Phantom Blot (human form)

The Phantom Blot is an elite agent of Maleficent in the Villains Vale Alliance. His scheming and control over dark magic make him a valuable ally to the Mistress of All Evil in her plans to destroy Master Xehanort and his 13 vessels as well as take control over Kingdom Hearts itself. Later on, when Maleficent launches an assault on Disney Castle and Radiant Garden once the Cornerstone of Light is stolen by Sora's Heartless, many villains from the Villains Vale Alliance are sent to attack both worlds, with the Phantom Blot among their number. When Sora fights the Blot in Disney Castle, the evil sorcerer criminal uses the powers of darkness to assume various forms such as his human sorceror form, his familiar black cloaked form, a Heartless version of his cloaked form, and finally a demonic inky beast with the powers of Hell at his disposal. Eventually, Mickey arrives to defeat the Phantom Blot and end his evil by launching a light ultima spell at him.
Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot

Phantom Blot (Heartless form)

Phantom Blot (Heartless form)

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