List of Peggle! Episodes.

Series 1 (2015)

  1. All Fired Up: After watching a movie, Roxy and Jimmy become superheroes. It aired on March 11, 2015. New Masters: None.
  2. Honey of Love: Phoebee hosts a honey contest for all the masters. It aired on March 18, 2015. New Masters: Phoebee.
  3. Buddy's Discovery: Buddy heads to a cave to find a magical gem with Roxy and Bjorn. It aired on March 25, 2015. New Masters: None.
  4. Warren's Tricks: Warren play tricks on his friends doing April Fools Day. It aired on April 1, 2015. New Masters: None.
  5. Tula's Inside Scoop: Tula gets the inside scoop on Kablooey's newly grown vegetable garden. It aired on April 8, 2015. New Masters: Tula. This is the first episode where Tula becomes a main character.