Amazo Comics presents:

#1: Night-Wolf (January 2013)

In New York City, business couple Thomas and Linda Thorne are leaving their Thorne Industries company in the hands of their twenty-two year old son Brian whilst they head away on a business trip to India. Two weeks later Brian is informed by the police that his parents have gone missing and heads to India to investiagte their mysterious disappearance. When Brian discovers that his parents where part of a secret organisation called the Tempest, he is attacked by two men in black who kidnap and introduce him to Amon Napa, leader of the Tempest. Brian decides to join the Tempest and is taught different fighting styles by Amon. Three years later Brian returns to New York City to find that a new business man called Lewis Max is attempting to take over Thorne Industries and uses his skills and power to create various high tech weapons and become a vigilante called Night-Wolf. When one night Night-Wolf is patrolling the city, he is attacked by a masked assassin called the Dusk. Brian is suprised to find that Dusk is aware of his identity but before he has a chance to discover who the Dusk is, the assassin disappears into the shadows. The next day Brian meets with his childhood friend and former girlfriend before his training in India, Linda Morsh. Brian and Linda soon get attacked by Dusk which forces Brian to disappear and change into Night-Wolf who questions Dusk about why he wants to kill him. Dusk then responds that he was ordered by his master to eliminate him and when Night-Wolf demands to know the name of his master, the Dusk reveals it to be Amon Napa and reveals himself to be a member of the Tempest.

#2: Master and Student (February 2013)

Coming Soon - Night-Wolf returns to India to uncover the reasons for his master wanting him dead!

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