Summer 2015 (May 2015 or July 2015)


  • Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)
  • Will Turner (Orlando Bloom)
  • Princess Juliana (Lily James) - the kind princess who is kind with Jack and joins him
  • Princess Louisiana (Kristen Stewart) - Juliana's corrupt stepsister who wants to get rid of Juliana and conspires with her mother Queen Victoria.
  • Elizabeth Swan-Turner (Keira Knightley)
  • Will Turner the III (Tom Felton) - Will's son
  • Queen Victoria (Helena Bonham Carter) - the selfish queen and Juliana's stepmother and wants to kill Jack, she meets her death in the hands of the Mermaids!
  • Mr. Gibbs (Kevin McNelly)
  • Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush)
  • Angelica Teach (Penelope Cruz) - now a newborn mermaid
  • Ingrid (Rachel Weisz) - Juliana's long-lost mother, who she must find with Jack's help
  • Mermaids:
    • Mermaid Queen - unseen, but Tamara mentioned to Angelica that he will now trade her humanity to her
    • Tamara (Gemma Ward)
    • Diana (Jorgelina Guadalupe Airaldi)
    • Jade (Brea Berrett)
    • Briana (Toni Busker)
    • Serena (Sanya Hughes)
    • Xenith (Daphne Joy)
    • Cree (Antoinette Kalaj)



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