is Leo's second in command!
Picture 007
Monica Plain/ Latias Cree Summer Medical Officer Yellow The Same Latias from Altomare, She is Sasha's best friend, and is Brock's love interest, later girlfriend!
Picture 011
Claire Hunter/ Sky Talon Megan Fahlenbock Inventor Black A Goth who's not in the mood with Leo, until Later on, She has some abilities as Sky-Hawke, but only She doesn't control Gravity, she defies it in the Sky!
Picture 004
Sasha Tyson Beth/ Masqurade Girl Maggie Blue O'Hara Mindbender Green Leo's love interest, and is a Shape Shifter, She is also considered to be Venger's apprentece for Future Green Leader!
Picture 006
Jim Harold Duncan/ Ocean Officer Will Friedle Enforcer Indigo Leo's other Best friend, and a master of water, can even control the waves!
Picture 009
Tori Knight/ Sky-Hawke Grey DeLisle Daredevil Violet Sasha's other beast friend, a sky lover, and often made fun of her love for birds, she can fly like one too!
Picture 010
Larry Mark/ Light-Ray Nolan North Watcher Orange A tough guy who's not in the mood with Leo, until later on, he has the ability to control or go with light, He became Tori's boyfriend later on!
Picture 008
Kimmy Den/ Heart-Burn Stephanie Leimlin Tracker Red Leo's 15-year old sister, with the ability of Fire, she has a crush on Max!
Slim Glacier/ Glacier Liem O'Brien guide Brown He is the Snowman of the group, and is an Old friend to Larry Mark, he has the stregnth of a Yeti, and the power of Iceman!

Yellow Group (Delta)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Chris Band/ Alchon Cam Clarke Yellow Leader Leader of Yellow Team, and the one that tries to please everyone, he has crystal powers and Armor, and uses good Strategies!
Richard Ivan Jewell/ Baracuda Steven Blum Blue Second in Command Second in Command, he's one of the Sea Bearers, He's often the one to handle the Situation!
Gray Gargoyle
Peter Pierre Duvall/ Gray Gargoyle II John DiMaggio Black Medical Officer The Medical Officer of the group, son of the first Gray Gargoyle, but he uses his abilities for Good!
Crimson Dragon
Sabrina Young/ Crimson Dragon Tara Strong Red Inventor She is the Inventor of the group, A martial artist, whom wears the Dragon Gaunlets, and title of Crimson Dragon, She also has a crush on Alchon!
Molecule Man
Leonardo Back/ Molecule-Man David Faustino Orange Mindbender He can shrink into the size of an ant, he is their version of Atom or Ant-Man!
Jade (Pokesquad Pokemon's Greatest Team)
Penelope L. Shane/ Jade Grey DeLisle Indigo Enforcer She is a female version of Bane, only she uses good vitimin's and uses them for the good and not crime, and is the love interest of Baracuda!
Hems Digger George Coe White Daredevil Old Veteran of the group, an alien digger of the group, he's the one who helped made the lair of the Yellow Group!
Zeather Jennifer Hale Green Watcher A Thunder Bearer of the Group, She is alien from another planet, she watches over on the Weather Patterns!
Carbon Dioxide Man
Gordon Bog/ Carbon Dioxide Man Carlos Alazraqui Violet Tracker The man with a biosuit, he has the ability to cause Carbon Dioxide, and plant material to go expandedly!
Rocon Jenson Ackles Brown Guide He is the one who often tries to prove a point in the group, he has superior skills such as, Intellect, good with weapons, and capable to survive!

Green Group (Gamma)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Tyler Ranks/ Venger Ryan Reynolds Green Leader Ash's rival, and gamma leader, he is the one who often tries to take on great obstacles, he has the ability like Deadpool, mixed with Green Lantern!

Captain Ray Vance/ Captain Banner

Chris Evans Blue Second in command Venger's most trusted second in command, and is the one who has the strength and Speed of every American Hero!
Lord Childar Chris Hemsworth


Medical Officer

He is the medical officer, and Swordsman of the group, he is the one who keeps the team together!

Hard Valor
James Harse/ Hard Valor Robert Downey Jr.



Like Iron Man, only he is a scientist, and a genius, he is also the teams most trusted member

Alexander Grey/ Sulfur Master Samuel L. Jackson White Mindbender He is the Mindbender of the group, and is the one who often keeps a close Eye on the team! His power of Sulfur is very strong, yet very dangerous!
Flame Wheel

Serena Gen/ Flamewheel

Venessa Marshall



Venger's love interest, and has the power of Fire, she is the one who often tries to please everyone, and it turns into Ashes sometimes, literally!

Shadow (Pokesquad Pokemon's Greatest Team)
Hosea Van Troy/ Shadow Phantom

Christian Bale



He is their version of Daredevil, and Batman! He is the one who often's take risks for the sake of others, yet it can make him more of a loner!

Ralph Manning/ Invisible Man Jeremy Renner Violet Watcher A Punk member of the group, whom is so cocky at some points, and he can be invisible from a touch of a button!
Marcus Gemstone/ Moth-Man Andrew Garfield Brown/ Pink Tracker He is their version of Batman, and Spider-Man, he is the one who keeps the Team together, and is the one who keeps track of the task!
Count Corneilus Roghes/ The Biship Hugh Jackman Orange Guide The member of the royal family, of Nervalia, and is the one who is representing his country, he is an expert of travel!

Supporting Characters

  • D.W.A.R.F. (John Rhys Davies) - The Dwarf like hero who one time believed the Pokesqaud was a group of Glory hogs, but then realized that they are heroes, he is a strong one for a Dwarf, in a mechasuit.
  • Dr. Rampage (Travis J. Gould) - He is Ash's long lost brother, He blames Dr. Patrick Zoaid for his mutation, and he considers Ash his brother, and he refused Ash's proposal as a Squaddie politley!
  • Selina Olk (Lacey Chalbert) - She is Pokopulis's head reporter, she is trying to solve the mystery of Retrocorp, and find evidence of what they are up to, she is an ally of the Pokesquad
  • Kindor (Kari Wahlgren) - The Jungle girl, she is the one who often helps the Pokesqaud with any part of the jungle they need to go to!
  • Orlan (Eric Thompson) - He is a sorcerer, and the one who tries to use magic to stop those who want the forbiddon arts!
    • Vertigo (Maurice LaMarche) - Orlan's assistant!
  • Hyperion (Travis Willingham) - Cilan's friend from Project:Harpy, and the one of the resistance, he is also the love interest of Kindor!
  • Dr. Corneilius Chanticleer (Howard McGillan)
  • Elite Four
    • Bruce Wayne/ Batman (Dennis Quaid) - leader, Red
    • Adam Grayskull/ He-Man (Cam Clarke) Blue
    • Peter Parker/ Spider - Man (Jason Marsden) Green
    • Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman (Tia Carrere) Yellow
  • Draco Prime (Sean Connery) - Mentor of the Pokesqaud, and the one that forms the groups to help make a difference in the Pokemon World it is now!
  • Dr. Strange (Xander Berkley) - He is an old friend of the team, and the one who taught May to control her powers
  • Thor (Rick D. Wasserman) - The god of Thunder
  • Flash (Christopher Daniel Barnes) - He helps train Tracy on his speed powers
  • Captain America (Brian Bloom)
  • Sonia Reeds/ She-Dragon (Bridgette Bako)
  • Jeremy Reeds (Dave Wittenberg)
  • Deborah Kex/ Crimson Cat (Moira Kelly) - Ash's new wife in season 4, and is a descendent of Nala from the Lion King, but the marriage was short lived, and Ash returned to Misty, his true love! She is also Crimson Cat of Russia's finest!
  • Falcor Bromstead (Graham McTavish) - The supreme ruler of Sarcania!
  • Zilla Wrestler (Keith Szrabajka)

Project Unicorn

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Dr. Amalthea
Dr. Amanda Almalthea Lauren San Giamco Teal Head of Operation She is the scientist ally of the Pokesquad!
Lilly Anders/ Light-Fire Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Violet Defacto Leader Misty's Sister, and Almalthea's top student!
Helga Sinba/ Fire-Lass Heather Hogan Orange Second in Command She is also a member of the Legion of Super Heroes!
Olson Hernendez/ Uni-Knight Daniel Riordan Blue Astronomer He is their version of Mandroid!
Grove-Man Bill Fagerbakke indigo Naturist A Groveback man, who actually is the muscle!
Crystal Butterfly
Alejandro Polongo/ Crystal Butterfly Eric Bauza Green Fighter He is the boxer of the group!
Trey Hu/ Druk Troy Baker Yellow Secret Decoder! Half Man, half Chinese Dragon hero!
Klaus Vorchin/ Uni-Curn Wally Kurth Black Eyes An Utrom with a one eye, and an arch-rival of Cynatron!
Cobra Commando
Lt. Sebastian Surge/ Cobra Commando Bruce Greenwood Brown Drill Officer Gym Leader of Vermillion City, and a soldier of Project Unicorn!
Trogdor Keith Szarabajka Red Enforcer A Charazard man, whom often gets ina fight with Crystal Butterfly!
Vixen (Pokesquad)
Veruca Dante/ Vixen II Tara Jayne White

Animal expert

The second female to become Vixen!

The Elite Guard

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Alan Ketchum/ Raider Prime Jeff Bridges Black/Cyan Leader/Elite He is the True Father of Ashemis Prime, and as a great leader of the Elite Guard of Pokesqaud, and is one of the four royal brothers of Sarcania, He worries about Ash, and checks in now and then!

Delia Ketchum/ Carewoman

Jennifer Hale Green/Cyan Second/ Elite Ash's mother who was also rebirthed since the Great Rift, like Misty is to Ash, she is Raider's wife and second in Command. She is styled like Maddie Fenton (DP), and Sam (TS), and is a formidable fighter!
Dr. Tamera Aidlos/ Red Queen Kari Wahlgren Red/ Cyan Medical Officer/ Elite She is their version of Emma Frost and Jean Grey, she is a scientist, and is into medical arts!

Mayleen Choi /Hyperbeam

Lauren Tom Yellow/Cyan Inventor/ Elite Gym Leader from Sinnoh, has the ability to cause Hyperbeam to go at an accelerated rate!
Memlok Corey Burton Orange/ Cyan Mindbender/ Elite Raider's old friend from the war, he wears the mask of the Master Mindbender, and is Sarcania's most trusted!
Zantron Chris Cox Violet/ Cyan Enforcer/ Elite An android with a personality of his own, he is strong, understanding, and willing to fight for what's right!
Color 2
Miranda Jane /Color-Girl I Kari Wuhr White/ Cyan Daredevil/ Elite Unlike her daughter Iris, she is willing to take risks, she is also more experienced in controlling her powers!
Sarah Fingar/ Snakehed Tara Strong Indigo/Cyan Watcher/Elite She has snakelike Abilities and can be very short tempered, but she has a crush on Zantron!, she is a role model for Iris!
Blue Fury
Bruce Conners/Blue-Fury Cary Elwes Blue/ Cyan Tracker/Elite He is the Government part, and like Hard Valor is their version of Iron Man, and he is a loner, and does not trust the other Pokesqaud groups!
Dull Prime

Kye Rogers/ Dull Prime

Diedrich Bader Brown/Cyan Guide/Elite He is a veteran soldier, and he is also the one who tries to impress Ash's father, he has the powers of Captain America!

Gold Group (Season 2) allies

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Commander Cindark
Commander Orick Cindark Steven Blum Gold Leader He is a Commander of the Sarcanian Elite, selected to be the Leader of the Gold Group, he has the Same Abilites as Ash, only more Commando like!
Oscar Tyson/ Sun-Breaker Troy Baker Red Second The Second in Command of Cindark, he is the one who tries to keep the Team together, and has abilities of the Sun!
Becky Montez/Stallion Katie Griffin Black Medical Officer She is as healthy as her name sake, she is also the one who often rushs to help out when needed!
J.J. Ericson
Dr. Jean.J.Ericson/ Sparx Maria Canals Blue Inventor Misty's childhood friend, she is the Hispaniac Inventor of the Group, She has the ability to sense Electronic surges, since Misty dresse's like April O'Neil (2003), she is like Paulina (DP)!
Storm Dragon
Timothy Grant/ Storm-Dragon Fred Savage White Mindbender He is the Zen of the Group, he is also the one who often tries to reason, he is very calm, and very much honest!
Matthew James/ Battlezone

Ron Perlman

Violet Enforcer Ericson's boyfriend, he is a wrestler, and vigilante, he is the one who often reports the incidents that occurs!
Sun Storm

Mason Lee Porter/ Sun-Storm

Bumper Robinson Indigo Daredevil He has the ability to cause Sun Spots. and heat as powerful as the Volcano, he is also very supportive!
Alexandra Pierce/ Storm-Ray Bebe Neuwirth Yellow Watcher Sister of the Dark Master, and King Gear, only she is more of the good, She has the ability to cause storms, and she is half Irish!
Cynog Xander Berkley Green Tracker A Cyborg from an alternate Universe, he is the one who came to the Pokesqaud for help, and he is the love interest of Stallion!
Gladhis Coleen O'Shuganessy Brown Guide An Egyptian Navagator entitled with the Osprey Mask, she is more into knowledge than fighting and is in love with Commander Cindark!

Pokesquad Silver

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Mecha Mew
Ralph Ketchum/ Mecha Mew Matthew Broderick Leader Silver Ash and Misty's older son, he has a cybernetic version of Mew Two for his form, he is also very patient, and like his father, is a leader!
Kalzon Prime Jason Spizak Second in Command Red He is the son of Kalzon the Hunter, he is more into doing the right thing rather than bounty hunting, and is the most trusted of the group!
Crocodile Man
Corbin Dundee/ Crocodile-Man Cameron Bowen Medical Officer Green Leon's good friend and the who he goes to talk to about problems, he is also a Crocodillian version of Batman!
Serena Gulch/ Night-Stream Masasa Moyo Inventor Violet She is a very wierd kind of character, she is the one who often tries to add wierd stuff to the games!
Queen Saxon
Zoe Jones/ Queen Saxon Tara Strong Mindbender Yellow Former part with the Bootcamp, now is Pokesqaud Silver's Mindbender!
Lazer Kin
Spencer Brock/ Lazor Kin Yuri Lowenthal Enforcer Brown He is one of the Three Kin Members, formally part of Baron Kin's group, and now serves as a Lazer blasting enforcer!
Genie Bizzar/ Bizzara Kittie Daredevil Indigo She can make anypart of her body into anything she thinks is useful, she is also a friend of May's!
Cygnus the Swan
Cygnus the Swan Danica McKeller Watcher Blue She is a goodfriend of Queen Saxon, She is like Hawkman and Angel, combined with wings of a swan! She is in love with Crocodile Man, and revealed to be He-Man and Teela's daughter!
The Lion
Leon Ketchum/The Lion Logan Grove Tracker Orange Ash and Misty's son, who has the powers of a lion and the ability to actually communicate with animals!
Stone Jacket
Stone-Wasp David Kaufman Guide Black A friend of Leon, and the indian of the group, he relies on all the animals support and his indian instincts!

Pokesquad Crystal

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Princess Alora Rask/ Shimmer Mermaid Maggie Blue O'Hara Crystal Leader She is the first Female Leader in Pokesqaud history, and is the love interest of Mecha Mew, and she is also a mermaid!
Captain Inferno
Riggs Jones/ Captain Inferno Khary Payton Red Second in Command He Graduated from Bootcamp, and became Second in Command of Crystal Group!
Holy Night
Briana Trunkz/ Holy Night Elizabeth Daily White Medical Officer Graduated from Bootcamp, and she is the Medical Officer of Bootcamp!
Lex Clange/ Atomic Blast Jonathan Adams Violet Inventor An Alien inventor who actually had been sent to help the Pokesqaud, and he is the one who built the Pokesqaud Base!
Barmuda Triangle
Peter Walch/ Barmuda Triangle Lance Reddick Green Mindbender Graduated from Bootcamp, and is now the Crystal group Mindbender!, Also still can do Effects of the Barmuda Triangle!
Prinotor Bumper Robinson Orange Enforcer He Graduated from Bootcamp, and is now The Crystal group Enforcer!
Cyrco James C. Mathis III Black Daredevil A Daredvil that can do Acrobatics, and can face danger in the eye, Drafted from Bootcamp!
Nelson Brian/ Landstrider Peter Jessop Indigo Watcher Graduated and became the Groups Watcher!, he is also very skilled!
Paul Benson/ The Unth Ving Rhymes Brown Tracker Formaly the Lynx from Ash's team "The Pride", and was mutated into a half Human, Half Unth man!
Leona Clint
Leona Clint Hynden Walch Yellow Guide She is Dawn's Childhood friend, she graduated from the Bootcamp to be the Guide for Crystal

Pokesquad Ruby (Season 3 allies and the original Red Group)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Dragon (Pokesqaud)
Pierce Johnson/ Dragon Robby Benson Red/ Ruby Leader Half Human, Half Dragon, He was Ash's Red Group Mentor, and the first Red Leader! His Dragon body is based of Shendu, only he is more good!
Hernendez Jose/ Quetzalcoatyl Michael T. Weiss Green Second in command He is based off a Quetzaqlcoatyl, He is more wise, and most trusted friend and the most airborne of the group! He is also the love interest of Unicorn!
Fiona McLean/ Kraken Olivia d'Abo Blue Medical Officer She is based off the Kraken, and she is the one who can control the Sea Creatures, and can be very much of a healer, and Doctor! She is the one who discovered the True Kraken!
Chimera (Pokesqaud)
Tom Von Welch/ Chimera Dan Castelleneta Yellow Inventor The First Chimera before Cilan became Chimera! He is more of an inventor more than a enforcer. He is also a very experienced one at that!
Donald Wallace/ Tylosaurus Bill Fagerbakke Black Mindbender He is Proctor's brother, and is more of a water type, and is said to have learn the ways of the Ocean, the Sea, and underneath!
Minotaur (Pokesqaud)
Christopher Rock/ Minotaur Kevin Michael Richardson Orange Enforcer Based off the Legendary Minotaur, he is the one who uses the Labyrinth as a Training quarters for Enforcers!
Unicorn (Pokesqaud)
Serena Price/ Unicorn Venessa Marshall Indigo Daredevil The Unicorn styled Warrior whom tries very hard to improve her skills, she is also very much of an athelete!
Sphinx (Pokesqaud)
Andre Set/ Sphinx Brian Bloom White Watcher He is the brother of Dr. Anubis, only he takes up the Sphinx Armor, and he is very much the one who is the eyes of the group!
Proctor Wallace/ Meganeura J.K. Simmons Violet Tracker Donald's older brother, and the one who is more in the ways of the ninja, and like Donald, is more into prehistoric creatures!
Gina Roth/ Centaur Grey DeLisle Brown Guide An actuall centaur, only she wants to be more human, and she is till trying to wear good pants for her would be life style!

Pokesquad Sapphire

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Sharmill Maggie Blue O'Hara Sapphire/Blue Leader Leader of the Pokesqaud Sapphire, and the guardian of Atlantis, She is trying to learn the ways of the Surface Dwellers!
Orbax Tom Kenny Indigo Second in command Sharmill's Companion, and devoted councilor, he has a sphere head and can project light powerful enough to blind even nocturnal creatures!
Gordon Franks/ The Doctor Jeff Bennett Green Medical Officer Has the Power of Healing and helping other's, he graduated Pokesqaud Academy!
King Van Gaven
King Van Gaven Ted McGinley Black Inventor The last member to join and a very armored, he is also the brother of King Van Trok!
Star Sapphire
Gina Cathy/ Star Sapphire/ Solar Maintenance Megan Fox Violet Mindbender The New Star Sapphire and a prominent member of the group, she may have a shallow side but it doesn't take over!
Thorn Master
Alexis Khan/ Thorn Master Kevin Michael Richardson Orange Enforcer The Strongest of the Group, and has the power to control plants with thorns!
Star Fighter
Tyson Mark/ Star-Fighter Brian Bloom Red Daredevil Larry's older brother, and a pilot, he has the ability to have a vision of a Hawk or Falcon, and graduated from The Boot Camp!
Static Girl
Buzz Gabon/ Static Girl Tara Strong White Watcher An electric girl from Brooklyn, she is often messing with electricity and even messing with Storm Paterns!
Captain Thunder
Garret Flint/ Captain Thunder John DiMaggio Yellow Tracker Son of Thor, he is strong and Brave who disowns Cowardice!
Leonidas the Lion Phil LaMarr Brown Guide A Lion Man who is often out in the Jungle, or Savanna to guide the Pokesqaud out of danger!

Pokesquad Emerald

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Senator Galactic
Ryan Anders/ Senator Galactic Gary Imhoff Leader Emerald/ Green He was made to be first commander in outer space. He is also Misty's younger Brother!
Baron Anthony Osborn/ Boron Antimony Osmiun Christopher Daniel Barnes Second In Command Yellow He was a retired soldier in the army. A good friend of Senator Galactic and has the power of the three elements in his name!
Mystery Boy
Caleb Cain/Mystery Boy Billy West Medical Officer Indigo He can walk through walls. he is also very much curious of his surroundings!
Tori Lund/ Kole II Scott Menvile Inventor Orange He made his first invention when he was a boy. He can make his body into a Crystal Body, Ash's old friend from La'Rouse City, and graduated from the Boot Camp!
Crouching Tiger
Anton Ben Lee/ Crouching Tiger Steven Blum mindbender Red He can read minds. He is a monk from the Himalayas, and gained the Title of Crouching Tiger!
Cain Abraham/ Z.O.U.L. Michael Dorn Enforcer Brown He was a former wrestler. He is now bound to a Mechasuit, and is now a machine fighter!
She Saint
Sal Rigson/ She Saint Jennifer Hale Daredevil Violet Sal Rigson is a lack of daredevilness and packs a punch! She gradutated from Boot Camp!
Kirk Kirkland/ Wolthrax James Remar Watcher Blue He watches from sight to sight. former Percepticon, now a Pokesqaud member!
Lon Con Rorare
Lon Con Rorare Carlos Alazraqui Tracker Black He places trackers on every enemy they're after. born from Portugal, and is a spanish tracker!
Lava Queen
Velma Irwin/ Lava Queen Grey DeLisle Guide White She lives in Hawaii and had an accident in the volcano. She is their version of Magma!

Pokesquad Indigo

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Commander Ace
Commander Ace Xander Berkley Leader Indigo Ace become obsessed with Pokesquad, and started to become a member.
Nathaniel Gordon/ T-Wrecks Greg Cipes Second In Command Red He lost his teeth, and replaced them. He graduated Boot Camp, and a former Cub, and can Control the T-Rex!
Eva Ryan/ Siren Mae Whitman Medical Officer Green She made a singing accident when she sang too loud on the microphone. She is the one who used singing as a healing factor!
Galactic Man
Galactic Man Clancy Brown Inventor Orange He is a scientific expert from outer space. He uses the Galaxy Sceptor for the good of the Galaxy!
Current Girl
Sarah Manx/ Current Girl Ashley Johnson mindbender Blue T-Wreck's girlfriend. She has uncontrollable Sneezes that affect the weather, she is also a graduate from Bootcamp, and is a nerd!
Gorax the Creature Robin Atkin Downes Enforcer Black He was transformed into a monster. He is a winged beast and a good hearted guardian, and has a crush on Siren!
Psych Gina Tores Daredevil Violet She was put an asylum, but escaped. She can cause things to go vertigo and is the girlfriend of Captain Inferno!
Roomy Toomy
Roomy Toomy Corey Burton Watcher White Watches from place to place. Graduated from Boot camp, and his an android!
Sniper Ninja
Sniper Ninja Kim Mai Guest Tracker Yellow She was trained ninja by her father-like figure, Meganeura. She is also very much into Meditating!
Control Freak
Morrison Wallace/ Control Freak Alexander Polinsky Guide Brown He is a former enemy of the Teen Titans. Ash's old Rival from the Hoen Region!

Pokesquad Diamond (Season 4 allies)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio

David Fernstone/ Quickstrike

James Marsters Diamond/ Violet Leader Ash's Rival from Boot Camp, and wannabe Flash. He is one who takes things seriously, and very much the One who often tries to make a good impression!
Britania Hotrod
Jason Trask/ Britainia Hotrod Will Wheaton Diamond/ Red Second in Command Born in The British Isles, He is also a skilled Swordsman, and Motorcycle Expert! He is also a very experienced Fighter!
Rune Girl
Gina Trask/ Rune Girl Kari Wahlgren Diamond/ Blue Medical Officer She is has the abilities of reading Runes and interpreting them!
Gas, Solid, Liquid
David Gross/ Gas, Solid, Liquid Dwight Schultz Diamond/ Indigo Inventor He was caught in an accident. caused him to become, Gas, Solid, and Liquid!
Lektra Raven Seymone Diamond/ Green Mindbender She has blades to strike. and She is the one who often consults the Council of the Pokesqaud!
Elasma-Man Ogie Banks Diamond/ Brown Enforcer He can be as strong as The Rhino, and is based off Elasmatherium!
Cosmic Girl
Sarah M. Jay/ Cosmic Girl Catlin Taylor Love Diamond/ Yellow Daredevil She is from space. She can release Solar Energy, and anything in the Galaxy!
Human Compass
Paulina Harris/ The Human Compass Molly Quin Diamond/ Black Watcher She uses a compass to track. She is also a Living Compass, and can sense anything that goes in any direction!
Ian Cino/ Supreme Dante Basco Diamond/ Orange Tracker He is reluctant, but helps his team everytime. He has the same abilities as Captain Marvel!
Eva Ranks/ Basilosaurus Melissa Disney Diamond/ White Guide She is part human, part dinosaur. Actually She's based off a Prehistoric Whale, and can actually sense underwater!

Pearl Squad (Season 4 allies)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Serena Mink/ Mega-Force Alyson Stoner Pink/ Pearl Leader She is the third female Leader in Pokesqaud! She has the abilities to actually be the perfect Super Soldier! Yet she is considerate of Others!
Maximum Gladiator
Wilson Grant/ Maximum Gladiator Josh Keaton Blue Second in Command Serena's boyfriend, He is more into Gladiator Battles, and into ways to fight with Honor, and he is also a good coach!
Seymour Troy/ CyberStorm Cedric Yourbrough Green Medical Officer He is the most understanding of the group, He can connect himself into any Computer System, and can also be very romantic to Night Scream!
Aurora 5
Melody Anna Ray/ Aurora 5 Kari Wahlgren Purple Inventor She was Ash's Friend from the Orange Islands, and now has the ability of Both Lugia, and the Northern Lights, she has a crush on Supreme!
Seasel Varning/ Phaser Emmanule Chirqi Yellow Mindbender She is a Calm and collected Person, She has the Abilities to Phase into someone or an androids Body to find out their character, and about certain thoughts!
Xiaolin Dragon
Price Jordon/ Xiaolin Dragon James Sie Orange Enforcer He is a martial artist, a Xiaolin Master, and the one who often Meditates before battle, andyou don't want to make him lose his temper!
Bald Eagle
Gordon Rich/ Bald Eagle Logan Miller Red Daredevil America's favorite Airborn Super Hero, He is the one who raced Gray Owl in Russia, and the Swallow in Italy, which makes him one of the Pokesqaud's most admerable Member!
Darkstorm (PQ)
Dolph Crey/ Darkstorm Wayne Grayson Black Watcher He is the one who can go inside Shadows as Doors, Gates, or make it into a Prison, but in a form of Clouds, he is very shy, and very much the quite one in the group!
Hermes (Pokesquad)
Tony Jackson/ Hermes Josh Keaton White Tracker He is their Speedster, and their version of the Flash!
Victoria Glore/ Powerhouse Danica McKeller Grey Guide She is the strongest of the group, and pretty much the only one with sense!

Platnium Squad (Season 4 allies)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Astro Man
Dennis Jackson/ Astro-Man Matthew Mercer Platinum/ Blue Leader He is an airborn hero with a helmet to sense Infra Red, He is also the one who often has messages!
Country Girl
Beta Leona Cross/ Counrty Girl Kari Wahlgren Purple Second in Command She is a Cowgirl at heart, and the one who often tries to impress the big boys, She is often found out doors!
Ace of Spades
Jane Hank/ Ace of Spades Colleen O'Shuganessy Yellow Medical Officer She was an officer at boot camp, she can do things. Such as mind abilities and even create energy blasts in a shape of an Ace!
Brian Hank/ Hammerhead Wally Wingert Red Inventor He was Bootcamps inventor, he is based on a Hammerhead Shark, only he uses his helmet to communicate with Sharks!
Cave Claw
Cameron Nelson/ Cave Claw Will Wheaton White Mindbender He is the team's mindbender, and has the Claws of the Himilayas! He is also the boyfriend of Country Girl!
Omahg Bill Fagerbakke Green Enforcer Graduated from Boot Camp, and is the groups enforcer, He is also an android, and a very helpful one at that!
N.I.C.O. Adam Wylie Brown Daredevil He is a Daredevil, with a Cybernetic ability to handle the roads!
Olson Vance/ Warp-Hole Christian Potenza Indigo Watcher He is a very peculiar person, and the one who makes worm holes to travel into other dimensions!
Armadillo (Pokesquad)
The Armadillo T'Keyah Keymah Orange Tracker She has armor that works the same way as a natural Armadillo, She is also very much the prankster of the group!
Tiki Mo
Liutenant Mo Tiki Wayne Knight Grey Guide He was once part with Blaze Hunk's gang, and reforms and joins the Pokesquad, he is much of the relief in the group!

Pokesquad Black (Season 5 allies)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
12th Round
Richie Wolf/ 12th Round Ian Ziering Black Leader Ash's old rival from The Indigo Plateau, and is now Ash's ally and Alpha leader of Unova Pokesquad! He is similar to Duke from G.I.JOE!
J.P. Reynolds/ Robo-Con Stephen Furst Green Second in Command He is the second in command, and is the one who always is nominated as ambassador, he is often the one who has feelings for Bizzara!
Jonas Wacho/ The Indian Phill Morris Yellow Medical Officer He is the indian medical officer of the group, He is the one who uses indian ways, and is the mentor of Stone Jacket!
Storm Dragon 2
Alexandra Lee/ Storm Dragon II Kari Wahlgren Indigo Inventor She is the love interest of Stone Jacket, and she is aso the second to be called Storm Dragon, since Timothy Grant was the first, which means she's dragon type!
Nega girl
Katrina Bones/ Nega Girl Tara Strong Brown Mindbender She is a person with an ability to cause negative energy to burst out of her body! She is also the one who often checks on progress!
Nicholas Malcolm/ Marrow Man James Arnold Taylor White Enforcer he is the strongest of the group, and the most commonly the most destructive, and he tries to make sure nothing bad happens with his strength, but it fails sometimes!
Mako Shark
Mako Valkyrian/ Mako Shark Cindy Robinson Blue Daredevil She is the love interest of 12thRound, and is like Hammerhead, only she's more of an atlantean!
Hogun Lewis/ Power Ball Michael Leon Wooley Red Watcher He is the one who becomes a Ball of energy and can run down an opponent, and can make a short cake by a quick of an eye, he is also the nicest guy!
Soundmage Quinton Flynn Violet Tracker He is the android from another planet, and comes to earth to find a new purpose, He is also a master of sounds!
Bill Hujak/ Shade Phill LaMarr Orange Guide He was Ash's friend during their time of the "Pride", He is also one who can become Shadow, and then keep control!

Pokesquad White (The Second Group)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Commander Extor
Commander Kevin Trace/ Commander Extor David Kaye White Leader He is also very strict of his leadership, and can be the most powerful ally of the Pokesquad!
Mage Prime
Alamo Price/ Mage Prime John DiMaggio Indigo Second in Command He is Commander Extor's most trusted , he is an alchemist, and the one who understands the situation when he is needed! He is also very much into the situation and is most focused of the group!
Star Sapphire (White)
Kira Ajiang/ Star Sapphire Mary Elizebeth McGlynn Violet Medical Officer She is another Star Sapphire after Gina Cathy, She is the one who takes other's feelings into consideration, and can sense sadness or anger in other peoples hearts!
Veronica Saint/ Cyber Cop Lisa Ortiz Green Inventor She is a Cop from the Future, and she is more cybernetic, and is the most eager one who has a crush on Mage Prime!
Arnold Calve/ Light-Speed Scott Wolf Yellow Mindbender He is the youngest of the group, and has the ability to go in the speed of light, and can convert light into a useful tool!
Shinzo the Samurai B.D. Wong Orange Enforcer He is high in honor, and high in righteousness, he weilds as sword that can slice anything in half!
Leviathan (Pokesquad)
Leviathan Fred Tatasciore Blue Daredevil He is the brother of Kraken, he is the opposite known as a Leviathan, he is more into danger and more into battles!
Wyvern (Pokesquad)
Jecob Chance/ Wyvern Will Friedle Red Watcher He is a dragon man, He is the second person to become a dragon, and he is the love interest of Star Sapphire!
Eric Lin/ Nightstalker Steven Blum Black Tracker He is the loner, and vigilante of the group, and he is also the one who often takes maters into his own hands!
Lesser Kin
Marissa Troy/ Lesser Kin Megan Black Brown Guide She is the most likable of the bunch, and the sister of Lazer Kin, she has the ablities to cause blasts from her chest!

Pokesquad Gray

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Tungsten Knight
Edward Sketchit/ Tungsten Knight Gary Cole Gray/ Black Leader Tracey's long lost father, He is strict, head strong, and is one of the most reckless heads of Pokesqaud, He is also Raider Prime's rival!
Gertrude Sketchit/ Selix Tara Strong White Second in Command Tracey's over Protective Mother, She is always worried, and is the voice of Reason in the Gray Group. She is like Care Woman, and she is one of the most loved in the group, and like Tracey She's Fast!
Dr. Poison
Sir Arthur Girot/ Dr. Poison II James Arnold Taylor Red Medical Officer He is the second to be Dr. Poison, He is a medical officer, and a person of interest, and he is the one who uses poison's to knock out his opponents!
Connor Choi/ Yang James Sie Green Inventor He is more into Science, and is the most intelligent, He is the twin brother of Yin, and the one who knows machinery!
Jasmine Choi/ Yin Kim Mai Guest Violet Mindbender She is more into magic, and tricks rather than science, She is the love interest of Dr. Poison, and she is more into solving problems!
Benjamin Hurt/ Alvac Frank Welker Yellow Enforcer He is the electric type member of the team, and is the Sarcanian member of the group! He is the most trusted of the group!
Dr. Leonard Truss/ Wave Length Diedrich Bader Blue Daredevil He is the Water type member of the group, He is also a dr. from a hospital, and can control the seas waves, and can cause typhoons!
Alexander Main/ Deadbolt Bumper Robinson Indigo Watcher He is a spy of the group, and can try to take on enemy lines, and find out the plot of the villain!
James McCoy/ the Shard Bede Skinner Brown Tracker He is the loner of the group, and the one who often tries to keep out of others buisness!
Nightwing II
Bianca Beth/ Nightwing Venessa Marshall Orange Guide She is the second Nightwing after Dick Grayson, and she is more into the ways of knowledge, and has a crush on The Shard!

Pokesquad Titanium

image member voice color rank bio
Prong Prime
Marcus Leon/ Prong Prime Travis Willingham Titanium Blue Leader He is the Titanium, Leader and one of the most responsible Leader of the Pokesquad! He is also the one who often tries to please the council!
Commander Radiator
Julian Cross/ Commander Radiator Daniel Riordan Titanium Violet Second in Command! He is the most trusted of Prong Prime, and can give off cool energy, He is also is very much the Warrior of the group!
Moonscope II
Alan McKean/ Moonscope II Wally Wingert Titanium Indigo Medical Officer He is the one who often tries to solve the mystery of the lost constalation, He is also a Lunar Powered Being!
Tom Wiley/ Sting Yuri Lowenthal Titanium Yellow Inventor The wasp of the group, and the one who often tries to handel the situation alone, but admits to get back up!
Hyper-Claw II
Madison Troy/ Hyper-Claw Raven Seymone Titanium Green Mindbender She is the good version of the Dark Squad version!, She is the one who often tries to do with Claws like Vixen with Animal abilities!
Golden Long
Claude Thatcher/ Golden Long Eric Buaza Titanium Red Enforcer He is the love interest of Black Mamba, and the one close friend of Prong Prime, and he is the most devoted Martial artist!
Black Mamba
Sarah Dowell/ Black Mamba Maggie Wheeler Titanium Black Daredevil She is the Snake specialist, and the one who does the most dangerous work, and has the most modest, and honorable personality!
The Enigma
Bryce Joyce/ Enigma Phill LaMarr Titanium White Watcher He is the Minotaur of the group, and the brother of Mumbo Jumbo, and he is more into the good, and not the bad!
Comet (Pokesquad)
Rene Judas/ The Comet Maggie Blue O'Hara Titanium Orange Tracker She is the youngest of the group, and has the abilites of the Comet!
The Crane
Grace Omar/ Crane Alyssa Milano Titanium Pink guide She wears the Helmet of the Crane, and the one whom had been the guide of the group!

Pokesquad Iron

image member voice color rank bio
Cosmic Boy
Michael Stone/ Cosmic Boy David Kaufman Iron Leader The second one to be called Cosmic Boy, cause of Cosmic Energy, he is also a Circus Performer!
Tyson Crawford/ Mordax Drew Nelson Crimson Second in Command He is arrogrant, and is similar to Duncan. He is Aqua-Girl's guardian, and the most respected in Atlantis!
Aqua-Girl IV
Gina Brine/ Aqua-Girl IV Maggie Blue O'Hara Azure Medical Officer She is part atlantean, she wears a costume similar to Young Justice's Tula.
Ground Grumbler
Nelson Bryce/ Ground-Breaker Khary Payton Bronze Inventor He is the one who knows about Terra, and Earth movements, and has understood them all, he is their compass, and devoted friend!
Pierce Bryce/ Armorsaur Phil LaMarr Brass Mindbender He is a mixture of Ceratopsian, and Ankylosaur hybrid, he is the one who is the most experienced, and the most coginial!
Wind Thrower
Andre Jackson/ Wind-Thrower Yuri Lowenthal Steel Enforcer Ground Rumbler's friend, and a great ally of the Pokesquad, he is the one who can control the winds currents!
El Matrix
Angus McCoy/ Matrix Adam Wylie Green Daredevil He is the Cyberhacker of the group, and can go through Cyberspace, and can actually collect Data!
Clayton Reverend/ Orbiss Alexander Polinsky Copper Watcher Youngest and impetuis, yet the most trustworthy of the bunch, and not as lazy!
Polar Cap
Polarcap James Arnold Taylor Mercury Tracker He matches the same tone as Guy Gardner, as is arrogrant.
Sea Bearer I
Juliana Cross/ Sea-Bearer Hyden Walch Cyan Guide She too is part atlantean. Only She is more humanoid, and can go without fins!

Pokesquad Bronze

image member voice color rank bio
The Archer
Jesse Banks/ Archer Drake Bell Bronze/ Green Leader He is the team leader, and the youngest leader after Mr. Moral, he is into Archery, and into the Olympics!
Zober Thet
Cody Duncan/ Zorber Thet Logan Miller Bronze/ Yellow Second in Command He is Archer's best, and closet friend, he is the one who helps keeps the team together!
Tiger Shark (Female)
Courtney Reids/ Tiger-Shark Caitlyn Taylor Love Bronze/ White Medical Officer Zorber Thet's girlfriend, and the one who is Hammerhead's apprentice, and the one who keeps them healthy!
Ashley Reids/ Water-Lass Colleen O'Shaughnessey Bronze/ Blue Inventor Courtney's sister, and the inventor of the group, she sometimes tend to be a show off!
Fog Man
K.T. Jonas/ Fog-Man II Oogie Banks Bronze/ Orange Mindbender He is the son of Malcolm Jonas, the first Fog-Man, only he uses his powers for good, and not for evil!
Kongo Man (Bronze)
Louis Grant/ Kongo-Man Mikey Kelly Bronze/ Red Enforcer He is the one whom to call for a wild animal escape, and he actually takes good care of animals and orphans!
Baron Righteous
Francine Lloyd/ Baron Righteous Megan Fahlenbock Bronze/ Black Daredevil sister of Baron Vengeance, just not as violent, and not as cocky!
Borac Greg Cipes Bronze/ Brown Watcher a Saurian from the same race as Dilophos, and is the one who keeps everyone on task!
The Mermaid
Sarah Lin Ketchum/ The Mermaid Tara Strong Bronze/ Indigo Tracker Ash, and Misty's only daughter! in Love with Archer, and much to her parents dismay, and has her mother and fathers power!
Ariel Johnson/ Night-Hawk Grey DeLisle Bronze/ Violet Guide Sarah's best friend and the one who can see through the night!

Pokesquad Scarlet

Image Member voice color rank bio
Red Basilisk
Drake Drakk/ Basilisk Will Friedle Scarlet/ Red Leader A Draconian, and the one who communes with Dragons, and others!
Little Prime
Daniel Ketchum/ Little Prime Jonah Bobo Brown Second in command Mecha-Mew, Lion, and Mermaid's kid brother, Ash and Misty's only youngest child!
Royal Pain
Serena Willis/ Royal Pain Tara Strong Indigo Medical Officer Once Spoiled and Bratty, now the medical one of the team, and the love of Basilisk's life, she has the ability to take away pain!
Helen Virgil/ Arrow-Head Grey DeLisle Blue Inventor She is half Indian heritage, and half Itallian, she knows the forrests, and the way in the community!
Flannery (Combust Girl)
Flannery Ghi/ Combust-Girl Lisa Ortiz Orange Mindbender Gym Leader of Lavaridge Town, and the one with Magma Powers, she can cause any flame to burn at any moment, She is the comic of the group!
The Fang
The Fang Eric Bauza Violet Enforcer A Ninja of the Order of the Root, has been banished as a undercover agent to report that who will the members of the Pokesquad be, and later became and a offical!
Zo-El Michael Cohonie White Daredevil From a Dactyl species, he lost his Arm and wing in battle,  but Sarcanian Cybernetics help him fly again!
Crow (Pokesquad)
Sean King/ Crow David Lodge Black Watcher He was a crook and a cheat, now he's honorable, and honest, he changed his life, and his ways as Crow!
Recollon Troy Baker Green Tracker an ex trooper, and without any record or name, he had became the Groups finest Tracker!
Miro Dee Bradley Baker Yellow Guide Captain of Sarcania, and chosen for the job, he is the veteran of the group!

Pokesquad Cerulean

Image Member voice color rank bio
Ring-Tone Fred Tatasciore Cerulean/ Blue Leader He is the leader of the cerulean, the communications expert, and the graduate of bootcamp, he is also the most confedent, and has the ability to read and alternate communications!
Kyle Lorin
Kyle Lorin/ Green Lantern Nolan North Green second in command The green Lantern with a heart of a soldier, and with the will to do it, and he is the most smartest, agile, and very much the brains of the group!
Omega Fire
Omega-Fire David Sobolov Red Medical Officer He has the ability to give off radiation, and control it. He is the one who is a rebel, but makes sure he gets the medical duties prioratized!
Aurora 9
Amanda Walch/ Aurora 9 Tara Strong Indigo Inventor She is also on of the 10 auroras, she is the one who often uses aurora energy, and can cause lights to flicker, she has a crush on Ring Tone, and like Misty is a swimsuit model!
R.I.O.C Corey Burton Yellow Mindbender from a long lost race, he has been found and classified R.I.O.C. (Robotic, Intelect, Operational, Creature). He is the teams mindbender!
Mr. Key
Lex Chance/ Key Ben Disken White Enforcer He can use a giant key as a weapon, and as a tool, he is the enforcer, and the one who aids the team when needed!
Dr. Zephyr
Dr. Roman Bronson/ Dr. Zephyr Phil Morris Orange Daredevil He has windspeed, and the much more wind power, also he is an FBI agent, he is also a married man!
Black Widow (SL
Sarah Lang/ Black Widow Tara Strong Black Watcher The third Black Widow, and the one who often deals with government watch, and sometimes states "Never Trust a Black Widow"!
Cyber-Vision Cameron Rhodes Violet Tracker He is a cyberspace officer, and above it all, he is a very eccentric fellow, who has a crush on Black Widow, and is not classified yet!
H.I.V.E James Remar Brown Guide He is a cyborg, and an alien, he is of an unkown origin, he is also the heart of the team!

Pokesquad Turquoise

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Lloyd V. Nickson/ Darkwing Jack DeSena Turquoise Leader
Scorpio Cam Clarke Red Second
Pyro Sprinter Martin Mull Green Medical Officer
Dr. Arthur Caldon Will Wheaton Violet Inventor
Princess Micrana Olivia Hack White Mindbender
Deinodon Lex Lang Blue Enforcer
Glaurung Simon Templemen Black Daredevil
Soohla Broadway Troy Baker Orange Watcher
Evian Wong/ Psichosis Kari Wahlgren Yellow Tracker
Geo Mancer/ Terra-Man Greg Ellis Brown Guide

Pokesquad Omega Group (Orange)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Mr. Mellennium
Captain Archibald Shiron/ Mellennium Man Peter Cullen Orange Leader He was the team's wise leader. He has experience in the feild, and more on Battle Skills!
Star Blazer
Lieutenant Galaxon/ Star Blazer Rainbow Sun Francks Indigo Second in Command He is supportive under Shiron. He is the master of Star Energy, and can even use them in battle!
Beta Prime
Jean Ketchum/ Beta Prime Pamela Aldon Violet Medical Officer Ash's cousin. She is also Dawn's cousin since she is the niece of Markhis Cachan, and Liraris Cachan, shes is the daughter of Lord Maximus!
Dr. Infra Red
Jerry Matthews/ Dr. Infra Red Daniel Riordan Red Inventor He is the scientist of the group, who uses Infra Red to findout about mysterious ways the Great rift can change life!
Kid Justice
Carly Johnson/ Kid Justice LaShawn Jeffries Blue Mindbender She is the youngest of the bunch, and can cause some gravity, and sometimes can do alot of mind powers!
Atomic Punch
Zach Haroldson/ Atomic Punch Joey Camen White Enforcer He is the strongest of the group, and can actually cause alot of Atomic waves to occur on a certain time!
Jimmy Pollard/ Accelarator Eric Bauza Black Daredevil He is the fastest of the group, and the most childish of the group, and is the love interest of Beta Prime!
Axel Bronze/ Moonscope Michael McConnohie Brown Watcher He is the veteren of the group, and the one who uses the moon light to light the way, and can see in the dark!
Giant Girl
Yei Mei/ Giant-Girl Ming Na Yellow Tracker She is the best friend of Beta Prime, and the one who often becomes, a giant to fight the enemy, and is the most considerate of the group!
Sha-Shang/ Titan Kelly Hu Green Guide Yei Mei's twin sister. She has the same abilites as her sister, and she becomes more metallic, and more strongers!

Dark Pokesquad

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Groudon Prime
Angus McCormick/ Groudon Prime Rick D. Wasserman Dark Red Leader He is the most dangerous,and the most wild of the Pokesquad, unlike the other Pokesquad's the Dark Squad are the Darkside of the Pokesquad!, since Ash is a Mewtwo, he is a Groudon!
Catrina Vulgood/ Hyper-Claw Maysasa Moyo Dark green Second in Command She is the most prideful of the group, and the opposite of Misty, She gets the name Hyper-Claw from creating energy from her nails and causing electric or even Atomic!
Dr. Doom
Dr. Victor Von Doom/ Dr. Doom Mark Hamill Dark Blue Hacker He is the Arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four, he is also an archnemesis of Brock, and is the one who tries to destroy the Fantastic Four's legacy!
Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow Charlie Adler Dark Yellow Scientist He is the Rival of Joker, who wants to create fear, and than rule Gotham City, He is also very insane!
Julie Ranks/ Black Mist Tia Carrere Dark Black Mystic She is the Sorceress of the group, and she is the one who for tells them the events yet to come, and she is somewhere in between good and bad!
Rhino (Pokesquad)
Alex O'Horn/ Rhino Brad Garrett Dark Orange Enforcer He is the Rhinocerous Member of the group, and rival of The Hippo, He is also a foe of both Spider-Man, and the Hulk, and is more into battles than thinking!
Mandarin (Pokesquad)
Gene Khan/ Mandarin Ben Kingsley Dark Indigo Bounty Hunter He is the one archfoe of Iron Man, and the one with powerful rings, and he is said to be the most ambitious of the bunch!
Cheshire Vyvian Pham White Decoder She is the Ninja artist of the Group, she is often the one who uses martial arts to do her decoding!
Jinx Sr.
Jinx Cree Summer Dark Violet Warrior The first Jinx! She is more like the Original Comics, and has been born in India, and has caused more bad luck than Dawn did!
The Sandman
Flint Marko/ Sandman Wade Williams Dark Brown Weaponsman He is also a foe of Spider-Man, and has been like Black Mist, somewhere between Good and Bad!

Pokesquad Ultimatum

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Dick Grayson/ Nightwing Jonathan Frakes Red Leader He is the one recruited by Batman, to redeam himself, for his way when he was infected by the shadow, He wears the coloration of Ashemis Prime, and wants to redeam himself to Star Prime!
Garfeild Logan/ Beast Boy Greg Cipes Violet Second in Command Raven's boyfriend, and one time mistaken for a Skrull, and he is the second in command of Nightwing, and the one who often reports events!
Victor Stone/ Cyborg Khary Payton Blue Medical Officer He is the Cybernetic member of the group, and the one who is trying to appease others, He is the one with the techniques of Medical strategies!
Ben Tennyson/ Captain 10 Yuri Lowenthal Green Inventor He is the Inventor, and representative of the Plumbers! He is also the one who takes into consideration of all 10 of his identities to stop evil!
Gwen Tennyson/ Sapphire Long Kari Wahlgren Indigo Mindbender The Real Gwen, not the Alien Force or Ultimate Alien, even the Omniverse. This is more of the Future Gwen, and is Misty's friend. She has Dragonlord powers, and Blue Star Matrix Energy!
Ben Grimm/ The Thing Clancy Brown Orange Enforcer He is the veteran of the group, He is also of the members of the Fantastic Four, He is very comedic, and is always hanging out with Chimera sometimes, when their teams meet!
James Howlett/ Logan/ Wolverine Steven Blum Yellow Daredevil He is a veteran from the X-Men, like Storm, and he is also very much the one who usually tries to overcome fear!
Ororo Monroe/ Storm Whoopi Goldberg White Watcher She is the queen of Wakanda, and is Current Girl's teacher, She is a veteran of the X-Men, and knows Ashemis as Humanagahndi!
T'Challa/ Black Panther Jonathan Adams Black Tracker King of Wakanda, and also knows Ash, as Humanagahndi, he is also Ash's mentor from Africa who taught Ash how to survive in the wild!
Freddy the Frog/ F.R.O.7 Ben Kingsley Brown Guide

He is the french frog guide of Ultimatum! He is Ash's hero who helped the Pokesquad beat Kevin, and Kang, and he is also the one of the most calm of the group!

Pokesquad Boot Camp!

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Bull's-Eye Eric Loomis Yellow Tracker (Graduated) Dawn's boot camp trainer!
Ring-Tone Fred Tatasciore Blue Tellephone Monitor (graduated) Comunication admin!
Hammerhead Wally Wingert Red Aqua Expert (Graduated)

Misty's Underwater Teacher!

Ace of Apades Colleen O'Shaughnessey Orange Survival Teacher (Graduated) Raven's boss in the "Goth Shop" bookstore!
Light-Prime Rick D. Wasserman Yellow Head of the Boot Camp Lost the Title of Alpha Leader in the race of Leadership, became head of Boot camp!
Tyler Mark/ Starfighter Brian Bloom Red pilot (Graduated) Larry's older Brother!
Cyrco James C. Mathis III Black Daredevil (Left from Bootcamp) Tracey's mentor in Bootcamp!
Crunch Claw Chris Cox Red Tracker Bull's-Eye's Partner in Tracking!
She-Saint Jennifer Hale Violet Preacher (Graduated) She is the The Lord's witness, and keeps the peace in the camp!
Land Strider Peter Jessop Indigo Enforcer (Graduated) He is the drill officer, and the one who often handle's the situation!
Holy Night Elizabeth Daily White Medical Officer (Graduated) Brock's old Mentor, and She-Saint's partner!
Barmuda Triangle Lance Reddick Green Mindbender (Graduated) He has the powers to cause strange occurance's like the Barmuda Triangle!
Tori Lund/ Kole II Scott Menville Orange Inventor (Graduated) Ash's friend from La'rouise City, and has the powers to create Crystal Armor!
Captain Inferno Khary Payton Red Second in Command (Graduated) Light-Prime's boot lieutenent, and would be Second in Command for a Sqaud!
Leona Clint Hyden Walch Yellow

Guide (Graduated)

She is Dawn's Childhood friend, and now is a Sqauddie, and she has gauntlents, and a brace around her neck!, she has a crush on KoleII!
Nathaniel Gordon/ T-Wrecks Greg Cipes Red Second in Command (Graduated) Once a Cub in Ash's old team "The Pride", now is a member of the Pokesqaud boot camp, and Ash's Apprentice of being the Alpha Leader!
Z~oe Jones/ Queen Saxon Tara Strong Yellow Mindbender (Graduated) Dawn's old rival, and now has the Staff of Saxon!
Commander Kevin Trace/ Extor David Kaye White Leader (Graduated) Leader of what would soon be Pokesqaud White!
Prinotor Bumper Robinson Orange Enforcer (Graduated) The Reptillian Member of the Group!
Ohmag Bill Fagerbakke Green Inventor (Graduated) An alien in an androids body, he is very much the one who helps around!
Roomy Roomy Corey Burton White Watcher (Graduated) Another android, with the capability to have the sight to see danger ahead of time!
Gordon Franks/ The Doctor Jeff Bennett Green Medical Officer (Graduated) Brock's other medical teacher!
Tom Wiley/ Sting Yuri Lowenthal Violet Daredevil He is like Wasp combined with Yellowjacket!
Sarah Manx/ Current Girl Ashley Johnson Blue Mindbender (Graduated) She is the mindbender, and has uncontrollable sneezes that causes the weather to go arupt, and she has an inhaler!

Pokesquad Galactic Storm

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Light Prime
Light-Prime Rick D. Wasserman Yellow Leader He was former head of Bootcamp, and now leader of the Galactic Storm group! He has the same attributes as Thor and Optimus Prime!
Volcano Girl
Frieda Long/ Volcano Girl Tia Carrere Red Second in Command She is Light-Prime's most trusted of the group, She has fire power, and the ability to cause great eruptions from a flick of a hair!
Thomas Jack Morgan/ Salamander Dee Bradley Baker Violet Medical He is an old friend of Light-Prime, and a devoted Medical officer, He is also a half amphibean!
Dr. Matrix
Dr. Elizabeth Corandar/ Matrix Tara Strong


Inventor She is the cybernetic Inventor, She is also a college student, and a graduate of Pokopulis High!
Talisman 4
Sally Manheim/ Talisman Maggie Q Orange Mindbender She has Talismans in her booklet, and alot of Diamond type Pokemon!
Johnny Andre/ Armax Mark Hildreth Black Enforcer He is the man who has Kree Energy, and can do anything with it, even face the odds!
Captain Mermaid
Chi Wong/ Captain Mermaid Gwendoline Yeo Blue Daredevil She is Atlantis's captain of the Guard, she's a mermaid, and she can go into deep locations of the Ocean!
The Peacekeeper
Serena Manson/ Peacekeeper Maria Canals White Watcher She is the one who calms the waves of any bad vibes in the persons system, and she is also the one who is a pascifist!
Zachary Roc/ Decade Crawford Wilson Brown Tracker Zook's brother, and the one who knows who to track down any criminal! He is also a fine warrior!
Xiaolin Cobra
Xian Jones/ Xiaolin Cobra Jon Curry Green Guide He is the martial artist, and the one who often does the chi, and meditating ways to solve problems!

Pokesquad XD (Violet)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Captain Prime
Kyra Johnson/ Captain Prime (Susan Eisenberg) Violet Leader She is unlike the other Female Commanders of the Pokesquad, she is more into the code of duty, and the way into looking into the unknown!
Shock Stone
Alice Main/ Shock-Stone (Kath Soucie) White Second in Command She is Prime's second and the one who make sure everything is in Order, She is also the one who seeks answers!
Baron Vengeance
Veronica Strakk II/ Baron Vengeance (Jessica DiCicco) Black Medical Officer She is the medical officer, and the one who often tries to redeem her actions, and she is more into peace now!
Tyler Trent/ Lance (Steven Blum) Brown Inventor He is the inventor and maker of the lightspeed suit, and the one who often tries to impress The Captain, and he has the power of creating a powerlance!
Tai Lao/ Gecko (James Sie) Green Mindbender He is from Tibet, and is a monk, he is also a martial artist, and a former part of the Five Deadly Venoms!
Blaster Kin
Burke Cadet/ Blaster Kin (Jim Ward) Red Enforcer He is the strongest, and the most arrogant of the group, he is also the one who often gets into stuff he shouldn't!
Quickstrike II
Jimmy T. Alts/ Quickstrike (Carlos Alazraqui) Orange Daredevil He is Tracey's Rival, and was the main character in the first episode of Pokemon Chronicles!
Bear Claw
Bear Claw (Kevin Michael Richardson) Indigo Watcher He is an indian raised in a Bronx neighborhood, he is also a strong warrior, and proves it every day!
Le Ferrer De'Count/ The Muskateer (Rene Auberjonois) Blue Tracker He is the last of the Muskateers, and the one who often does the tracking, for the team!
Lazer Kin II
Lance Cadet/ Lazer Kin (Rino Romano) Yellow Guide Burke's brother, and the youngest of the group, that causes lasers!

Pokesquad Brown

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Dull Prime II
Urich Talth/ Dull Prime (Rob Lowe) Brown Leader The only member that wears the color of Brown in Pokesqaud, he is confedent, and very wise, he is one of the Best leaders in Pokesqaud!
Kongo-Man II
Kongo-Man (James C. Mathis III) Red Second in Command Dull Prime's second in command, he is a master of the jungle, he has the strength of an elephant, courage of a lion, humor of a hyena, and wisdom of an owl.
Helium Toad
Hellium Toad (Alexander Polinsky) Indigo Medical Officer The toad like medical officer of the group, he is the one with wind, and helium.
Zook Roc
Dr. Zook Roc (Khary Payton) Violet Inventor Inventor of the group, he is the one who often brings his inventions to life, he has a crush on Sun-Hawk.
Bioclops (Kirby Morrow) White Mindbender He is the mindbender of the group, he bears the mask of the ages, and can see in different dimensions!
Coiling Frog
Coiling Frog (Michael Dobson) Black Enforcer A frog with martial arts ability, he has a helmet that has two prongs on each side, he is also a headstrong guy!
Green Streak
Jeremiah Chase/ Green Streak (Patrick Dempsey) Green Daredevil The fastest guy on the team, he is a daredevil, and a very curious member of the group!
Dr. Hornet
Dr. Issac Gordon/ Dr. Hornet (Gary Oldman) Yellow Watcher He is the member similar to Dr. Henry Pym, he too has the same abilities, but he uses mostly studies Hornets!
Dark Skull
Jules Vernon/ Dark Skull (Phil Morris) Orange Tracker He is the master of fear, and strange ghost type abilities, but only on enemies, not friends!
Sarah Blake/ Sun-Hawk (Megan Fahlenbock) Blue Guide The only female of the group, she has the powers of light and flight, she is also one of the best of the team!

Pokesquad Solar

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Paul Ryker/ Captain Grader Jason Marsden Blue Leader
Reba Ketchum/ Mega Prime Molly Quin Indigo Second
Tavern Jackson/ Solar-Man Dorian Harwood White Medical Officer

Jessie Napier/ Giant-Girl II

Cathrine O'Hara Violet Inventor
Julian Hans/ Hard-Stone Greg Ellis Yellow Mindbender
Eva Wright/ Brontosaur Juliet Landau Green Enforcer
Skilzard Steven Blum Black Daredevil
Anicon Lex Lang Brown Watcher
El Taurus Jim Cummings Orange Tracker
Jack Slade/ Powerhouse Scott Menville Red Guide

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Col. J.T. George/ Wildman Liem O'Brien Red Leader Called Wildman for his training, and for his stunts!
Rocket (Pokesquad)
Alexis Gratiot/ Rocket Kari Wuhurr Orange Second in Command She has a jet pack, and is the voice of reason of the group!
Blade-Master James Sie Green Medical Officer He is a Ninja with herbs, and medical supplies, and is the most trusted of the group!
Dr. Raptor
Dr. Archemedes Chance/ Dr. Raptor Tim Curry Blue Inventor He is the top brains of the bunch, and the one expert of Raptors (Deinonychus, or Velociraptor)!
Lord McDrewel Tom Kane Black Mindbender He is an immortal, and is the one of the most experienced of the group!
Bounty Hunter 3
Ian Trike/ The Bounty Hunter Jim Meskimen Violet Enforcer a bounty Hunter who found his place with the Pokesquad during the time of the Distrust!
Kyle Johnson/ Bulls'Eye Eric Loomis Yellow Daredevil the most reckless, and most less cautius of the group, and is the love interest of Stallion!
Asian Long
Asian Long James Sie Indigo Watcher a chinese Dragon who keeps an eye on the groups progress, and is the one who helps out when needed!
Felina Hans/ Stallion Venessa Marshall White Tracker as Healthy as a Horse, as intellegent as a Mustang, she is the one of the most popular of Pokesquad Members!
Cyborn Jerry Tondo Brown Guide a Veteran of the Vietnam War, and a Cyborg of the Group!


Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Ray Lockar/ Palkia Prime (Cam Clarke) Red Leader
Commander Darius Hunter/ Tenticruel (Jess Harnell) Black Second
Jonan Von Bran/ Lunatone (Steven Blum) Orange Medical Officer
Serena Beck/ Crovios Agent (Kari Wahlgren) Violet Inventor
Angie Cam/ Black-Bat (Hynden Walch) Yellow Mindbender
Sarah Linda Parker/ Toxicroak (Jennifer Hale) Blue Enforcer
Amanda Leigh/ Speed Princess (Tara Strong) Indigo Daredevil
Carmen Leign/ Vortex Princess (Venessa Marshall) Pink/Brown Watcher
William Wisdom/ Prime Ape (Dee Bradley Baker) Green Tracker
Pryce Jonas/ Legend Bird (Kirk Thornton) White guide

Pokesquad X

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Col. Lannon Forx/ Fire-Fox Wentworth Miller Red Leader
Captain Jake Ryce/ Hyper Commando Neil Patrick Harris Green Second
Lt. Jack Corbon/ Sniper-Mode Whilmer Vladerama Blue Medical Officer
Cheif Arnold Baxter/ Robot-Man III Peter Weller Yellow Inventor
Cor. Erica Flinc/ Slipstream Olivia Olson Black Mindbender
Agent Zephyr Nika Futterman Orange Enforcer
Princess Lunilla Paget Brewster Indigo Daredevil
Officer Briana Bond/ Horsemane Pauley Perrette White Watcher
Sgt. Gemini McLean/ Gemini Jim Meskimen Violet Tracker
Col. Kyle Bridges/ Iron-Wing Patrick Warburton Brown Guide
Pvt, Kara Glamy/ Pvt. Twister Nicole Tom Pink Investigator
Sgt. Yagaza Aziz Ansari Gray Chemist

Pokesquad Y

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Commander Loa Scott McNeil Blue Leader
Captain Ace R. Lee Ermy Green Second in Command
Carrie Kristonoff/ Red Princess Kath Soucie Red Medical Officer
Alexis Radiator/ Nega-Girl Grey DeLisle Yellow Inventor
Black Bison John DiMaggio Black Mindbender
Dexter Fonas/ Triceratops Adam Wylie Orange Enforcer
Ben Hosea/ Jetfire Crispin Freeman Indigo Daredevil
White Cobra James Sie White Watcher
Joseph Garrett/ Meloniss John DiMaggio Violet Tracker
Fear Factor John Kassir Brown Guide
Diana Glenn/ Mega-Force II Tara Platt Pink Investigater
CrystalStar Roger Craig Smith Gray Chemist

Pokesquad Z

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Trent Avery Jones/ Moonstone Daryl Sabara Green Leader
Kurt Banks/ Nelvacon Gary Chalk Red Second in Command
Rick Runner/ Lightwave David Kaye Blue Medical Officer
Helga Wright/ Fire-Lass Danielle Judovits Yellow Inventor
Relator Lex Lang Black Mindbender
Gina Wacho/ Indian Maiden Iren Bedrard Orange Enforcer
Drew McLean/ Coolstone Charlie Schlatter Indigo Daredevil
Otis Blake/ Crimson Ring Chris Edgarly White Watcher
Fiona Chase/ Shooting-Star Tricia Helfer Violet Tracker
Clark Van Grin/ Lynx Nolan North Brown guide
Gina Rogers/ Alanica Natalia Cigliuti Pink Investigator
Dr. Abraham Ace Richard Newman Gray Chemist


image Villain Voice Season Bio
Man-Dragon/Drake Roark Simmons (Travis J.Gould) One Main antagonist!, and has the ability of Shapeshifting into a Golden Man/ Dragon!
Emperor Clarwal
Emperor Clarwal (Clancy Brown) Two He is a conquerer, and the one who wants to rule Sarcania, with an iron fist!
Vlad Valmont/Destroyer (David Sobolov) Three A vengeful warrior who has the power, of cosmic destruction!
Dark Master
Thomas Pierce/Dark Master (Eric Bauza) Four Once a member of the Pokesquad, now a renegade, and one of the greatest enemies known in the Pokesquad!
Brainiac Coyote
Brainiac Coyote (Jonathan Frakes, Corey Burton, Ashley Johnson) Five He is made up of Coyote (Gargoyles), Brainiac (Superman), and Cyber Gwen (Ben 10), and they form the coyote, and try to rule the world and the universe!
Drake Cline/ Kyreum (Wally Kurth) Six Main antagonist of season 6, based off the prince from Reversal of the heart, and is the Deathstroke of the series!
Queen Skellina
Queen Skellina (Venessa Marshall) Seven She is the Queen of the Percepticons, and has the will to use it, and she wants to rule New Avalon, and take her rightful place as Queen!
  • Butch Quartz/Quartzon (Mark Hamill) - Man-Dragon's Herald and Close friend!
  • Dark Four
    • Slade Wilson/Sladhis Cachan/Scar Prime (Jeremy Irons) - Red
    • Granny Goodness (Pat Carroll) - Yellow
    • Kang (Jonathan Freeman) - Green
    • Skeletor (Malcolm McDowell) - Blue


Percepticon symbol

This is the symbol for Percepticons

Red Group Percepticons

Image Member Voice Actor Color of Armor Rank Bio
Gary oak gelvarod
Gelvarod/ Gary Oak Tim Curry Red Leader Leader of the group, and the main antagonist, He is revealed to be a Kirak, and is half Decepticon, he is the son of Megatron. since Prof. Oak's death he became more treaturous and more villainous, and becoming a major enemy of the Pokesqaud! He is also best known as a master of disguise of characters who were voiced by Tim Curry (namely ???)
Blackfire maximus
Dasiy Oak/ Blackfire Maximus Angelina Jolie Green Second in Command She is Gelvarod's wife/ Second in Command, she is also Misty's older sister who betrayed the Pokemon world, and Tamaran for her own selfish ambitions! She is also the one responsible for selling them to Lab U.T.U.M.N.O. and has the same powers as Misty!
Dr. cyber
Prof. Jef Elm Huebinder/ Cyber David Thewlis Blue Hacker He is Gelvarod's hacker and the one who was the former Professor of Johto. He is more insane, and more arrogant, and even feels above anyone else. He his the powers of Electricity and hacking!

By Tragould

Dr. Robert E. Conrad/ Dr. Unkown Gary Oldman Yellow Scientist He is the scientist of the group, only he controls the Unkown Pokemon, and he is the descendent of Baron Ruber, he is also the one who has an old friendship with Cyber
Dr. crayfish
Harley Squidaris/ Crayfish Quinton Flynn Black Mystic He is the cowardly, pompous, and the mystic of the Percepticon's, he is similar to Dr. Octopus or even Whiplash. He is the most antagonizing member for May/Raven.
Rafe Jones/ Aratron Diedrich Bader Indigo Bountyhunter He is the Starscream of the bunch, and the bounty hunter of the group, he is the Streak's #1 archrival. He is more into money and he is a worthy opponent to deal with when it comes to speed!
Dario Manx/ Regidon Kevin Michael Richardson Orange Enforcer He is the combination of Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. he is Chimera's archfoe, his design is similar to Lugnut, and he is the Enforcer of the group and is fiercely loyal to Gelvarod!
Cynatron Corey Burton White Decoder He is the decoder of the group, he was the fake Giovanni in Pokemon anime, and the fake Megatron in Transformers Animated, and fake Odin in Avenger's: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. he is an Utrom that is trying to Overthrow Gelvarod!
Von phrockon
Vicious Von Phrokon/ Soundwave Clancy Brown Violet Warrior He is their version of Soundwave, feircely loyal to Gelvarod, and suspects Cynatron's plans. He is also the Son of Wolf of the Pack!
Picture 002
Cyberdon James Remar Brown Weaponsman

He is Soundwaves mysterious partner, and acts as a third in Command, which pleases Gelvarod, and aids their cause!

General Spider Tricia Helfer Pink Combat Specialist Gelvarod's top General, and close friend of Blackfire, and she is the love interest of Cyberdon, and she'll defend him and the empire!
Thurg Rick D. Wasserman Gray Infiltrator He is the most cunning, and the most interesting of the bunch, and he rivals Cyberdon, and can make absolutley sure that every thing doesn't go wrong to the plan!

Blue Group Percepticons

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Picture 012
Hexes Mark Hamill Leader Blue A mad man with Wings, and negative energy, he is the Beta Lord of the Percepticons, since Gelvarod is Alpha!
Picture 017
Elite 3 Christopher Grey Second in Command Red Hexes's second in command, and is a android with a supercomputer for a brain!
Picture 018
Dr. Bizarre Tara Strong Hacker Violet The love interest of Hexes, she is the one who changes into the persons worst fear, and can be any creature!
Picture 014
Mr. Hulenbork Phill LaMarr Scientist Brown The Head scientist of Hexe's and is the one who is always in his lab, and he can manipulate Electricity!
Picture 016
Mordred Bumper Robinson Mystic Orange The cowardly Sorcerer of the group, and the one who used dark magic since Merlin's time!
Picture 015
Iron Eagle Tom Felton Enforcer Black He is Germany's top super soldier, he is the one who plots to overthrow Hexes and take over!
Picture 013
Shapeshifter James Arnold Taylor Bounty Hunter Indigo The Shapeshifting Bounty Hunter of the group, he uses his abilities for crime, and for the use of gaining secrets!
Picture 019
Spidergaris Kelly Hu Decoder Yellow She is an arachnoid, and a sadist at that, she want s to use her decoding skills to decode weapon plants, and her Spider like abilities to fight!
Picture 020
I.R.O.N.O.X Greg Cipes Warrior Green Fiercely loyal to Hexes and very much the one sho often does the dirty work, he is the one to deliver messages to Hexes or other Percepticon syndicates!
Weaponsman Kevin Michael Richardson Weaponsman White He is a living arsenal, and he can form any part of his body into any weapon he needs, or wants, he is capable of causing great damage!

Delta Percepticons

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Shadow Emperor
Klaus Trinity/ Shadow Emeperor Robin Atkin Downes Yellow Leader Leader of the Yellow group Percepticons, he's the man reponsible for all the troubles , and the one who cause the Shadows to emerge from the person!
Troy Smith/ The Herald Phill Morris Green Second in Command Shadow Emperor's second in command, He has a cybernetic arm, and he is the one that helps him keep the authority!
Andriana Blotch/Flying Manta Venessa Marshall


Hacker She is based off a Manta Ray, and she is dressed in an old fashioned way of Dressing,She is in love with Shadow Emperor!
Leopold Nelson Riker/ King Crystal John Kassir Red Scientist He is the scientist of the group, He has Crystal Armor, and is often seen with Vipris!
Vipris Jim Cummings Orange Mystic The Snake-Man Sorceror of the group, he is slick, treacherous, un trusted by the other Percepticons except King Crystal!
Jonathan McCloud/ Mr. Slam Brad Garret Indigo Enforcer Fiercely Loyal to Trinity, and he is their version of Juggernaut!
Mendel Gibbs/ Seeker Jeff Bennett Blue Bounty Hunter The bounty hunter like Aratron (whom rivals), he is one of the best shooters of the group!
Odette McSwann Olivia d'Abo White Decoder She is an assassin , whom Carbon Dioxide Man has a crush on, and she is very much territorial!
General Rune Corey Burton Black Warrior The General Warrior of the group, and a veteran, he is the one who trained Klaus in the beginng!
Chitilla Lex Lang Brown Weaponsman Shadow Emperor's top weaponsman, and the one who often reports incidents of their missions, he is also one of the strongest of the group!

Green Percepticon (Gamma)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Percepticon Commander
Issac Maxwell/ Percepticon Commander Julien McMahon Green Leader The Proclaimed Commander of the Percepticons, and the ones who often tries to compete with Gelvarod!
Zorca Hugo Weaving Blue Second in Command The Second in Command, and is Proctor's superior, he is the one with Powers Beyond beliefs!
Torzain TomHardy White Hacker He is the Hacker and Alien member of the group, and he is their version of Viktor!
Proffesor Chamberlain Stockholmer Sam Rockwell Brown Scientist He is their Scientist, and a mad one at that, he is the one who often plots to over throw the Percepticons, and be head!
Draksis Liam Neeson Orange Mystic He is a sorcerer and a master of the Dark Arts, he is the one whose magic can be used against, other Heroes!
General Joshua Payne Mark Strong Purple Enforcer He is the one who often reports to Prince Proctor about certain Artifacts. He is the one similar to General Zod!
General Ronclar Mickey Rourke Indigo Bounty Hunter An experienced Bounty Hunter, who is Dr. Unkown's rival, he is the one who often tries to be the best swordsman in the world!
Prince Proctor Tom Hiddleston Red Decoder Prince of his own homeworld, and is the one who often tries to conquer the Pokesqaud. He is simialar to Kang plus Dr. Doom!
Zork Thomas Hayden Church Black Warrior Payne's assistant, and the one who tries to please Payne, he is the one who is a cyborg, and is similar to Kalibak, or Bane!
Penelope Ryker/ Rough House Grey DeLisle Yellow Weaponsman She is their Weapon's man, and the love interest of Prince Proctor, she always sides with him anytime!

Percepticon Elite Guard

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Shadow King
Chip Rinland/ Shadow King David Kaye Red/ Vermillion Leader/Elite Former member of the Elite Guard in Pokesqaud now a leader of the Percepticon Elite Guard!, he wants revenge on Raider Prime for foiling his plans!
M.A.K.U.T.A Leonard Nemoy Yellow/ Vermillion Second/Elite Shadow King's second in command, and their version of M.O.D.O.K., he is more arrogant, and is part with Cynatron's plan to be head!
Hector Hernondez/ The Worm Alexander Polinsky Brown/ Vermillion Hacker/ Elite Annoyance he may be, he wants to make sure his name is in the heavens, and he wants revenge on the high school that mocked him, 30 years ago!
J.A.B.B.E.R.W.O.C.K. Jeff Bennett Indigo/ Vermillion Scientist/ Elite The villain based off from Alice and the Looking Glass, he is half machine, and more dangerous, he is seen with Worm alot!
Vigilante Queen
Cynthia Madson/ Vigilante Queen Julia Roberts Orange/ Vermillion Mystic/ Elite Shadow King and Shaodw Emperor's love interest, she is the one who often calls on the past to gain power!
Zorgonops Dee Bradley Baker Violet/ Vermillion Enforcer/ Elite He is the Enforcer and Shadow King's Bodyguard, he also has powers that can involve the Dark, and the creatures in the Night!
War Zone
Warren Jane/ War-Zone Lance Henrikson White/ Vermillion Bounty Hunter/Elite

Iris's father before becoming mechanized, he is the one who does the bounty and has more weapons than anyother Percepticons, he is also very protective over Iris!

Death Matter
Alexander Trask/ Death-Matter Peter MacNichol Green/ Vermillion Decoder/ Elite Shadow King's decoder, with a mechanical arm, he can produce a Claw that can drain the energy from the machine, and get the codes!
Clawar Kevin Michael Richardson Blue/ Vermillion Weaponsman/ Elite One of the ancient Kiraks and that is the last of their kind, He wants them to be returned to its pride and glory!
Count Ragon
Count Ragon Clancy Brown Black/ Vermillion Warrior/ Elite The Count of the Group and very sadistic, he is often rivaling General Ronclar, and tries to userp him!

Percepticon Gold (Season 2) villains

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Leonidas Hans/ The Grathith Graham McTavish Gold Leader He was created by darkness into obtain a human host.
Baron Kin
Baron Kin Tom Kane Red Second in Command A former World War II baron, who lost his youth.
Gamma Lord
Gamma Lord Jeffery Combs Yellow Hacker He was a gamma radiation, and the cause of Cilan's transformation.
Apocalypse King
Menville Nelson/ Apocalypse King Jonathan Adams Green Scientist He was a man from the future wanting to destroy Earth and cause destruction.
Smog John DiMaggio Orange Mystic He was banished into a human realm for stealing magic to become all powerful.
Golobulis Kevin Michael Richardson Brown Enforcer He was kicked out of the wrestling tournament for cheating.
Lady Shade
Lady Shade Hynden Walch Violet Bounty Hunter She was trained by Floyd Lawson (Deadshot) into hunting down and kill preys.
Captain Opticles
Captain Opticles Ron Perlman Blue Decoder He was fired for decoding all flights to kill people.
Prince Lorzza
Prince Lorzza Keith Szarabajka Indigo Warrior He is greedy, vain, cruel boy, he wants to overthrow his father's throne.
Porla Pimport
Porla Pimport Dwight Schultz White Weaponsman He is former competitor kicked out of Archers' game.

Percepticon Silver (Season 2) villains

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Count Ronar
Count Ronar Xander Berkley Silver Leader He is a Super Soldier, and a powerful one at that, he is the one who plots to overthrow, the Grathith and rule the syndicate!
Lord Zort
Lord Zort Neil Patrick Harris Yellow Second in Command He is Ronar's second in command, he is the one who often deals with the groups, failure's, and the one who covers for Ronar!
Zeaka Therza
Zeaka Therza Colin Murdock Orange Hacker He is the alien Hacker who always uses Alien tech for his own Superiority!
Dr. Brachias A.J. Buckley Brown Scientist A Brain in a Robot Body, he is the scientist of Percepticon Silver, He is also the one who often checks up the Syndicates!
SyRay Hynden Walch Red Mystic A High Priestess, and the lover of Lord Zort, she is the one who communes with Dragons, and even unearthy creatures!
Lord One-Eye Kevin Michael Richardson Green Enforcer A Cybernetic Aiden with the Power to see with his own eye, everything that is everywhere!
Phantom V
Phantom-V Scott McNeil Black Bounty Hunter He is an alien who can cause Computer Virus's at a touch, he is one of the worst villains the Pokesqaud ever dealt with!
Blue Centurian
Blue Centurian Clancy Brown Blue Decoder He is a strong warrior, and a very complicated Man, he is the one who doesn't get what's going around!
Ice Gong
Ice Gong Grey DeLisle Indigo Warrior She has the powerful Gong of Ice!, and she can cause great chills!
Sir Lance
Sir Lance McSwann Clancy Brown Violet Weaponsman He is the father of Oddett McSwann, and is a skilled swordsman!

Percepticon Crystal

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Dr. Zoaid
Dr. Patrick Zoaid Robin Atkin Downes Crystal Leader The Scientist head of Lab U.T.U.M.N.O. and the one responsible for the mutations, he has a mechanical hand and a scar that bears a resemblence to a bolt!
Von Clutch
Lord Von Clutch Michael Dorn Black Second The Sadistic Second in command of Dr. Zoaid, and the one really enforces the rules!
Matrix Collector
Matrix Collector Alan Tudyk White Hacker He is made up of nothing but Circuts, Wires, and Gears. An alien Machine that can take down any Motherboard at any laboratory at anytime!
Steam Blade
SteamBlade Jeff Bennett Red Scientist A Scientist that can change his cybernetic arms into anything at his will. He has no emotions, except greed, pride, and arrogance!
Brother Kin
Brother Kin Jeffrey Combs Brown Mystic The Sorcerer of the group, and the one who spies on the other groups, he is the most insane!
The Hyena
Hyena Diane DeLano Violet Enforcer She is a crazed wacko, and a crazed woman who injected herself with Hyena DNA!. She is also very short tempered!
Count Eon
Count Jeffery Oglethorp/ Count Eon Lance Henrikson Indigo Bountyhunter The count of the group, and a master of predicting time, and has a way to have a right timing, except when a Sarcanian or a telepath is around!
Arnella Marina Stiris Orange Decoder She has an Ant themed costume, and she can even control the Ants, and even Termites, and has robotic ones as well, she is a sadist, and a mad woman!
Foo Fun Carain
Foo Fun Carain/ The Grip Keone Young Yellow Warrior a Crab gauntlented Warrior that can create a hand with just a snap, he can use it for any crime, and could even mimic hands to decode or enter a secured vault!
Crawl Blader Nick Chinlund Green Weaponsman Ash's first enemy when he started out as a solo hero, he is the most worst and the most strategic, not to mention with no remorse!

Percepticon Ruby

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Red Baron
The Red Barron Xander Berkley Red/ Ruby Leader The Red Baron was the First Red Leader of the Percepticons, and has desire for revenge, like Dragon, he has a mythical Animal Power, and that is the Griffin!
King Terracos
King Teracos David Sobolov Green Second in Command A King from a Far away kingdom and the father of Prince Lorza, he is a tyrant, and a complete madman, his power is that of a Basilisk!
The Heckler Mike MacDonald Blue Hacker The Cown of the group, only more armored, and has a face on his chest that does the laughing, he is also a very crazed on with the power of the Jackal!
Lightbeam Kari Wahlgren Yellow Scientist The Most Brightest, and the most illuminasting of the group, she has the control of light, and has the power of the phoenix!
Omar Trask/ Magma Khary Payton Black Mystic A Molten Rock Man, whom was Leo's bully, now can control Lava, and was revealed to be a Supersoldier of Team Magma, with the power of the Golem!
Ogre Master
Ogre-Master Fred Tatasciore Orange Enforcer The Ogre of the group who betrayed Plimdax from the past, and then joins Red Baron to do better conquest and to have the power of his namesake!
Aqua Quinton Flynn Indigo Bountyhunter He is a seacreature themed arch foe of Ocean Officer, He is the one who was Team Aqua's Super Soldier, which makes him Magma's rival!
Phantom Master
Phantom Master Steven Blum White Decoder A Ghost Type villain who uses Ghost type Powers to commit crimes, He is also very much treacherous!
Emma Marsters/ Galaxy Mona Marshall Violet Warrior She is the Super Soldier of Team Galactic, she is the one who makes sure that there is no failures!
Dr. Otis Draculan/ Plasma Craig Ferguson Brown Weaponsman He is Team Plasma's Super Soldier, he is also very much full of chemicals, and can even melt through titanium!

Percepticon Sapphire

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Veronica Strakk/ Leopard Queen Viki Lewis Sapphire/ Yellow Leader She is vain greedy queen. Descendent of Queen La, and the one who wants to bring Opar back to it's glory! She is the one who brought some rogues From Crimson Tower to aid her madness!
Devil Snake
Jane Morse/ Devil-Snake Colleen Wheeler Indigo Second in Command She serves under her queen. With the powers of the ancient Devil Snake, she can stretch, coil, and even hiss like a natural born snake!
Metal Head
Ian Tan/ Metal-Head Phill Morris Green Hacker He was a dark menace wanting to know secrets. Devil-Snake's boyfriend and the Muscle of the group, he has a helmet and rams other's with it!
Tarbon Dee Bradley Baker Red Scientist He is a mad scientist. Leopard Queen's robotic body guard, and has hooks to help grab on to anything!
Siren Queen
Serena Val Count/ Siren Queen April Stewart Orange Mystic She has the same personality like Ursula. Jealous of the Leopard Queen, She desires that Atlantis should be returned to its glory!
Gilvax Nolan North Blue Enforcer He loves to assassinate for fun. A Martial Artist without Honor, nor compassion, he is sadistic and insane!
Vipron Kevin Michael Richardson White Bounty Hunter He gets paid when he hunts. The Viper like warrior with a rattle, he is poisonous, deceitful, and causer of chaos!
Falcon (Pokesqaud)
Sir Orson McLean/ Falcon Quinton Flynn Violet Decoder He is a Britain falcon menace. The Airbourne theif thar aids Leopard Queen to gain power to roam the Cosmos, he is has a costume themed the Falcon, and can fly!
Tyler Roland/ Rolander Greg Cipes Black Warrior He was a jealous boy wanting to overthrow his sister. A Super Soldier, with powers similar to Superman, and is the one who tells Leopard Queen of their down falls!
Copportor Eric Bauza Brown Weaponsman He is a weaponsdealer. with a Copper Skull, and a cybernetic body makes him the most dangerous of the group!

Percepticon Emerald

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Gilglax Richard McGonagle Leader Emerald/ Green He is a warlord. A Warlord from the sea beyond, he is also a Sarcanian, and a traitor, he will not rest until the thrown of Sarcania is his!
Mac Vancroft
Mac Diedrich Bader Second in Command White He serves under Gilglax's command. He is also his body guard, he can also be very aggressive to those who insults his master!
Rog Kevin Michael Richardson Hacker Yellow Rog can hack into anything his master. He is also a Drone from a race of Bee like creatures!
Drax John DiMaggio Scientist Indigo He creates monsters for a living. and he is also a tiny alien in a robot suit like Skulker from Danny Phantom!
Lord Orla
Lord Orla Keith David Mystic Violet He is a mystical warlord. He is the one who is Gilglax's apprentice, and he is also very dangerous, and the most worst of the group!
Alchon II
Alchon II Lex Lang Enforcer Black He is a defender to his master. He also has a history with Hyperion and Chimera, and was scared on his face!
Therocer Dee Bradley Baker Bounty Hunter Blue He can kill any of his targets. He is an alien lifeform that can attack in the Dark!
Briana Oak/ Metallica Grey DeLisle Decoder Orange She can decode everything. She is Gelvarod and Blackfire's daughter, and she is very much the sly on in the group!
Xenis David Sobolov Warrior Brown He protects his master. He has a Skelleton Themed Armor, and is a swordsman of passion, he is in love with Metallica!
Rorn Paul Dobson Weaponsman Red He can have money after he pays his superior. He is also a rogue knight, and a strange one at that, he is very arrogant, and is said to be Gelvarod's apprentice!

Percepticon Diamond

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Lord Kath
Lord Kath Troy Baker Diamond/ Indigo Leader He is the one who is a very insane man, He has the abilities to conquer any thing in his path!
Nimoh Richard Green Diamond/ Brown Second in Command He is the Cyborg of the group, he is very loyal to Kath, and is very pompus, Arrogant, and very dangerous!
Dr. Yocara
Dr. Yocara Charlie Adler Diamon/ Violet Hacker He is Kath's Hacker, and the one who wears a mechanical mask, to hide his disfigured face!
Casino Cindy Robinson Diamond/ Green Scientist She is the villainess with the gadgets based off a Casino objects, or what could be found in one,she is also very short tempered!
Amun Mark Oliver Diamond/ Black Mystic He is a Sorcerer from Mayan territory, He is the one who often uses talismans to bring up magic!
Scrounger Joe Alaskay Diamond/ Red Enforcer He is their cybernetic Enforcer, and very much the most sadistic!
Yuirondah Slim
Yuriandah Slim Jeff Bennett Diamond/ White Bounty Hunter He is their Cybernetic Bounty Hunter, He is similar to General Greevous, only based off a western outlaw!
Dr. Crothon
Dr. Crothon Ron Perlman Diamond/ Orange Decoder He is a Cybernetic character that takes alot of Cybernetic info ,and convert it into his own twisted way!
Horzaia David Lodge Diamond/ Blue Warrior He is the one who uses a Mechasuit to become a giant warrior, and he is also a very powerful one as well!
Pain Enforcer

Pain Enforcer

David Sobolov Diamond/Yellow Weaponsman He is called it because of his ability to cause great pain, He is also a very strong character, and even the most dangerous!

Percepticon Pearl

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Skellecron Arnold Vosloo Pearl/ White Leader He is the leader of Percepticon Pearl, and is the one, He wears a Skelleton Armor similar to a ninja, He is also the one who trained Gelvarod in the martial arts!
Percepticon Commander 2
Julias Grant/ Percepticon Commander John DiMaggio Pearl/ Indigo Second in Commander He is the second to be called Percepticon Commander, and he is the one who tries to please his master, and he is strong with authority!
F.Z.12 Dee Bradley Baker Pearl/ White Hacker He is also a bodyguard of Percepticon Commander, a Machine in reality!
Sniper Squid
Robert Hartman/ Sniper Squid Corey Burton Pearl/ Blue Scientist He is the Cyborg with Squid parts, and he is the one who desire power, and wants to overthrow Skelecron!
Dark Magician (Pokesquad)
The Dark Magician Victor Garbor Pearl/ Violet Mystic He is the sorcerer of Sorcerers!, He is the one that creates escape routes, and has the ability to change weapons into his own needs, and destroys anything that stands in their way!
Toglat Paul Dobson Pearl/ Brown Enforcer Half man, half python, he is the one who uses brute strength to handle what his dark masters, want!
Lord Viper
Lord Viper Michael Donovan Pearl/ Green Bounty Hunter He has the armor of the Viper, and the brain of a brilliant reptile, he is the one who often uses his hunting techniques to gain a trophy!
Gillbonk Billy West Pearl/ Orange Decoder An alien Decoder, who came from a planet of bizzarre, warriors, and scientists, who wants to take over the planet!
Skull Witch
Frieda Jane/ Skull Witch Linda Larken Pearl/ Black Warrior She is their greatist warrior, and the most wrathful, she is seductive, and very alluring to men, and she uses Skeleton powers to fight her opponents!
Draker Kevin Michael Richardson Pearl/ Yellow Weaponsman He is a Dragonman, and a very powerful one at that, and he is the most dangerous of the group!

Percepticon Platinum

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Colonel D. Blo Scott Menville Platinum/ Orange Leader He is a Colonel of the Percepticons, and a strict one at that. His military tactics, and his insane mind, makes him the most dangerous of the group!
Skulldon Corey Burton Platinum/ Indigo Second in Command He is D. Blo's second in Command, and the one who wears the Skull Samurai's armor, He is the most common of any Percepticon's to wear the classic Percepticon symbol!
Shoncer David Kaye Platinum/ Green Hacker With features similar to Destroyah, and the strength of a Carnotaurus, he is one of the most ravenous of the Percepticons!
Boa Constricter
Boa Constrictor Lee Tockar Platinum/ Black Scientist He is the most commonly based off a Boa constrictor, and is the most treacherous!
Morgana (Pokesquad)
Morgana Heather Hogan Platinum/ Red Mystic Daughter of Morgan LeFey, and she is the most slick of the group, she is in love with D. Blo!
Ablo Soldier
Ablo Soldier Dave Wittenberg Platinum/ Violet Enforcer The Super Soldier with no name, and no records, he is the one who has the same abilites as Captain America, and is the most bizzare of the group!
The Con
Con Travis J. Gould Platinum/ Blue Bounty Hunter He is an Alien Crab/ Spider bounty hunter based off Nidhiki from Bionicle, only he is more machine, and more like a snake than a Toa!
Gluttonus Man
Moocho/ Gluttonous Man Troy Baker Platinum/ White Decoder He is Con's partner, he is called Gluttonus Man because of his hunger. He is also a decoder, and is not to bright!
Storm Knight
Storm Knight Jason Marsden Platinum/ Brown Warrior He is the Super Soldier from the South, and he can be as strong as thunder, and he understands his quarry, and can handle them!
Lonu David Sobolov Platinum/ Yellow Weaponsman He is a traitor of his race, the Incrits, he is more of a weapons dealer, and more of a mad man, and he is always trying to overthrow the Colonel!

Percepticon Indigo

Image Member Voice Rank Color Bio
Weapon Master
Chamberlain Trask/ Weapon Master Alfred Molina Leader Indigo He can use any type of weapon to attack his enemies.
Mandarin Cox
Mandarin Cox Eric Bauza Second In Command Green He sometimes desires to overthrow Weapon Master.
Millonias Jeff Bennett Hacker Black He defends Weapon Master anytime someone teases him.
Dr. Spectrum
Dr. Bryce Denzel/ Dr. Spectrum Don Leslie Scientist Red He can uses experiments on anything.
Cassidy Quartz/ Draca Cree Summer Mystic Violet She is the wife of Butch Quartz, who is the servant of the Man-Dragon.
Muscle Woman
Ursula Dee/ Muscle Woman Kath Soucie Enforcer Orange She attacks her enemies whenever she wants.
Boss Clayton
Boss Clayton/ El Supremo II Brian Blessed Bounty Hunter Blue He has gone through many targets.
Meta-Vorg Brian Bloom Decoder Yellow He is a tough decoder who serves under his master and is loyal.
Deoxys King
Deoxys King Roger Bumpass Warrior White He supports his master and attacks his enemies.
King Hearton
King Hearton Peter MacNicol Weaponsman Brown He creates types of guns so he can hand them out to his comrades.

Pecepticon Black

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Percepticon Commander IV
Alexander Troy/ Col. Illitoc/ Percepticon Commander Joesph Gordon Levitt Black Leader He is the leader of the Percepticon Black group, and the fourth to be Percepticon Commander, He is insane, and wants to overthrow Gelvarod!
Fog Queen
Nina Courtland/ Fog-Queen Tara Strong White Second in Command She has the ability to cause Fog, and can be a cover up for the Percepticons!
Lord Scorch
Lord Scorch Peter Woodward Red Hacker He is the one whom always does what no other Percepticons ever do, He is the one that is actually the representative of the Dark Four!
Serpentderonge Corey Burton Indigo Scientist He is the head French Scientist, He is also a treacherous one at that! He is also more Snake like!
Nadam Ara Bis/ Arabis Troy Baker Green Mystic He is an arabian version of Dr. Octopus, he is also very much the socerer of the group!
Lord Clayton
Lord Clayton Kevin Michael Richardson Yellow Enforcer He is a Cyborg, and a madman, he wants to find Crystals to find the ultimate power source, the Source Crystal!
Lady Multiple
Diana Nelson/ Lady Multiple Jennifer Hale Orange Bounty Hunter She can multiply into any number, and can be anywhere where she can start trouble!
Night Fury
Night Fury Paul Dobson Violet Decoder He is a night goblin, and a dangerous one at that, he is very much the one whom always does Percepticon Commander's orders correctly!
Omar-Man Jeff Bennett Brown Warrior He is another goblin, only more into anytime, and is fiercely loyal to the Percepticon Commander!
Chemical Man
Chemical Man John DiMaggio Blue Weaponsman He is a treacherous member of the group, and plans to rule the Percepticons with his chemicals!

Percepticon White

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Hextor Ron Perlman White Leader He is Hexes's son, and the one who tries in impress Percepticon Commander. He is also very dangerous!
Raptorn II
Raptorn Paxton Whitehead Yellow Second in Command He is a relative to Z.I.N.C.'s Raptorn, and a bigger, and more enforcive member of the Percepticons!
Lady Unicorn
Lady Unicorn Grey DeLisle Indigo Hacker She is the villainous female counterpart of Unicorn, only she invents weapons similar to Unicorn horns!
Madame Vance
Madame Vance Venessa Marshall Blue Scientist She incharge of the Laboratory of the Percepticon base, and she is ver demanding, she is also very much the most sadistic!
Fhost Blow
Fhost Deathblow J.B. Blanc Red Mystic A Cyborg with a Snake tail of the Fhost clan, he is the brains of the group, and the most experienced!
Reilodon Brian Dobson Orange Enforcer Raptorn's dimwitted assistant, and bodyguard, he always hungry, and likes it raw!
Black Lord
Black Lord Marc Worden Black Bounty Hunter He is an alien bounty hunter of the Kree, he is also one who is hunting down for rare and exotic lifeforms!
Spike Monster
Spike Monster Fred Tatasciore Green Decoder He is a mutant, and can produce Spikes and can do anything with them, even use them as weapons!
Slash Beast
Slash-Beast Troy Baker Violet Warrior A Toxic fuled Being, who uses his talons to slash, and send out radiation waves, he is also fiercley loyal to Hextor!
Fhost Magnus
Fhost Magnus Kim Struss Brown Weaponsman He is Deathblow's twin brother, and the one who got Deathblow's back, he is very strong, and very much a Cyborg!

Percepticon Gray

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Lord Vulmur
Lord Vulgmor Keith David Black/ Gray Leader He is vile and cruel and is a selfish king. His face is scared and is the one who can use magnetism!
Auriocard Nolan North Orange Second in Command He inherits Vulgmor's tone. He is Mayan and an Immortal, he is the most experienced of the group!
Lambreon Dee Bradley Baker Indigo Hacker Lambreon uses cheat codes to hack. He is an Alien and he wants to rule over Lord Vulgmor!
Meracore Matt Lanter Violet Scientist He is a Cyborg who creates creatures. He is also Lambreon's partner, and the one who wants the Spark Gate!
Night Fright
Night-Fright Michael Rosenbaum Blue Mystic He is a shadow ghoul who comes cross his enemies. He is fiercley Loyal to Vulgmor!
Fly Trap
Curtis Blank/ Fly Trap Dee Bradley Baker Green Enforcer He is once a scientist, now a evolved monstrous Plantman. His pumpkin helmet conceals his dried up face!
Bry Sonra
Bry Sonira Dwight Schultz Yellow Bounty Hunter He is a tough bounty hunter. He is also a swindler and actually helps bring in swindled storage!
Venus Vyvan Pham Red Decoder She is an alien decoder, who always decodes things. She is the one who gives vital info!
Chasmax Kevin Michael Richardson White Warrior Chasmax is a tough warrior, and always desires power. He is a Ceratopsian Gladiator!
Yeti Paul St. Peter Brown Weaponsman The yeti is an unspeakable creature who nods only and attacks enemies.

Percepticon Omega

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Mad Goblin
Kirkland Osborn/ Mad-Goblin Martin Mull Brown Leader Has a past with Omega Leader!
Dr. Hydra
Marvin Octavius/ Dr. Hydra Don Francks Orange Second in Command He is cruel, yet insane, though he creates mutant monsters.
Warp Mind
Warped Mind Udo Kier Red Hacker He has a big head, and the brainiac.
Dr. Rupert Cragloff/ Mindset Jake Williamson Yellow Scientist He has the power to make every pokesquad teammate do his bidding.
Josephine Royal/ J.A.D.E. Katja Zoch Green Mystic A female robot created by Warped Mind.
Warren Johnson/ Electrox Ogie Banks White Enforcer He is an electrocuting monster similar to Electro.
Dr. Razor
Dr. Razor Doc Hammer Black Bounty Hunter Dr. Razor has a razor for a right hand.
Lord Cratchet
Lord Cratchet Richard Doyle Blue Decoder He is Britain having powers similar to Sebastion Shaw.
Hellefar Townsend Coleman Violet Warrior He is a demon from hell.
Mr. Chill
Mr. Chill Roger Rose Indigo Weaponsman Mr. Chill is a frosty mad man and delivers weapons.

Percepticon Ultimatum

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Vilgax Steve Blum Red Leader founder of the group!
Baron Zemo Robin Atkin Downes Violet Second in Command
Cobra Commander Travis J. Gould Blue Medical Officer
Riddler Charlie Adler Green Inventor
Felix Faust Maurice LaMarche Indigo Mindbender
Killer Croc Kevin Michael Richardson Orange Enforcer
Sabretooth Lance Henrikson Yellow Daredevil
Captain Cold Troy Baker White Watcher
Whiplash Tara Strong Black Tracker
Dr. Otto Octavius/ Dr. Octopus Corey Burton Brown Guide

Light Percepticons

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Gelvarod Maximus
Stanley Oak/ Gelvarod Maximus Yuri Lowenthal Light Red Leader Gelvarod and Blackfire's son, and Matallica's goody good brother, unlike his parents, he does the good, and in the eyes of the Pokesquad, and his arch foe Groudon Prime!
Zelka Kari Wahlgren Light Green Second Gelvarod Maximus's love interest, and the kindest of the group, a fire expert, and the one who is the goodest of the female Percepticons!
Hans Reed/ Cyclore Will Friedle Light Blue Medical Officer Wreckless, but is honorable, and more into the right than the wrong, and with his wind abilities he is very much the good one!
Ringor Robert Englund Yellow Inventor He is more inventing stuff to make life better, and not for selfish or soiled reasons, and he is a merchant as well!
Phixon Candi Milo Black Mindbender Old friend of Gelvarod Maximus, and a good mindbender, she is also an alien from a strange world of less gravity!
Ginzara Zin
Ginzara Zin Paul Eding Orange Enforcer A cybornetic Enforcer, who has a heart, of gold, and a way with kids, he is also a war hero, and is the one who invented the first Percepticon Symbol!
Zalton Tom Kane Indigo Daredevil He is the one who always use electricity and more volts, he is the only one who knows how to intercept the foes!
Medusa Lauren Tom White Watcher She too was from Project Harpy, and was actually the one who helped Chimera escape!
Amy Wright/ Gigatron Bridgett Bakko Violet Tracker She is Zaltan's love interest, and is the one who has made their armor, and the one who can actually be the helper of the Pokesquad!
V.A.L.G. Corey Burton Brown Guide a cybernetic assistant of Gigatron, and the one who commonly deals with the maps!

Percepticon Galactic Storm

Image Member Actor Color of uniform Rank Bio
Dr. Warp
Dr. Leonidas Warp/ Dr. Warp Troy Baker Yellow Leader A Master of Warp Portals, and master of transportation, and a career thief! He is the one who often causes creatures or other Percepticons a shortcut to anywhere. This makes him the most adversary of the Pokesquad!
Prong Horn Kevin Michael Richardson Indigo Second in Command an Asgardian whom gain a cybernetic arm from banishment. He is very much the one who enforces Warp's plans!
Varon James Patrick Stewart White Hacker He is a master martial artist, and a master of powerful arts, and can claim others talents, and claim worlds of unkown origins, he is the one who reports to all the doings of this group!
Count Mugel
Count Mugel Steven Blum Red Scientist from the same race as SixSix, and SevenSeven. He is more dangerous, and can speek in the english accent!
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon Eric Bauza Green Mystic He is an Asian Avatar, and is the one who controls the Jade Dragons from the Orient! He is very much a manipulator, and infleuncer!
Skull Pyre
Skull-Pyre Wally Wingert Orange Enforcer He is a Ghost and Fire type master and the one who often takes command of the entire situation, he is the one who often tries to prove a point!
The Bounty Hunter
The Bountyhunter Carlos Alazraqui Brown Bounty Hunter The Top Bounty Hunter, and Aratron's mentor, he taught all the bounty hunter of the creed!
Dr. Radiation
Dr. Radiation Lauren Tom Violet Decoder She can give off powerful radiation, and powerful beams that can cause great damage, and yet mutating effects!
Dr. Apocalypse
Dr. Apocalypse Dee Bradley Baker Black Warrior He is a chaotic psycho, anc loves to marvel, and feed on the fears of others, causing a great panic!
Metal Throat
Metal Throat Kevin Michael Richardson Yellow Weaponsman with a voice of a metal boom box, and can cause sound to echo and tremble, he is the master of weapons, and the master of sound of terrifying sort!

Percepticon Titanium

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Lord Ricoronis
Lord Ricoronis James Remar Titanium Blue Leader He matches Vilgax's tone, He is atcually Viglax's son from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien!
Lord Zoc
Lord Von Zoc Michael Ironside Ttianium Black Second in Command He matches Darkseid's tone, He is a Crocodilian Gladiator, and has earned to be Lord Ricoronis's second in Command!
General Genivar
General Genivar Mark Hamill Titanium Indigo Hacker The top General and the most insane of criminals and the one who wanrs revenge for his cybernetic condition!
Dilophos Mark Strong Titanium Red Scientist A Dinosaurian who decided to take maters and create machines out of old fossils!
Clock King
Clock King Nicholas Guest Titanium Green Mystic He is the time master of the group, and the one who makes sure that every goes accourding to plan!
Aqua Wave
Aqua Wave Maggie Wheeler Titanium Orange Enforcer The Sea Witch and the one who makes sure everything goes perfect!
Omagh Clancy Brown Titanium Violet Bountyhunter The Hounder of the group, and one of the most deadly of Hounders too, he even made his name legendary in the lands of Mist!
General Zard
General Zard Steve Blum Titanium White Decoder Megatron's top General in Kirakia, and the most notorius war hero, and Gelvarod's mentor since 15!
Bemobec Kevin Michael Richardson Titanium Brown Warrior a Sorcerer who was given an armored skin, and has experienced the Forbiddon Arts, and all its resources!
Rade Jim Ward Titanium Yellow Weaponsman a career thief and expert assasin who sells to the highest bider, he is also the one who answers to Lord Ricoronis!

Percepticon Iron

image member voice color rank bio
War Dreamer
War Dreamer Dorian Harewood Iron Leader Leader and the most Dangerous of all, even at Gelvarod's level, he is a Kirakian, and a powerful one at that!
Terror Lizard

Terror Lizard

James Remar Bronze Second in Command The Saurian Second in Command of War Dreamer, who desires nothing but power and is strictly loyal to War Dreamer!
Dr. Preminger
Dr. Preminger Ron Halder Cyan Hacker The Top Hacker, and the one who wants to overthrow War Dreamer, and take over even Man-Dragon!
Gold Boy
Gold Boy James Arnold Taylor Azure Scientist The Top Scientist on War Dreamer's insane Machines, and weapons, he is also the Sister of Gold Babe!
Count Gardo
Count Gardo Jeff Bennett Brass Mystic A Sorcerer from Count Ronar's order, only with Magic beyond the scope of any knowledge!
Mordor Nigg
Mordor Nigg Greg Cipes Steel Enforcer A Super Soldier, with a scratch on his Helmet, he is highly wanted, and highly dangerous!
Lurkaine Nika Futterman Crimson Bountyhunter She is a fear eater, and a one who often tries to devour the worst fears by bringing them alive!
Gold Babe
Gold Babe Tricia Helfer Mercury Decoder Sister of Gold Boy, She is the most difficult to understand, and the most complicated to beat as much as her brother!
Urclone Christopher Judge Green Warrior War Dreamer's finest, and the one who often reports certain failures, and is the one who aided in finding Gelvarod!
Histara Pat Carrol Copper Weaponsman She is the last of the Histara, and the one who uses the weapons to aid War Dreamer's Madness!

Percepticon Bronze

image member voice color rank bio
Percepticon Master
Julian Christson/ Percepticon Master Travis J. Gould Bronze Yellow Leader Man-Dragon was the first Percepticon Master, now Julian takes his place, and he is more cunning by far, and the most treacherous!
Count Relgar

Adrian Cross/ Count Relgar

Kevin Bacon Bronze Orange Second in Command Percepticon Master's second and most grieving one of all, and he is the creature from a race of Aqua mongers!
Dr. Kreminger
Dr. Kreminger Steve Weber Bronze Blue Hacker The Top Hacker, and the one who makes sure no mistakes were made, and by the time anyone who looks into his eye gets blasted!
Lexis Richard McGonagle Bronze Indigo Scientist The Hacker who is cybernetic and dangerous, he is the one who gives info to the other Percepticons even Man-Dragon himself!
Serena Cross/ Madame Starstruck Kari Wahlgren Bronze Green Mystic Matches Enchantress' tone, and is the sister of Relgar, and hopes to cure him of his condition!
Komodon Nick Chinlund Bronze Red Enforcer The bodyguard of Relgar, and a reptillian criminal, and has an appetite that can rival a Sharks!
Cybertron (being)
Cybertron John DiMaggio Bronze White Bounty Hunter

from the same Race as Gelvarod, and a has idolized Megatron (armor), and wants to be a part of Gelvarod's legacy!

Extron Malcom McDowell Bronze Brown Decoder a twisted skeletal warrior created by Skeletor (also voiced by Malcolm McDowell), and plans to overthrow Percepticon Master!
Rez Mobrox Bill Fagerbakke Bronze Violet Warrior The one who is fiercely Loyal to the Percepticon Master, and wants to please him by any means necessary!
Siradok Phibes/ Ravage Tom Felton Bronze Black Weaponsman He is the master of all weapons, and the master of his own design!

Percepticon Scarlet

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Sanaran Steven Blum Scarlet Leader Leader of a Rogue, gang, and a powerful one at that, and he has a grudge against Basilisk!
Captain Thrum
Captain Romer Thrum Lauren Tom Violet Second in Command She is Sanaran's love interest, and second in Command, she is the slickest and most witty of the bunch, she is full of pride, and magnesium!
Lance Choiac/ Rinax David Lodge Indigo Hacker A Cybernetic lunatic, and a crazed mad man, who creates mad monsters out of metal and garbage!
Ms. Machine
Serena Kirkland/ Ms. Machine Venessa Marshall Yellow Scientist A Cyborg, and a one who actually has sense in the group, and makes more money than all of them with business in Retro Corp!
Merlan J.K. Simmons Blue Mystic A Kirakian Sorcerer who was burnt and got scarred, now he is Sanaran's top magician, and expert on Kirakian arts!
Shim James Remar Green Enforcer an Alien Enforcer fiercley loyal to Sanaran, he is the one who makes sure there is order in the group, and more power for Sanaran!
Jag Tarsis/ The Navajo Miguel Ferrer Orange Bounty Hunter The Indian's arch nemesis, and the one Cyborg Indian, he is crazy and merciless!
I.R.O.N. Dee Bradley Baker White Decoder Rinax's creation, and bodyguard, he is not smart, just doing as programed!
Mellenian the Samurai Keone Young Brown Warrior A rogue Samurai, and a war hero of Japan, He is a worker with the Percepticons to gain credit, and pleasure!
Cortar Clancy Brown Black Weaponsman A Rogue Draconian, and a warrior of great passion, he is strong, arrogant, and short tempered!

Percepticon Cerulean

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Negarod Troy Baker Cerulean Leader Leader and the second son of Gelvarod and Blackfire Maximus, which makes him Gelvarod Maximus and Metallica's brother, he is more insane, and treacherous than both of them!
Zorbon Shawn Harrison Indigo Second A Dragon Expert, and a warrior of passion, he is one of the few people that Negarod trusts!
Claude android
Claude Billy West Violet Hacker an android, and the one from another planet, he is the one who often tries to overthrow Negarod!
The Weaponer Jennifer Hale Green Scientist a mysterious one who can form any weapon on her body, and is the lover of Zorbon, and she is very slick!
Prince Jayden
Prince Jayden Richard Green Yellow Mystic an arabian sorcerer, and a powerful thief, he is the one who creates the Doomskulls!
Grim Whale
Grim Frank Welker Brown Enforcer He is a whale man and is loyal to Negarod, and is the one who uses other ways to commit crime!
Lord Goribot
Lord Goribor Carlos Alazraqui Red Bounty Hunter He is the most sadistic of the group, and the most treacherous, he is the highest on most wanted in the galaxy!
Statis & Batis
Statis and Batis Michael Dorn (Batis), and Kevin Michael Richardson (Statis) White Decoders a two headed android, with different faces, Statis is the Robotic arachnid head with the ideas, and Batis is the human head with the words!
Skeller Bill Fagerbakke Black Warrior He is the most dimwitted of the group, and the bully of the group, he wants to appese his masters, and devour anything with power!
Ironfist (P)
Iron-Fist James Remar Orange Weaponsman The most creative of the bunch and have iron hard fists, and is the most dangerous of the group!

Percepticon Turquoise

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Thentos David Warner Turqouise Leader
Wolf-Odd Michae; Dorn White Second in Command
Bubblemass Eric Roberts Green Hacker
U.N.I.C.O.R.N. Kathleen Barr Yellow Scientist
Valcorwell Robin Atkin Downes Brown Mystic
Molton Dragon Phil Morris Red Enforcer
Ghost Boy Tom Kenny Violet Bounty Hunter
Zemotek Andre Solliquizo Black Decoder
Alprong Daran Norris Brown Warrior
Psychonaut Rick D. Wasserman Orange Weaponsman

Percepticon Rainbow

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
King Skull
King Skull Corey Burton Red Leader Leader of the pack and the most wanted of the 7'th part of World, he wants to eliminate the Pokesquad, and make sure the threat of his conquest is ended!
Glamour Girl
Glamour Girl Tara Strong Orange Second in Command She has the power to become a light of blinding radience, and can cause a camuflage over her body to steal priceless gems!
Emperor Charcoal
Emperor Charcoal Michael Dorn Yellow Hacker He is the Scientist who created the Percepticon's flag ship, as an allience to his invading Race of Beings known as the Squilons!
Chanceller Primorn
Chanceller Primorn Steven Blum Green Scientist The creator of Phantom V, and the one responsible for the Virus for the Shadow's affect!
Miny the Wise
Miny the Wise Tom Kenny Blue Mystic a rogue monk who wanted to prove to the world that he has the means to do what he does, even if it mean't joining the Percpticons!
Crong Clancy Brown Indigo Enforcer He was once a strongman for a circus, and now is King Skull's minion, and is one of the most destructive of characters!
Molegar Jess Harnell Violet Bounty Hunter He is an under dwelling Percepticon who is fiercely loyal to King Skull, and makes cash from secrets!
Speedo IV
Speedo IV Dee Bradley Baker Black Decoder He wears a turbo mechasuit that causes his super speed, and his bulk gave away when he tried to frame Tracey!
Lord Claron Crispin Freeman White Warrior He wears the Armor of the Terascosaurus, and the staff of the first Dino Warriors, he is a mad man, and plans to overthrow King Skull!
Lord Quail
Lord Quail Sam Neil Brown Weaponsman He is based off the Quail Birds, and he is the weapons dealer, and the most experienced!

Percepticon X

Image Member Voice Actor Color of Armor Rank Bio
Emperor Dagin Gary Sturgis Red Leader
Lord Oler Lex Lang Green Second in Command
Mega-Volt Armin Shimmerman Blue Hacker
Dr. Time Stephen Root Yellow Scientist
Orson Yost/ Diamond Back Fred Tatasciore Black Mystic
Lionel Vance/ Red Dragon John DiMaggio Indigo Enforcer
Morza Spider Grey DeLisle Orange Bounty Hunter
S. Pegasus Jim Piddock White Decoder
King Croc Phil Morris Violet Warrior
Hardcore Michael McKean Brown Weaponsman
Sarah Mandel/ Coach-Whip Juliet Landau Pink Combat Specialist
Trick Wilson James Arnold Taylor Gray Infiltrater

Percepticon Y

Image Member Voice Actor Color of Armor Rank Bio
Zolomon Michael T. Weiss Black Leader
Red Richard Green Red Second in Command
Sonic King Gary Anthony Williams Green Hacker
Gale Technus Hynden Walch Yellow Scientist
Harse Corey Burton Brown Mystic
Storm-Crawler Kevin Michael Richardson Violet Enforcer
Bunyip Paul Dobson Indigo Bounty Hunter
Louis Jackman/ The Controller Jess Harnell White Decoder
The Lurker Loren Lestor Pink Warrior
Kivon Ron Perlman Blue Weaponsman
Sai Fugi Andrew Francis Gray Combat Speicalist
King of Thieves Kevin Michael Richardson Orange Infiltrator

Other Heroes and Villains

Terrible Trio

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Carmen Waltz/ Fox Lauren San Giamco
Tyson Jordon/ Shark Rick D. Wassermam
Leonidas McCaw/ Vulture Dan Povenmire

Royal Flush Gang (David Kane)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
David Kane/ King Jim Piddock
Otis Beth/ Jack Jeff Bennett
A.C.E. Tom Kane
Eva Rymes/ Queen Crystal Scales
Tiana Rymes/ Ten Miss Kittie

Red Imp (Paul Reubins)

Russia's Finest (Allies)

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Crimson Cat
Deborah Kex/ Crimson Cat Moira Kelly Red Espienage She is one of the first foes the Pokesquad had dealt with, with the abilities of a Cat, and the reflexs of a Wild Cat, she is one of the most strategic Characters, but later became allies with Pokesquad!
Aquarias Troy Baker Green Water Expert a Russian Sea Creature, that made apart of the Russia's finest, and proved that he is a great expert of Underwater missions!
Forest Richards/ The Wren Daryl Sabara Blue Swordsman Brock's long lost brother since the great Rift affect, he was taken care of in Russia, and had became the Blue Fire Swordsman, the Wren!
The Transactor Dee Bradley Baker Yellow Computer Expert He is a Russian Cyborg, and the one who makes computers alot better for the country of Mother Russia!
Grey Owl
Wilbur Pastovich/ Gray Owl Ted Biaselli Black Eyes He is the eyes of Russia, and has a grudge on Poke-Man, and wants revenge, but changes his heart after joining Russia's finest!
Pierce Jones/ Cutter Fred Tatasciore Orange Second in Command He is very understanding, and very much the wisest of the bunch, he is also a balde master!
Hippo (Pokemon)
Boris Vladimer Pertrusky/ the Hippo Travis Willingham Indigo Enforcer He is the Rhino's rival, and he is the one who had a criminal record, but had a change of heart!
Anastasia Von Cragloff/ Silver Wolf/ Violet Anders Vanessa Marshall White Tracker She is the love interest of Wren, and the one who tries to calm everyone, and get some peace! later in the series she is revealed to be Misty, Lilly, and Daisy's lost sister Violet!
Ocmore Commander
Yuri Vanko/ OCmore Commander David Sobolov Violet Leader son of Anton Vanko, and brother of Ivan Vanko, he is more responsible, and more of the leader of the group!
The Grand Duke
The Grand Duke Michael Ironside Brown Third in Command Former Archefoe of Poke-Man, and now serves as a part of the Russia's finest!

The Bird Walk Club

China's Team

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Chi-Wong/ Golden Long Dante Basco Gold Leader
Dai-Shi/ Shen-Long David Faustino Black Second
Ping Wei/ Swallow Lauren Tom Pink Messenger
Rai Shanshu/ Buffulo Keone Young Indigo Canon Expert
Kai Chi-Chi/ Karate Kick Eric Bauza Red Martial Artist
Hau Libson/ Monkey Paw James Sie Blue Mystic
Jai Wu/ White Pearl Kim Mai Guest White Sword Specialist
Tong Wong Gong/ Chi-Master George Takai Orange Chi Master
Juju Fong/ Xiaolin Rhino Fred Tatasciore Green Enforcer
Rhi Emmert/ Grove-Girl Olivia Hack Violet Voice of Reason

Africa's Team

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Lion-Master Jonathan Adams
Gorilla-Master Hakeem
Cheetah-Master James C. Mathiss
Crocodile-Master Phil LaMarr
Elephant-Mistress CCH Pounder
Zebra-Mistress Gina Tores
Leopard-Master Phil Morris
Rhino-Master Kevin Michael Richardson
Scorpion-Master LeVar Burton
Warthog-Master Bumper Robinson

Austrailia's Team

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Vincent Bryce/ Tasmanian Tiger Steven Blum Red Leader
Gordon Hatchet/ Koala-Man Jeff Bennett Blue Second
Joyce Renard/ Kangaroo Jennifer Hale Orange Scientist
Pryce Malcolm/ Tasmanian Devil Dee Bradley Baker Black Guide
Otis Cain/ Cassowary Greg Ellis Violet Enforcer
Safari Jean/ Wulaby Kath Soucie White Research expert
Mason Vance/ Echidna Wally Wingert Indigo Rescue Officer
Casey Worthington/ Frilled Lizard Phil LaMarr Yellow Driver
Nelly Winch/ Wombat Kari Wahlgren Brown Combat Specialist
Gordon Welch/ Crocodile Corey Burton Green Water Diver

South America's Team

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Jose Hernendez/ El Coatyl Thom Adcox Hernendez

Japan's Team

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio

List of Villains in Pokopulis

The symbols of pokesquad

.....The Symbols of Pokesquad!

Pokesquad Future Force

Image Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Pyro-Commander Scott Bakula Red Leader (Fire)
Ms. Mellenium Tara Strong Yellow Second in Command (Time)
Navjo Man Greg Rainwater Orange Medical Officer (Earth)
Long Go Bill Connelly Blue Inventor (Water)
Chio Wong Eric Bauza White Mindbender (Wind)
Ringorah George Takai Brown Enforcer (Metal)
Geomancer Greg Cipes Green Daredevil (Plants)
Sarah Lincoln Jennifer Hale Violet Watcher (Electric)
Girana Cree Summer Indigo Tracker (Animal)
Girach Rhys Ifans Black Guide (Shadow)

Percepticon Future Force

image member voice color rank bio
Robo-Emperor IV John DiMaggio Violet Leader
Prince Lizara Steven Weber Blue Second in Command
Lord Mator Charlie Schlatter Green Hacker
Cobra Tom Kenny White Scientist
Pyris Bill Nighy Red Mystic
Lord Malis Rodon Eric Bauza Indigo Enforcer
Hunts-Lord Jason Issacs Orange Bounty Hunter
Pythoness Michael Gough II Brown Decoder
Valg II Corey Burton Black Warrior
Livewire Leigh Ann Baker Yellow Weaponsman

Syndicates (Either than Percepticons)

Kronos Knights

Image Knight Voice Higherarchy Color Bio
Emperor Kronos Akbar
Emperor Kronos Akbar (Peter Renaday) Emperor Violet He is a dictator, and a very much powerful foe of the Pokesquad, he has the power of Ice, and declares himself a God to his home planet!
Emperess Kronos Serena
Emperess Kronos Serena (Viki Lewis) Emperess Orange She is the Emperess, of the Kronos Empire, She wants to claim the land for her own Beauty Farm, where she can drain the youth of fair women!
King Kronos Crank
King Kronos Krank (Robin Atkin Downes) King Yellow He is the King of The Kronos Empire, and third in command, he plans on overthrowing Akbar, and becoming the Emperor!
Lord Jorgon Jones
Lord Jorgon Jones of Kronos (Jonathan Adams) Lord of Kronos Green He is fiercely Loyal to the Kronos Empire, Though he despises the way Akbar rules,and with the Emperess, he is seen helping the Pokesquad behind the scenes!
Commander Kronos Crawl
Commander Kronos Crawl (Steven Blum) Commander of the Fleet Red He is the most Sadistic of the group, and the one who always liked to do some army training!
General Kronos Gasket
General Kronos Gasket (Fred Tatasciore) Crawl's second in Command Indigo He is Crawl's most finest warrior, and the most experienced one at that, he wears the helmet to hide his scars!
Scout Kronos Clay
Scout Kronos Clay (Patrick Cavanaugh) Informer White He gives information to King Kronos Akbar to inform him of some information that can be useful!
Hunter Kronos Jack
Hunter Kronos Jack (John DiMaggio) Wild Man Blue He is an expert of taming wild animals, and choosing them for their colliseum!
Black Kight
Black Knight Kronos Lance (James Patrick Stewart) Champion of Kronos Empire Black He is Emperor Kronos Akbar's greatest champion, and the most ruthless as well, and rides an Aerodactyl!
Mystic Kronos Skeksis
Mystic Kronos Skeksis/Magna Master (Robin Atkin Downes) Sorcerer Brown The last of the Skeksis, and is loyal to the Kronos Empire, but mostly to Lord Jorgon Jones!

Pirates of the Flying Ducthman

Image Member Voice Color Bio
Davey Jones
Davey Jones Frank Welker White He is the descendent of the first Davy Jones, He is more similar to Vilgax, and the Pirates of the Carribbean version! He is also a rival of Emperor Kronos Akbar!
Captain Snake-Eyes John DiMaggio Red He is half-man, and half-snake, He is the most leathal, and is Davey Jones first mate!
Captain Archmedes Ragu Danny Mann Orange He is the Second Mate, and has a pegleg used as a Telescope, and is a spy for Davey Jones!
The Pirate Dee Bradley Baker Blue He is a pirate version of Two-Face, only he has and eye patch, retractable hook, and peg leg on his left, while he has everything on his right!
Siren Song
Siren Song Candi Milo Green She is a Mermaid whom works as the eyes of the pirates! She also lures others into a trap with her songs, and hums!
Psycho Pirate
Psycho-Pirate Dan Castelleneta Brown He is insane, and loony, He is also the one who makes the weapons for the crew! He is also the love interest of Siren Song!
Cyber Hook
Cyber-Hook Corey Burton Yellow He is the one that hacks into the mainframe, and steals data from the computers when the pirates hits their lab!
Reckon-ire John DiMaggio Black He is a Crabman whom always bungles the job, he is the twin brother of Scorp, only with a fish-like face!
Scorp Fred Tatasciore Violet A Toll like Crabman with brain's and intellect, he is also the most short tempered!
Orc Fish
Orc-Fish Troy Baker Indigo A Mutant Fish that left Mordor, and join Davey Jones and his crew!

Legion of Mordor

Image Member Voice Color Bio
Sauron Ron Perlman Orange He is the Dark Lord of Mordor, and the ruler of the horde of Orcs! He wil want Revenge on the Pokesquad for defeating him when he tried to conquer Pokopulis!
Melkor Morgoth
Melkor Morgoth Peter Stormare Violet He is Sauron's Second in Command, and the mentor of Sauron, He is one of the most Powerful members of the group!
Garbolua the Dark Elf Peri Gilpin Green She is an Elf who went into Sauron's side, and is the one who created the forte known as Isengard after the one Saruman dwelt!
Balrog Troy Baker Black Sauron's bodyguard, and fiercely Loyal, he is very dangerous, and very much the most bizzare of the bunch!
Fan Shard
Fan Shard John DiMaggio Indigo Leader of the Uruk-Hai, and the one who wants to please Sauron, and make sure he gains New Avalon!
Crothrot Kevin Michael Richardson White An orc, whom wants to be better than Fan Shard, and he is the master of the Tower Orcs and field Orcs!
Grima Wormtongue James Hong Brown After Saruman's death, he became the sorcerer of the group, and like his past self, he is cowardly, and very much pompous!
Ring Wraith
Ring-Wraith James Horan Red The Last of the Ring Wraith's from Middle Earth! He is more advanced, and very much determined to help rule the world!
Cold Drake
Cold Drake Dee Bradley Baker Yellow The Reptile member of the group, whom often is seen as Balrog's partner, and the one who tries to make sure Sauron's plans succeeds!
Scatha Vanessa Marshall Blue The Dragon shifter of the group, and she is a rival of Garbolua, and is favored by Melkor Morgoth!

The Volts Clan

Image Member Voice Color Bio
Volter (Pokesquad)
The Volter Travis J. Gould Yellow/ Violet Leader of the group, and wields a lightning rod of the generations, and he is the most dangerous of all!
Lord Vulton
Lord Vulton Jeffrey Tambor Yellow/ Orange Volter's second in command, and the one who often enforces his orders, and he is also very powerful!
Princess Neon Kari Wahlgren Yellow She is the one who does the speaking for Volter, and the one who goes making deals to other clans! She is also very electric!
Electron Vvyan Pham Yellow/ Green She is the techno of the group, she is also the girlfriend of Electromite!
Electromite Jeff Bennett Blue He is the most loyal of the group, and the most iconic of the Voltz Clan!

Project Harpy Corps

Image Member Voice Color Bio
Orochi James Sie Green
Cress Morse/ Cerberus Dee Bradley Baker Blue
Chili Morse/ Hydra I Steve Blum Red
Yven Burke/ Manticore Fred Tatasciore Brown
Minotaur X
Andre Gross/ Minotaur Kevin Michael Richardson Orange ???
Cyclops (Pokesquad)
Owen Burke/ Cyclops Troy Baker Indigo
Jose Alejandro Cortes/ Cockatrice Carlos Alazraqui Yellow ???
Unicorn (Pokesquad)
Daniela Van Burke/ Unicorn Vanessa Marshall Violet ???
Johan Francks/ Genie Neil Dickson Black
Leonidas Quint/ Yeti Paul St. Peter White ???
  • Medusa (Lauren Tom) Escaped
  • Hyperion (Travis Willingham) friend of Chimera

The Pandemonium

Image Member Voice Color Bio
Dr. Pandemonium
Elias Pandora/ Dr. Pandemonium Ian Buchnan Brown He is an entity, and the most dangerous character the Pokesquad had ever dealt with, He is very treacherous!