Voice Cast

Sean Marquette-Mac

  • Kieth Ferguson-Bloo
  • Phil LaMarr-Wilt, Huge Hands Hanz
  • Tomy Kenny-Ed, Wobbleman
  • Candi Milo-Coco, Madame Foster, Cheese
  • Grey DeLeslie-Frankie, Goo, Thingy
  • Nika Futterman-Dracky, Kathy

Jessica DiCicco-Amber

Changes for the Nickelodeon version

  • Frankie's friend, Kathy, is introduced
  • 3 new friends arrive at the house, Dracky, Wobbleman, and Huge Hands Hanz, who were all imagined by the same guy, on the same day.
  • Cheese is now a resident at Foster's, and Frankie and Herriman desperately try to get Cheese adopted, so he'll never come near Foster's again
  • A New Main character, Amber, is introduced

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