In the far re


  • Michael O'Hearn as Adam, a space traveler who became immortal for an unkown reason. Also he gained super strength, speed, invulnerabiliy. He wore a space suit and as it tatters, he partly half-naked.
  • Jenna Gering as Talia, an attractive warrior princess and fell in love with Adam
  • Ryan Renolds as Taos, Talia's defensive brother!
  • TBA as Ryes, the Priest who believes in the lord, and not in Moorwen's!
  • Anthony LaPaglia as King Fortes, Talia and Taos's father !
  • TBA as Captain Horzz
  • Stephen Lang, and Mickey Rourke as Wyrm and Olstak, two brothers who try to take Fortes's kingdom!
  • Miranda Richardson as Queen Kigla, Fortes's queen and a kind woman!
  • Jeremy Irons as Dracon, Wyrm and Olstack's master/sorceror and controller of the Moorwen!
  • Skrall: A Moorwen that has been after adam since he came to


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