a Tv seires sequel to Nicktoons games


Saga Part 1: the wise Hermit crab tells the Nicktoons to find his grandson to take his place before pasing away but the Evil Syndicate hear about wise hermit crabs passing they plan to take over hermit crab island.

Saga part 2: The Evil Syndicate have taken over hermit crab now it's up to the Nicktoons and The Wise hremit crab's grandson Tan.

List of Nicktoons the next leader Saga episodes

Nicktoons the next leader saga characters

Openings and endings

Opening 1 ???? (episodes 1-26)

Opening 2 ????( episodes 27-36)

Opening 3 ???? ( episodes 37 -52

Ending 1 ???? (episodes 1-20)

Ending 2 ???? (episodes 20 - 32)

Ending 3 ???? ( episodes 32 - 47)

Ending 4 ???? (episodes 47 - 52)

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