Here is the most wanted villains of Pokopulis, that is found on this list well you won't find Kronos Knights, or those syndicates in here! but they are in Pokesqaud!

Most Wanted

Image Villain Actor First Appearance Details Type
Butch Quartz/ Lord Quartzon Mark Hamill "Law of Nature The First of the Arch foes either than Percepticons, he makes weapos similar to gems (bombs), Crystals (Nets or tracking devices), and Diamonds (for a Shielding and Armor suit), and a skilled Swordsman, which the Sword is made of Quartz! His Armor is Fireproof, Avalanche Proof, and Bomb Proof, his mask is similar to a Crystal, and it may not have eye holes, but he can see through the Mask and even breathe. He is very loyal and friends with the Pokesqaud's arche-foe the Man-Dragon! Ground
Zeke Baker/ Blaze Hunk Kevin Michael Richardson "Vacation" A former fire dancer, now he is a super criminal themed as like a Tiki Man. He has bombs themed with Tiki Statues, a Torch like a baton with a Tiki theme, he even has goons known as the Tiki brothers, and last he has a Tiki themed Truck to make a get away! Fire
Plimdax the Conqueror John DiMaggio "Heroes Tale" A King of Ogres, Trolls, Gremlins, and Goblins/ Orcs. He leads to conquer civilizations, he is arrogant, prideful, short tempered. He has a Large Sword which can cut throuh titanium and even electricity. Which makes him one of the Pokesqaud's Archfoes! Fighting
Federick Beck/ Junkman Corey Burton "Electronics" A Super villain whose Armor id forged by all the garbage he can find. He can absorbe Metal, plastic, paper, and even organic junk to create powerful weapons. He once worked with the Pokesqaud's founder Alan Ketchum and he betrayed him, by getting a goal to dominate the world with Junk! Steel
Burton Chest/ Speedo IV Dave Franco "Need for Speed" a rival of the Streak from Germany, he is the one who framed Streak for stealing the gems, but was arrested when Ash found out the Truth and was sent to Crimson Tower! Normal
Saba Trinity/ Dragonfish Kari Wahlgren "Tidel Waves" She wears a a Scuba suit similar to a Dragonfish, and she will not rest until she finds the treasure of Atlantis, even if it meant manipulating other's to do so! Water
The Sorceror Keone Young Samurai/ Normal
Prof. Hamlet Frost/ Dark Orca Jeff Bennett

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