Pinkalicious is a DreamWorks short film based on the Victoria Khan book of the same name. It was released in theaters alongside Imagine That!

Penelope Sampson, also known as Pinkalicious, decides to make cupcakes that are her her favorite color:pink. Unfortunately, after eating too many pink cupcakes, her skin turns pink. Her mother then takes her to the doctor, who diagnoses her with pinkititis, and tells her that the only cure is to avoid pink sweets and eat green vegetables. When Pinkalicious goes to the park, she blends in with the pink flowers so that her friend, Allison, or her brother, Pete, won't notice her. When she arrives home, she decides to eat one more pink cupcake even though the doctor told her not to. The next day, her skin turns from pink to red, causing Pinkalicious to panic. Realizing what she now must do, Pinkalicious decides to return to normal by eating green vegetables. She does so, and before she knows it, her skin turns back to normal. She and her parents are very happy that all the trouble Pinkalicious had is now over, but it isn't long until Pete comes into the room with pink skin, as he has been eating too many pink cupcakes as well. Pinkalicious mutters "Not again!" as the movie ends.