One year after defeating Salazar, Jack Sparrow must team up with his ex love that he left on an island, Angelica. Together they must team up with their son that Jack never new about, Tom Sparrow, also with Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Gibbs, Marty, Scrum with The Black Pearl, to take down Davy Jones, who was resurrected by the destruction of the Trident and now search revenge, and his powerful army, from finding a magical scepter to take over and rule the sea.


May 25, 2020



  • '"Jack's Compass'"
  • '"Jack's Cutlass'"
  • '"Jack's Flintlock'"
  • '"Will's Cutlass'"
  • '"Map to Flint's Fortune'"
  • "Jack's hat"
  • "Treasure Map"
  • "Jack's Sword"
  • Angelica's Sword"
  • Hector Barbossa's Sword"


At the begining Jack is at the Admiral Benbow Inn, there he meets a kid who looks like him. When Jack sneaks into the kids room room to steal a few goods, he looks into his chest only to find a map of a legendary Treasure Island in the far south, however he also finds out that it is a cursed island! When the kid catches him, he warns Jack that his old enemy, the resurrected Davy Jones is after the treasure and also wants Jack dead and that he'll bring death of those who holds possesion of the Map!, Jack gets scared and the kid tells him about his mother that needs rescued and tells him that if Jack helps him rescue her, he will help him find the treasure. Jack agrees to it, and they set out to save the kid's mom. Which Jack is suprised to find out that the kids mom is Angelica, and that the kid is his own son, which Angelica named after him, Jack Sparrow II.