Olympian Quest is a novel series about a teenager name Alex Jensen, who is the demigod son of Poseidon, the god ruler of the oceans, who goes on treacherous quests with his friends that involve saving not only humanity, but Mount Olympus as well.


Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi and Thriller

Music by

Alexandre Desplat


One Republic, Abandon, Sparks the Rescue and the Fray


Olympian Quest: Sword of Zeus: Alex Jensen discovers he is the son of Poseidon, the god of the seas, and embarks on a quest to find the Boltis, a powerful sword created by Zeus, the god of the skies, thunder, lightning and ruler of Mount Olympus, before Hades, god of the Underworld who seeks to use the Boltis to kill Zeus and take over Olympus.

Olympian Quest 2: The Golden Staffius: Alex and his friends embark on another dangerous journey which takes them to the fabled forbiddon "Sea of Gods" to find the mystic Golden Staffius, a golden scepter-like staff, before it falls in the hands of the evil Titan Hyperion, who seeks to use the staff to free his army from Tartarus and destroy the gods'.

Olympian Quest 3: The Rising Titan: Zeus loses all his godly powers from an eclipse, causing Kronos, the evil father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and leader of the Titans, and the Titans to escape from Tartarus and Alex and his friends must find both the Spear and Shield of Zeus, rescue the gods', overthrow the Titans and save the world.

Olympian Quest 4: Amulet of Gaia: Alex and his friends go on another treacherious quest, only this time, they must find and destroy the Amulet of Gaia, a powerful golden mystic amulet, before Gaia, the mother of Kronos and the Titans, is released and seeks to destroy Zeus and Mount Olympus.

Olympian Quest 5: The Olympian War: In the fifth and final novel of the Olympian Quest series. Kronos has returned and released his minions from Tartarus once again to make a final stand against Zeus and the gods, seeking to kill them and enslave mankind, and Alex and his friends must band together with the gods' to destroy Kronos and the Titans once and for all. The battle becomes even more dangerous when Uranus, the father of Kronos and the Titans, is revived and attempts to destroy all of existence leaving Alex and his friends to go on a last journey to find the Blade of Gods, which is the most powerful sword created, and use it to destroy the Titans and Uranus.

Cast and characters

David Henrie as Alex Jensen

Ashley Benson as Athia Calderson

Tristan Wilds as Greg Wilson

Nick Jonas as Kevin Jensen

Lucy Hale as Cassie Menderson

Kellan Lutz as Hercules

Ben Barnes as Perseus

Roshon Fegan as Jason Fuller

Jake Abel as Dean Paterson

Booboo Stewart as Nick Dawson

Julia Jones as Nichole Dawson

John Goodman as Chirius

Danny Devito as Pateus

Jennifer Connelly as Susan Jensen

David Deluise as Gravius


Zeus (David Kaye)

Poseidon (Maurice LaMarche)

Hades (Michael Dorn)

Demeter (Mary Kay Place)

Hestia (Carrie-Anne Moss

Hera (Elizabeth Banks)

Apollo (Jeff Bennett)

Athena (Kate Higgins)

Ares (David Faustino)

Artemis (Grey DeLisle)

Hermes (Brent Spiner)

Aphrodite (Virginia Madsen)

Hephaestus (Jim Cummings)

Dionysus (Billy West)

















The Minotaur


Nemean Lion










Undead Warriors

Demon Passagers

Kronos's Army

Hyperion's Army

The Fates

Sword of Zeus

After defeating the Titans, Zeus (Sean Bean) and his brothers Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) and Hades (Gerard Butler) became gods: Zeus became god of the skies, thunder, lightning and ruler of Mount Olympus, Poseidon became god of the oceans and Hades was banished to rule to Underworld by his brothers. In anger of being banished to rule the Underworld, Hades visits The Fates and asks of a way to kill Zeus and take his place as ruler of Olympus. The Fates reveal Hades that by obtaining the Boltis will he be able to destroy Zeus and take over Olympus. Before Hades leaves, the Fates inform him of a prophecy that he will fail by a young boy name Alex Jensen preventing him from obtaining the Boltis and Olympus. In the present year of humanity, Alex Jensen (David Henrie) is an ordinary fifteen-year-old high school freshman living with his mother Susan (Jennifer Connelly) in Chicago. While at school, Alex and his best-friend Greg Wilson (Tristan Wilds) are attacked by a pack of Furies, which were sent to kill Alex. The two are saved by Chirius (Ron Perlman), who takes them to “Demi-Mansion”, a mansion home for demigod children. It is revealed that Chirius is head of the mansion along with his henchmen, and is a half human – half horse warrior. Greg is revealed to be the reincarnation of a heroic protective Satyr, a half human – half goat protective warrior. While there, Alex meets Athia Calderson (Ashley Benson), the daughter of Athena and a skilled- fighting warrior, and Dean Paterson (Jake Abel), the son of Hermes, and learns that he is the son of Poseidon. Chirius leaves to go meet with Zeus and Poseidon. The three discuss of a prophecy that Alex Jensen will save Olympus from falling in the hands of Hades, while Hades is approached by Ares (Luke Evans), who is angry at the gods’ for acknowledging Alex Jensen as the “chosen one” to stop Hades from taking over Olympus and has come to join forces with Hades to kill Alex and help him rule Olympus, which Hades menacingly accepts. The next day, Alex goes to see his mother, wanting to know the story between her and Poseidon, only to find her being held captive by Ares. When Greg, Athia and Chirius arrive, Ares summons The Minotaur to kill them before returning with the captured Susan back to the Underworld. Alex and the others manage to subdue the Minotaur and return back to the mansion where Chirius reveal that Hades seeks to rule Olympus by finding the Boltis, a powerful thunder-like sword created by Zeus to help defeat the Titans. Alex plans to find the Boltis, rescue his mom and save Olympus. He is joined by Athia, Greg and Dean and given the powerful “Anaklusmos” sword by Chirius to help fight and a map that pinpoints to Machu Picchu, Peru, where the Boltis is rumored to be buried within the ruins.

In Peru, the teens have finished setting up camp where Athia challenges Alex to a duel, angry of him being known to everyone including the gods’ as the savior of Olympus and the world. During the duel, Alex has the ability to manipulate water. The duel is won by Alex, who learns from Athia that she has love feelings for Alex. The teens stumble upon a secret cave where they discover it’s the lair of the gorgon Medusa, who turns any living thing into stone when looking at her eyes. Medusa (Alice Krige) attacks and nearly kills the teens, but she is subdued by Alex who kills Medusa, chopping her head off. The trio make their way to Machu Picchu, where they find manage to uncover the Boltis. Dean reveals his betrayal of wanting to use the Boltis to destroy the gods’ and Olympus, and he and Alex battle. After an ensuing battle around Machu Picchu and the jungle, Alex defeats Dean. Before they can leave, the trio are attacked and captured by a swarm of Furies led by Ares. Alex is able to escape, but Athia and Greg are taken to the Underworld and locked up in a dungeon with Susan. Alex followed them to the underworld and rescues Athia, Greg and Susan, happy to reunite with his mother, before confronting Ares to a final showdown. Alex and Ares commence their battle, while Hades (with the Boltis in his possession) goes to Olympus and confront Zeus and the gods’, then overpower them in a battle. Alex is able to defeat Ares, and h and the others go to Olympus to confront Hades, who has now taken over Olympus with Zeus and the god’s being held captive. Alex challenges Hades to a fight for possession of the Boltis, which Hades accepts and nearly kills Alex during the battle. Alex is able to trick Hades, faking to be dead, and take the Boltis and have the upper hand against him. Alex defeats Hades and banishes him back to the underworld, restoring Olympus back to normal. Alex is hailed as hero to Olympus by the gods’, and he and Athia begin their relationship.

The Golden Staffius

One year following the events after “Sword of Zeus”. Alex Jensen (David Henrie) is now sixteen-years-old and has been making new friends at his school. Now only does he have to worry about hard tests and study books, but also his brother Kevin (Nick Jonas), who is being teased by bullies for being a talented guitar player in music class. During class, Alex sees a vision of a mysterious golden staff-like object. Alex and Kevin are then attacked by their history teacher Mrs. Adams, who is actually revealed to be Lamia, a vampiric demon that preys on children especially demigods. Lamia had been sent by Hades to kill Alex. Alex is only saved by Kevin, who has the power of water manipulation as well, and Lamia is severely injured by Pateus (Danny Devito), the old janitor and Alex’s well-knowing friend, and Cassie Menderson (Lucy Hale), who is revealed to be the demigod daughter of Ares, though she claims to have no knowledge of loving her traitorous father for attempting to help Hades destroy Zeus and take over Olympus. Pateus takes them to Demi-Mansion, where Alex reunites with his friends Athia Calderson (Ashley Benson) and Greg Wilson (Tristan Wilds). Alex learns Kevin is also the son of Poseidon, revealing to have had two sons instead of them being step-brothers. One day, Alex overhears a conversation between Chirius (Ron Perlman), Zeus (Sean Bean) and Poseidon (Kevin McKidd). Alex learns that another prophecy foretold of the Titan Hyperion (John Nobel) escaping from Tartarus with his army to destroy them and Olympus when obtaining the Golden Staffius, a powerful golden scepter-like staff created during the war against the Titans. Meanwhile, Dean Paterson (Jake Abel) goes to meet with Hyperion in Tartarus. He asks Hyperion to join forces to destroy the gods and Mount Olympus, being released if accepting. Hyperion accepts, and demands Dean to go retrieve him the Golden Staffius. Alex, wanting to help, decides to go on another journey to find the Golden Staffius.

Alex is joined by Athia, Greg, Cassie, Kevin and Pateus, revealed to be a Satyr. The trio are given a map by the gods’ that pinpoints to an island called Isla, located somewhere in the dangerous forbidden Sea of Gods, a sea filled with dangerous sea creatures and guarded by the sea monster Charybdis. The golden Staffius is somewhere buried on the island. The teens manage to trick their way onboard a massive Cruise Ship, which sails in the Bermuda Triangle. Along the way, the passengers are revealed to be demons and the ship is in command by Dean. The ship is then attacked by Charybdis, which destroys the ship and Kevin, Cassie and Pateus are presumably killed. Alex, Athia and Greg are washed up on an island that is revealed to be Isla. While excavating the island, the teens are attacked by a Hydra, which nearly kills them. The Hydra is killed when Alex tricks the beast into falling down a pit filled with spikes. When stumbling upon a secret underground chamber, the teens reunite with Kevin, Cassie and Pateus, whom are still alive, before uncovering the Golden Staffius. Before they could leave, the trio is captured by forces led by Argos (Arnold Volsoo), who is in lead with Hyperion. Hyperion takes the Golden Staffius, and leaves to go destroy the gods and Olympus leaving Argos to execute the trio. The trio is saved by Chirius and his forces, and Chirius fights Argos giving the trio time to go after Hyperion. The trio are once again captured and brought to a ship, being in the command of Dean. Alex battles Dean, and is nearly killed. Alex is able to overpower and defeat Dean before going to battle Hyperion on his own leaving the others in care of Chirius and his men, whom have defeated and killed Argos and his forces. Hyperion attacks Olympus, and overpowers Zeus and the gods’. Flying on Pegasus, a winged flying horse, Alex arrives and confronts Hyperion. After an ensuing battle, Alex defeats Hyperion, using the golden Staffius, and banishes him back to Tartarus saving Olympus and the god’s once again. Zeus lets Alex keep Pegasus, and Poseidon gives Kevin his trident for his help as well. The trio returns back to Demi-Mansion, where they are awarded as heroes as well. Unfortunately, two unknown boy and girl are not happy of Alex being known as a hero. Meanwhile, Hyperion is seen back in Tartarus, being punished by his own brethren, the Titans, for betraying them to escape and leave them to remain in Tartarus. Elsewhere, Zeus, realizing of another prophecy, visits The Fates for information. The Fates inform Zeus that within one year the sun will be eclipsed, which will begin to take away Zeus’s godly powers allowing his father Kronos, leader of the Titans, and the Titans to escape from Tartarus.

The Rising Titan

One year following the events from “The Golden Staffius”. Alex Jensen (David Henrie) is seen flying on Pegasus, battling a powerful Kronos. After a struggling battle, Alex is killed, leaving his beloved girlfriend Athia Calderson (Ashley Benson) and all his friends devastated. A funeral is held for Alex, where everyone mourns the death of their fellow friend, while Kronos completely destroys Mount Olympus and takes over mankind. This however appears to be only a nightmare dreamed by Rhea. Alex, Athia, Kevin (Nick Jonas), Greg (Tristan Wilds), Cassie (Lucy Hale) are seen with Pateus (Danny Devito) when they are soon attacked by a legion of Harpies. The Harpies are killed by Nick Dawson (Booboo Stewart) and his sister Nichole (Julia Jones). Athia and Cassie tells Alex that Nick and Nichole are two traitorous thieves whom tried to steal the Spear and Shield of Zeus, two of Zeus’s powerful created weapons with the Boltis used to help defeat Kronos and the Titans, from the Gigantes, Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes in the attempt to overthrow the gods’. Nick and Nichole had failed and they are punished for their actions by being cast into Tartarus; as punishment – Nick and Nichole are left to watch in a dungeon as souls are horribly being tormented for two days until Chirius (Ron Perlman) came and release them. Enraged of their actions, Chirius took pity on Nick and Nichole and forever banished them away from Demi-Mansion, along with the reason of them being bad influence to other demigods in which they inherited from their evil godly father. It is revealed that Nick and Nichole are the son and daughter of Hades (Gerard Butler). Nick, angry of Alex being the hero of Mount Olympus, challenges Alex to a duel, in which Alex overpowers Nick. An angry Nick then charged at Alex from behind and is about to stab him with his sword but was stopped by Chirius (Ron Perlman), who orders Nick and Nichole to leave, which they do, before telling Alex that Zeus (Sean Bean) wants to see him. Alex flies on Pegasus to see Zeus who tells Alex of the prophecy that his powers will be siphoned away from the eclipse allowing his father, Kronos and the Titans to escape from Tartarus. When Zeus asks Alex to help them against the Titans, Alex denies this saying he wishes to have a normal life and have nothing to do with being involved in their war against the Titans. Meanwhile, Hades is approached by Dean Paterson (Jake Abel) who has come to join forces with him into making a deal with Kronos to destroy the gods’ and Olympus. Hades refuses this, until he learns from Dean that Zeus will lose all his powers from the eclipse. Hades accepts to join forces with Dean, secretly planning to deal with Kronos into capturing Zeus then find and obtain the Spear and Shield of Zeus and use them to destroy Kronos and the Titans and take over his army and lead them to a new era as king of the gods’. Zeus is visited by Rhea, who explains of her vision of him being captured. Back at Demi-Mansion, as Alex and Athia discuss of their future, Greg falls asleep and is comforted in his dream by Grampus, his reincarnated Satyr protector who explains to Greg that he will lead an army to help fight against the Titans. The mansion is then attacked by Dean and his forces. During the invasion, Alex, Athia, Greg, Cassie, Kevin and Pateus are captured, and then rescued by Chirius, who is severely injured by Hades giving the teenagers enough time to escape. Hades kills Chirius and recaptures the teens. Zeus and Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) arrive, and an epic battle commences between them against Hades, in which Alex and the others are freed. Zeus is overpowered and captured by Hades, receiving help from Kronos, who destroys nearly half of the mansion. Poseidon and the gods’ Athena, Apollo, Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hermes and Dionysus, whom have come to help Poseidon against his powerful father, are defeated by Kronos who swallows them before consuming Zeus. With the gods’ captured, Kronos and the Titans unleash their army and begun their terror against mankind and all hope seem lost. Alex, joined by Athia, Greg, Kevin, Cassie, and Pateus, decides to go find the Spear and Shield of Zeus in order to rescue Zeus, destroy the Titans and save the world. Joined along are Nick and Nichole, making a truce between them and Alex and wanting to help destroy the Titans and revealing a map that will lead to the Spear and Shield of Zeus. When learning the Spear of Zeus is located in the National History Museum in New York City, Alex goes to retrieve the spar alone while Athia and the others go to retrieve the shield from the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC.

At the national history museum, Alex is ambushed and attacked by a ferocious Manticore, which he is able to kill. He is then approached by Rhea, who, (happy to see her grandson), explains to him of her vision of seeing him perishing by Kronos. She asks Alex to stop his quest, but he refuses saying he is prepared to give his life to save his friends, family and the world; this makes Rhea happy and she gives him the spear of Zeus. With the spear in his possession, Alex goes to rejoin with the others. At the Smithsonian Museum, Alex reunites with them before they are attacked by the Nemean Lion, which is killed by Alex and Cassie with the help from Nichole, who is severely injured in the process. Nick and Nichole reveal the reason why they are helping them. It is revealed that they preyed to the gods including their father to help save their dying illness mother, but to no avail and their mother died leaving Nick and Nichole to mourn. They decided to aid them in finding the spear and shield, wanting to get revenge on their traitorous father for leaving them to be imprisoned in Tartarus, after he tricked them into steal the spear and shield, offering of brining their mother back to life. Greg, remembering his dream of Grampus, leaves to go warn and bring his army of satyrs while the others continue their way to Kronos’s lair, which is the heart of the ruin destroyed Mount Olympus, to confront the Titans. Arriving at Kronos’s lair, they are ambushed and captured by forces led by Dean who takes them to the awaited Hades. Hades orders Nick to give him the spear and shield, but she refuse. Hades is about to kill Nick, but Nichole then sacrifices herself to save her brother. Upon seeing Nichole killed by her own father, an enraged Alex challenges Hades and defeats him with the Boltis, which he received as a gift from Rhea during the battle. Hades and Dean are called to Kronos, who punishes and devours Hades, while Nick mourns Nichole’s death and blames Alex for her death. For this, Nick meets and forms an alliance with Kronos into killing Alex. The trio enters the lair, but they are ambushed by the Titan Iapetus. Iapetus is stalled by Pateus and Pegasus giving Alex, Athia, Cassie and Kevin time to escape. The four enters Kronos’s chamber, where they find the gods’ including Hades trapped in Kronos’s testicles and are unable to free them. The teens are cornered by the Titans Kronos, Coeus, Themis, Prometheus and Crius, and are about to be killed when Greg and an entire army of Satyrs along with hundreds of Centaurs and Olympian warriors appears an ensuing war breaks out between them and the Titans and their army. During the battle, the gods’ are freed by Alex, who challenges and defeats Dean once again. As Athia, Greg, Kevin, Cassie, Pateus and everyone else are battling the Titans and their army, Alex confronts Kronos. Kronos reveals a captured Rhea, and prepares to devour her but was stopped by Alex. Alex and Kronos commence their battle, during which Nick appears and betrays Kronos, stabbing the Titan with the spear only to be fatally wounded by Kronos afterward. With Kronos weakened, Alex takes the chance to drive the Boltis into Kronos’s skull before impaling his heart with the spear causing Kronos to lose all his powers. When the eclipse vanishes, Zeus regains all his godly powers and with the help from Alex, they overpower and destroy Kronos, disintegrating the titan. Zeus casts the defeated Titans and their army into the further depths of Tartarus and Mount Olympus is restored to its glory once again. With the battle won, Zeus and the god’s hail Alex and all his friends as heroes to humanity and Olympus but Nick dies, due to his fatal injury from Kronos. As a funeral his held for Nick and Nichole, Dean is seen consuming the remains of Kronos and his body is taken over by Kronos’s spirit.

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