After the villains killed Michael Clarke Duncan and used his brain as an ingredient for a potion, these are his dying words-

Michael Clarke Duncan: "Please... Optimus... Citeder fa..."

Meanwhile, in the castle of evil-

All villains: (all laughing maniacally)

Queen Beryl: "You shall forever have this as a potion ingredient!"

Megatron: "Oh, yes, my love. And soon, they'll realise the star is dying!"

Darth Vader: "You'll sing for me, for the very first time, General."

General Woundwort: "Past the point of no return, no backward glances. The games we played 'til now are at an end. Past all thought of 'If' or 'When', no use resisting. Abandon thought and let the dream descend- What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlocks its door? What sweet seduction lies before us? Past the point of no return, the final threshold- What warm unspoken secrets will we learn? Beyond the point of no return..."

Team Rocket: "Sing for us!"

Snow Queen: "Past the point of no return, no going back now... Our passion play has now at last begun Past all thought of right or wrong, one final question How long should we two wait before we're one? When will the blood begin to race The sleeping bud burst into bloom? When will the flames at last consume us?"

General Woundwort and Snow Queen: Past the point of no return, the final threshold- The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn- We've passed the point of no return..."

KOMPLEX: "And I know one single mission without subtile, monumental blunder!"

Shendu: "You have sung for us, for the very first time!"

Darth Vader: "Well done!"

Mephiles: "There we go..."

Nightmare Moon: "Don't leave eternal darkness behind..."

As all the villains mix the brain of Michael Clarke Duncan with the other ingredients...

Evil Queen: "Now let me see... Mummy dust, to make me old."

Skeletor: "To shroud my clothes, the black of night."

Baron Dark: "To age my voice, my own evil laugh!" (laughs maniacally)

Megatron: "To whiten my hair, a scream of fright!" (ghost screams)

Makuta Teridax: "The brain of a celebrity, to blacken people's eyes."

Voldemort: "Pollyjuice potion, to keep all of disguise."

Evil Queen: "A blast of wind, to fan my hate. A THUNDERBOLT- To mix it well. Now, begin my magic spell."

Sentinel Prime: "Commencing Transport."

Optimus Prime: "Stop! No, no, Sentinel!"

Sentinel Prime: "Forgive me..."

M. Bison: "Yes! Yes!"

Optimus Prime: "Get down here, Sentinel!"

Jafar: (maniacal laugh)

Maleficent: (maniacal laugh)

Tex Richman: "Maniacal Laugh... Come on...!"

Wicked Witch of the West: (laughs maniacally)

Optimus Prime: "Are you the one that killed Michael Clarke Duncan?"

Sakharine: "You fool!"

Dr. Blowhole: (evil laugh) "You don't seem afraid, Optimus Prime aka Fox Box!"

Wayne Cramp: (warbled voice) "Bye-bye, Fox Box!" (laughs maniacally) (lasers)

Optimus Prime: "Optimus Prime, Transform!" (Transforms into Fox Box)

Thrax: "Huh?"

Venjix: "You are too late, Fox Box! It is machines that shall rule the world!" (evil laugh)

Fox Box: "I will never surrender to you! Take this! Hadouken!"

Ultron: "Nooooooooo!"

Master Xandred: "I will destroy you all!"

Optimus rises victorious in the aftermath...

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