Robin John Blake has inherited the Bat-Cave, and has become Nightwing, and is bringing back some of Gotham's Rogues to Blackgate Prison, but when the Joker escapes once again with some syndrome that helps Bane, Nightwing has to stop him before he fullfills his destiny.




Lead Roles on the Film's poster:

  • Robin John Blake/Nightwing (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - in the end, returns to Gotham!
  • Brittney Malnew (Ellen Page) - Robin John Blake's love interest, in the end, gets transformed into Inque!
  • Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) - in the end, takes on tasks for Mr. Freeze!
  • Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) - in the end, becomes Nightwing's link to Wayne Interprise!
  • Hosea Creed (Cirian Hinds) - Robin's best friend, known for being a clown! In the end, tells John Blake about Dick Grayson!
  • Jack Ryder/Creeper (Adam Sandler) - a talk show host, he was later transformed into the Creeper with nanocells, and aids Robin John Blake, in the end, gets a pardon from going to Arkham Asylum!
  • Joker (Michael Weatherly/Ryan Gosling) - the main antagonist, plans to start an army of super-soldier banes, and become Joker Titan, has connections with Robin John Blake, it is revealed that he and Blake met when "The Dark Night" event with Two-Face, it is revealed that where he got these scars is falling into Chemicals by an acident in a chemical lab! In the end, gets sent Back to Arkham Asylum!
  • Harley Quinn (Kristen Bell) - the secondary antagonist, she learned Joker's origins, and she had fallen madly in love with him, then learned how he got the scars on his face, and became Harley Quinn, in the end, gets sent to Arkham Asylum!

Roles that are not on the Film's poster:

  • Harvey Bullock (Oliver Platt) - in the end, tells Gordon, that Gotham River, has been Frozened by a mad man!
  • Renee Montonya (Penelope Cruz) - in the end, gets promoted!
  • Waylon Jones/Killer Croc (Rhys Ifans) - the 1st villain Robin John Blake fought, in the end, was sent to Arkham Asylum!
  • Mayor Hamilton Hill (Robert Moloney) - Gotham's new mayor, in the end, revealed to have been the one who freed Joker, and was removed from being Mayor!
  • Bane (Tom Hardy) - Killer Croc's partner! In the end, also sent to Arkham Asylum!



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