Party Time is the pilot episode of Jtsfan13's Kid CRAZY


Burt and Zed decide to throw a party after the 1st day of school ends at Zed's house, Burt and Zed are swanked out and even set up early, but nobody comes, until they hear the jonas brothers will be there, then when everybody comes, MOSH gets affected by a computer virus that makes robots blurt out random things (simillar to tourettes yndrome) and blurts out that Zed is an alien, then MITZI fires up a time machine to turn back time, and everybody forgets all bout the party.

1st Appearence: Burt, Zed, Brooke, Lulu, Thom, MITZI, MOSH, Schoolkids (including Cheech and Sal), Ms. Snailtrail,


Rosearik Rikki Simmons as Burt, MOSH

James Arnold Taylor as Zed, male guard #1, male guard #3, male guard 5

Eliza Schneider as MITZI, Brooke, Kara, female guard #1, female guard #4

Melissa Fahn as Lulu, female guard 2 female guard 5

Andy Berman as Thom, Duke

Grey DeLeslie as Ms. Snailtrail female guard 3

Dee Bradley Baker as Cheech, Sal, male guard 2, male guard 4

Janice Kawaye as Sara

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