When Optimus Fall Down In Trap Of Burial, with Salvage and Its Spartan Soldiers. But Frollo's Souless Of Fortress Was Going To Blown To Bits. They Need Help To Go onto Universe XP Starship, & Shuttles. Although Sora Comes For Shuttle Before Planet Blow Up.


Optimus Prime: Whoa! Oof!

Salvage: What The Hell Are you Doing!? Don't Forget it... Then Blow up The Planet Up!

Camshaft: I Can't Certain My Space Wallet Zipper Broke In Half of 3 Quarters Are Trapped Inside Coin Purse Forever!

Grindcore: Can You!?

Sora: I Can't But You Needed It! You Come and Retreat

- Sora To Old Friends

Telemachus! Go! Il Take Myselves And The Frollo's Fortress Explodes!

- Optimus Now Saved And Headed For Starship

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