Pandora's Box is full of mayhem, chaos, discord, disorder, catastrophe, darkness, and evil throughout the cosmos. If opened, an army of evil Decepticons, Terminators, Daleks, Cybermen, Leonard Saber's Household Appliance Robots, Zombies, Demons, Sleestaks, Nazis, Terrorists, Weasels, Evil Mutants, Evil Aliens, Werewolves, Dark Monsters, Corrupt Officials, Gangsters, Dark Knights, Evil Pirates, Fear Tech Monsters, Omnidroids, Bandits, Knaves, Poachers, Evil Sorcerers, Wicked Witches, Cylinders, Evil Scientists, Cat Gangsters, Evil Ninjas, Dark Shinobi, Evil Trees, Corrupt Dogcatchers, The Brotherhood Of Makuta, Rakhshi, Putty Patrollers, Dora Monsters, Gorma Minions, Mandarin's Minions, Plutarkians, Catatonians, Seaviates, Dark Generals, All Forty Thieves, Frackles, Movie Monsters, Garthim, Goblins, Rogue Programs, Vehicons, Predacons, Insectivoids, Charizards, Dragons, Skugs, Wily's Robot Masters, Biodreads, Romulans, Rinshi Beasts, Cauldron Borns, Dark Vikings, Gwythaints, Gyn Nightmares, Facilier's shadow henchmen, Ancient Spirits Of Evil, Mon-Star's Mobsters, V.I.L.E. Agents, Gogo Patrollers, Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos, Vampires, Prehistoric Monsters, Demona's Gargoyles, Culver City Red Feathers, the Fearsome Five, Attack Bots, Cy-Bugs, Evil Princes, Supervillains, Unversed, Pedophiles, Undead, Heartless, Nobodies, and Nightmare Dream Eaters escape. Satan and his son Mephistopheles lead this army of scourges. They invaded Far Far Away. They killed Dave Seville. They sent all of the zords to many different worlds. The Cavendish Rustlers have stolen wild animals from the city zoos of the American Southwest (Houston, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona) and used them as mounts. They murdered the innocent Mousekewitz parents, and turned Green River into a ghost town, and made Fievel, Tanya, and Yasha orphans, and forced them back to New York City where Mrs. Brisby adopted them. They captured all the Princesses of Heart, including Brittany. They built a huge musical theater that includes a pipe organ and an understage prison cell in Angel Grove. Edgar Balthazar's evil plot was to ship Dodger and his gang to Kathmandu for separating Oliver and Jenny Foxworth. The Death Star Replica destroyed Dimmsdale forever. Prehistoric monsters destroyed Amity Park, killing Danny's friends and family and ruining his neighborhood.




Final State

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