Oblivion is a sci-fi film directed by Zach snyder with Steven spielberg as Executive producer Henry jackman doing the score the film is set to be realesed in 2015 may 6icheal


  • Henry Cavill as Jason Wilson-Amendophi
  • Ryan Gosling as Peter Nelson-Ephimis
  • Micheal Shannon as Roman Nipper-Killettorim
  • Amy Adams as Lucy Wilson-Genopoli
  • Scarlett Johansson as Miranda Nelson-Tilltrius
  • Tom Hiddleston as Earl Deznov-Plotteimus
  • Mark Strong as George Waltz-Qippertium
  • Jake Short as Sam Nelson-Fracolata
  • Jeremy Renner as Commander Frank Sprout
  • Sam Worthington as Farmer Phillip Giles
  • Rachel Mcadams as Dinah Giles
  • Brendan Meyer as Adam Giles


On the Alien Planet of Itarya Scientist Amendophi is doing Astronemy reasearch when he realises that the neighbour Planet of Nadrin will Colide with Itaraya he goes to the President of his state Killettorim who tells him that its War not Collision he then tells him he is half Nadrinian so he is leader of the planet and tells him Itaraya will be destroyed by the Nadrinian armada Amedophi leaves and returns home to his Wife two brothers his brothers wife and nephew he tells them to get ready and tells them everything about what he learned and that they are leaving for a new planet when some Itaraynian police turn up at the door droping of his criminal brother Amendophi shoos off the police then tells his family to board the Ship he then sets a course for Brisbane a citadel that allows refugess to stay there when he tries to leave the atmosphere Qippertium Killettorim"s second in command orders for the ships navigation system to be shot it is setting the ships course for Earth

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