Mr. Daydream and Miss Daredevil's plot: Miss Daredevil takes Mr. Daydream up into the sky he enjoys it at first, but then he hit an airplane and is left on top of it, but he sees Mr. Scatterbrain there as well and is having a picnic with Jimmy and Jenny, his monkey and penguin, he lets Mr. Daydream join them, which he did.

Miss Starlow, Mr. Bump, and Mr. Messy's plot: Miss Starlow and the Mr. Men does a funky song called "Flying Around the Block".

Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops tells the viewers about why we go on a vacation on an airplane.

Snowy Day

Mr. Daydream's plot: Mr. Daydream is on top of a snowy hill with the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, but he gets hit by an avalanch, later Mr. Messy walks out of his house to play in the snow, but he sees something hit a snowman and sees blue feet sticking out of the snowman's body, Mr. Messy pulls the feet and finds himself holding Mr. Daydream by the legs and Mr. Daydream started sneezing, "Shazzam, ya wanna catch a cold?!"

Mr. Forgetful's plot: Mr. Forgetful plays in the snow with Miss Calamity, Miss Calamity is afraid that she might catch a cold so she goes inside, but Mr. Forgetful lost his way home in a blizzard, when the blizzard stops, Miss Helpful, goes outside and finds him barried in the snow, so she pulls him out and takes him inside her house, she wraps him up on the couch and gives him soup.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow catches a cold in the snow, so Miss Naughty holded her and she puts her on the bed, and tucks her in. and the Mr. Men and Little Misses try to make her feel better, but Miss Helpful gave her some warm chicken noodle soup, a pillow and a blanket. and Miss Helpful uses her stethoscope and puts it on her chest and she says that her heartbeat is normal and Miss Starlow needed some rest. and later that night Miss Starlow tossed and turned and the bed and Miss Naughty comes in and sings her a soothing lullaby and putted her to sleep. and then Miss Whoops checked Miss Starlow's forehead and she thinks that she'll catch a cold again. and Mr. Grumpy checks Miss Starlow's pulse while Miss Naughty massages her feet, and Miss Starlow closes her eyes and she fell asleep.


Little Miss Starlow's plot: Little Miss Starlow and Little Miss Whoops were having a sleep over at Miss Whoops's garden and she made a cat shadow for Miss Starlow. as she was making another shadow it was a monster and makes Miss Starlow cry, she calls for Miss Naughty and she try to sooth Miss Starlow a lullaby but she keeps crying and crying and crying. and Miss Naughty rushes Miss Starlow to the hospital to see whats a matter. Mr. Grumpy says that she needs to make her sleep in Miss Naughty's arms. at the end Miss Starlow sleeps just before the sun is rising.

Little Miss Sunshine's plot: before the show airs in 2008, Little Miss Helpful was in the blizzard with her scarf and mittens and she picked up a bundle with Little Miss Sunshine. and she rushes to the cabin to tell Mr. Grumpy about a new visitor in Dillydale, and the bundle keeps wiggling and Little Miss Helpful unwarps the bundle and Little Miss Sunshine was crying. Mr. Grumpy picks up Little Miss Sunshine in his arms and sang "Rock a Bye Miss Sunshine" (Or Rock a bye baby in the UK) but she keeps crying and Little Miss Helpful sat in the rocking chair and she began to sing a lullaby to Little Miss Sunshine. and when Little Miss Sunshine woke up the next morning and she thinks it's only a dream.

Mr. Nervous and Little Miss Whoops' plot: Mr. Nervous was scared in the woods and Little Miss Whoops got a candle and found a baby ferret and a baby penguin that needed their mothers. Mr. Nervous feeds the baby ferret with a milk bottle in his arms, and Little Miss Whoops sang a lullaby to the baby ferret and penguin, and Little Miss Whoops keeps feeding the baby ferret with a bottle, and Mr. Nervous runs away from her and he found a mother ferret and Mr. Scatterbrain founded his penguin and said "i guess Miss Whoops is feeding a ferret with a bottle." and Little Miss Whoops was crying that she doesn't found the mothers yet. but Mr. Messy was the penguin and Mr. Grumpy was the ferret.

Mr. Lazy's plot: Mr. Lazy has an ad for his Lullaby Music Box for Mr. Men and Little Miss who are crying.

Mr. Bump's plot: Little Miss Whoops was putting Mr. Bump to bed and she says "What song do you want Mr. Bump?" and he wants a music box but she brings a night cap and she looks for the music box again, but she keeps bringing bed time ideas for Mr. Bump. and he founded his music box it was under his bed and he hurted his head, and Little Miss Whoops with a first aid kit and she says "should i wind up the key Mr. Bump?" and the lullaby plays for him and fell asleep in time, with Little Miss Whoops putting a band-aid on his leg and she is playing doctor with Mr. Bump all night.

On the Road

Mr. Brave and Little Miss Daredevil's Plot: Miss Daredevil is riding her bike, but she is getting bored with her ordinary bike, so she rides it home and takes it into her garage and she stays up all night in there turning her bike into a Super Duper Rocket-Boosted Bike! She was a about to have Mr. Quiet be the first to ride it with her, but lucky for him Mr. Brave pushes him out of the way begging that he goes first instead, she told him to see him at 10:30, but the bike-ride was cancelled because she had to take a shower and she told him he had to wait for tommorow, Mr. Brave was disappointed, but he overheard Mr. Nosy telling Mr. Small what Miss Daredevil's garage code was and Mr. Brave opened her garage and stole her bike, he thought it was a blast he used the rockets but he went to fast he tried to use the breaks, but they broke off! It was morning and Miss Daredevil woke up to find Mr. Brave, but she saw her bike was gone! She found a blue and red hat lying on the ground next to where the bike formerly stood, Miss Daredevil ammediatley knew who took it and she flew away to look for Mr. Brave, but she heard someone screaming "HELP!" she found Mr. Brave going like crazy on her bike. He was about to hit a brick wall and he put his hands over his eyes, he and Miss Daredevil (and probobly the audiance) thought was too late, but when he hit the wall it broke into pieces, it was actually a cardbord wall decorated to look like brick, Miss Daredevil got in front of him and grabbed the handles, but it was to fast for even her then she told Mr. Brave to jump off the bike, he thought she was crazy, but she told him to trust her and he did, he fell off and landed on Mr. Hungry's belly, the bike hit a real brick wall and got detroyed. Miss Daredevil was very mad at Mr. Brave for stealing her bike and for having to break it to save himself, Mr. Brave said he was sorry and sadly started walking away, but Miss Daredevil stopped him by telling him how proud she was of him and she told him he probobly broke her record! Mr. Brave was pretty proud of himself too, and he started blushing. Miss Daredevil gave Mr. Brave some rocket boots and they flew together.

Little Miss Tiny's Plot: Little Miss Tiny rides her tiny unicycle.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow was on her roller skates when Mr. Fussy teaches her not to get hurt. she falls down backwards and she goes out of control with her skates. While Mr. Messy was getting the newspaper she was skating backwards and she crashes into a tree and she winks.

Dillydale's 1st Movie

Mr. Nervous' Plot: Mr. Nervous was in his house and he turned on the light but the castlerock logo was there. so he said "Oh no! this is not the end of me!" and he flew to the screen and he falls to the water. and the Colombia logo appears.

Opening plot: everybody dances to the song "Dancing in the sheets"

Miss Whoops' plot: Mr. Noisy was getting good news and bad news for everybody in dillydale. soon a big egg shadow flew over them but Mr. Funny saw it coming and Miss Starlow starts singing "The only little miss is me!" after the song is over, Miss Starlow crashes into a fire and she was hurt.

Miss Starlow's Plot: Miss Starlow was still in the building and she began to sing "You are not alone". after this, she was crying in pain and Miss Whoops saves her life and runs to the bench. so Miss Whoops has a bucket and she puts a towel in the water. and Miss Naughty was on the bench putting her hands on Miss Starlow's sholders and Miss Whoops puts the towel everywhere to clean Miss Starlow's burns. meanwhile Miss Naughty got tired so she took Miss Starlow to her house for her sleepover. when they get there she sat on her bed and she gently rocked Miss Starlow to sleep. but Miss Starlow was on Miss Naughty's bed and she told herself a story. soon Miss Naughty holds Miss Starlow's hand and she rubs it with her finger. Just then Miss Scary and Mr. Nervous came along and she says that shes going to scare Miss Starlow. also Miss Scary screams at the window and Miss Starlow began to cry. Miss Naughty gently holds Miss Starlow in her arms and Miss Naughty began to sing "My precious one" to Miss Starlow. but she starts crying again. Miss Naughty massages Miss Starlow's back. and she was asleep at last.

Miss Scary's plot: Miss Scary keeps snoring at Mr. Nervous's leg and she has a vision of Miss Scary's mother rocking Miss Scary to sleep. so she saw Music coming from Mr. Fussy's house and Miss Scary says "I'm getting tired too". so they played a night time song to make dillydale go to sleep.

Mr. Quiet and Miss Whoops' plot: The next morning there was a huge box so Mr. Bump and the gang become anime style and do the song karate. and Miss Whoops crashed into the button and she lands on her tummy. and the box shrinks and there was a VHS tape in there. so Miss Whoops puts it in and a live action sence of they might be giants appears and the music video Dillydale does disco starts.

Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops dances to Born to be alive while mr bump sings the song.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow was listening to music in the doctors room, but Miss Whoops turns off the music and she listens to Miss Starlow's heartbeat with a stethoscope. and then Miss Helpful and Mr. Scatterbrain sneaks into the closet and then Miss Helpful puts her ear next to the hole and she listens to sounds in the room. Mr. Scatterbrain gets out his rake and the door falls to the ground. And then Miss Starlow lays down while Miss Helpful grabs Miss Starlow's arm and gave her a shot. and then Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy saw Miss Calamity holding Miss Fun in her arms because she was born. and Mr. Small rubs his finger at Miss Fun's head and she giggled a bit. and then they pushed Miss Whoops, Miss Helpful, and Mr. Scatterbrain out of the way and gave her a check up.

Miss Sunshine's plot: Miss Sunshine plays the piano and she plays herself a song to help Mr. Rude and everybody feel happy.

Everybody's plot: The Mr. Men and Little Misses went to a concert to play songs.

Miss Fun's plot: Miss Fun was crying because Miss Helpful and Miss Calamity tried to make her go to sleep. so Miss Helpful sat on the rocking chair and puts a blanket around Miss Fun. and Miss Helpful sang her a lullaby and Miss Calamity joins in too.

Music video plot: the music video crocodile rock plays and the cast dances to it.

Ending plot: Miss Naughty was outside with Miss Starlow if she wants to stay or not. so Mr. Grumpy says that the concert winner was Miss Starlow and Miss Fun. and then Miss Whoops when she was 3 sings My wish is you and the movie ends with the cast saying "See you on the show!" and Mr. Messy writes The end on the front. and some songs can be played.


Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow stays home with Miss Naughty at her house and Miss Starlow has the flu.

Mr. Happy's plot: Mr. Happy has the flu and becomes not very happy, so his friends try to cheer him up.

Mr. Bump's plot: Miss Whoops gives Mr. Bump surgery with a chainsaw.

Miss Naughty's plot: Miss Naughty has an ad for "Miss Naughty's Illness Bottle"

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow got the flu again but this time Mr. Bump as the nurse and Miss Whoops as the doctor and they to cure her.


Mr. Messy's plot: Mr. Messy goes to Miss Helpful, the dentist, and she finds cavities on ALL of his teeth, and she would have to fill them next Friday, Mr. Messy is horrified and finally brushes his teeth everywhere he went, Mr. Fussy sees Mr. Messy and is surprised to see him brushing his teeth, but Friday came and Mr. Messy tells Miss Helpful how much he's brushed his teeth "No Mr.Messy, we have to fill it in, it won't hurt I promise" says Miss Helpful, after she was done, she told Mr. Messy he shouldn't eat a thing until tommorow afternoon, but she gave Mr. Messy a dirty sock-shaped balloon to cheer him up.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow woke up and she went to her bathroom and she sees that she have all the broken teeth. then Miss Naughty checks her teeth "i guess you need to get your teeth removed in no time" says Miss Naughty. when Miss Starlow got to the dentist, she went in all by herself. Miss Starlow's dentist was Mr. Grumpy and he counted her teeth. but her teeth were not there. he gets Miss Giggles and got an x-ray of Miss Starlow's teeth. she giggled at the missing teeth because Miss Starlow doesn't have teeth. but Mr. Grumpy needed to get her teeth clean on time. the next morning Miss Starlow ran to the dentist and Mr. Grumpy comfrmed Miss Starlow's surgry for today. and then Miss Starlow opened her mouth very wide and Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Fussy, Miss Scary, and Miss Whoops puted in brand new teeth in her mouth. and after the surgry, Miss Starlow got herself brand new teeth.

Miss Chatterbox's plot: Miss Chatterbox goes to the dentist in which her dentist is Mr. Nervous.

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump goes to Miss Whoops's house and he was tired and sat on a chair. Miss Whoops went to the living room and she was wearing her dentist clothing and saw Mr. Bump is ready for a check up on his teeth. she got a tooth brush and tooth paste and she began to brush, brush, brush, and brush his teeth. Miss Whoops uses a little mirror and she looks at her brother's teeth and see if he has cavities. suddenly the phone rings and Miss Whoops picks the phone up and it was Mr. Lazy who was selling "The Tooth Zoomabillon Headband" and it was used for when the dentist checks the shorted teeth who needed to be cleaned. so Miss Whoops ordered it, and then the door opens and it was Mr. Scatterbrain who was holding The Tooth Zoomabillon and a rabbit who was dresses as a doctor with a stethoscope around it's neck. Miss Whoops puts The Tooth Zoomabillon on Mr. Bump's head and he was shocked that his teeth turned into fangs. Miss Whoops puts in magic floss and it will turn fangs back to normal. when Miss Whoops turns on the drill, Mr. Bump ran away all the way home. Miss Whoops got the drill into her teeth and she was vibrating.

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance

Mr. Brave's plot: Mr. Brave does a dance with Miss Twins.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow does the tango with Mr. Stubborn.


Miss Sunshine's plot: Miss Sunshine goes to get a massage from Miss Naughty.

Miss Whoops and Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Whoops and Miss Starlow went to the spa and got a spa treatment from Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Scatterbrain.

Check Up

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow goes to the doctor in wish her doctor was Miss Whoops. she thinks that Miss Starlow has a cold, and she opened Miss Starlow's mouth with a stick to see that her breath is okay. and Miss Whoops tickled Miss Starlow's tummy and Miss Starlow almost fall of the table. then she checked Miss Starlow's ears that theres no gunk in there. then Miss Whoops listens to Miss Starlow's lungs and heart, but she said breath before she says her catchphrase. and then she hears Miss Starlow's heartbeat but her heart is fainting and made a beat. and then Miss Whoops gave Miss Starlow a shot on her arm. and she counted to 3 and the shot was all done. Miss Whoops says if Miss Starlow comes back with the flu, she'll catch a cold.

Getting Dirty

Mr. Messy's plot: Mr. Messy become so stinky everyone avoids him and he becomes lonely.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow was playing in the rain doing a thunder storm and got in the mud by a pig and got dirty. Miss Whoops came outside and grabs Miss Starlow by the leg and went to her house to take a bath and get her clean. she puts shampoo on her hair and washes it with her hands and Mr. Bump came in and washes her tummy with a small towel with soap on it. the shampoo bottle was on the floor and Mr. Bump slipped on it and crashed into a bunch of boxes of towels fell on him on can't see. after bath Miss Starlow shakes very hard and sparkles came out and scatters on to Mr. Bump. to her it was time for Mr. Bump to take a bath and Miss Starlow watches them.

Bedtime Stories and Lullabies

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Naughty was putting her little sister Miss Starlow to bed and as she closed the door, Mr. Nervous and Mr. Stubborn sneaks into her house and hides under a bush. Miss Starlow got out of her bed and checked and there was no monsters in that bush. she turned off the lamp and she got scared of the dark. the two shadows were Mr. Nervous and Mr. Stubborn and they scared Miss Starlow in which they made her cry. Mr. Nervous calls for Miss Naughty and she drys Miss Starlow's eyes and she tells her "It's Okay, Don't Cry. Miss Naughty's safe with you Miss Starlow." she turned on the lamp near Miss Starlow's bed and carries her in her arms. meanwhile Miss Naughty sat on the rocking chair and she carefully holds Miss Starlow and she began to sing a soothing lullaby to make her get back to sleep. while she sings, Mr. Nervous sniffs a little bit and he hugs Mr. Stubborn and after the song, She tucks Miss Starlow and gave her a kiss on the cheek. and Miss Naughty cuddles her and went to sleep.

Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump's plot: Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump were at their Mom and Dad's house. and Miss Clumsy was putting Miss Whoops to bed and she told her when she was first born with her brother and she tells her "Miss Whoops, when your a baby what did i did to you while you are crying?" and Mr. Bump tells Miss Clumsy about his sister crying in the middle of the night. in the flashback Mr. Bump was a baby sitting on the floor while his mother Miss Clumsy was sitting on a rocking chair holding her crying baby daughter Miss Whoops in her arms. Miss Whoops shivers and Miss Clumsy tells her she's cold and needed something to warm up. Miss Clumsy grabs a blanket near it and putted the blanket around her and she stopped crying. meanwhile Mr. Bump pinched her and she crys again. but this time Miss Clumsy sang Miss Whoops a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her back when she was a baby. she holds her daughter's tiny hand and she warms it up while Mr. Bump fell asleep on the rug. after the flashback Miss Whoops was laughing about Miss Clumsy's lullaby and Mr. Bump thinks it was a miracle to save his sister's crying.

Mr. Grumpy's plot: Mr. Scatterbrain was in Mr. Grumpy's house and he told Mr. Grumpy he wanted something to go to sleep with. Mr. Grumpy trys to toss and turn on his bed and got himself a nightmare. Mr. Scatterbrain came and he sings him a lullaby when his mother sang to him. and he was sleeping after the song is over.

Mr. Quiet's plot: Mr. Quiet was sleeping over with Miss Whoops and Mr. Nervous. in the middle of the night, Mr. Quiet can't sleep because he wanted to go home and sleep in his own bed. meanwhile Mr. Nervous got out of bed and wakes up Miss Whoops and she can hear Mr. Quiet getting a nightmare. Miss Whoops comforts Mr. Quiet while Mr. Nervous tells her that she soothing Mr. Quiet. she began singing Mr. Quiet's Lullaby to help him get over his nightmare. later, Mr. Quiet began to cough. Mr. Nervous tells Miss Whoops to get her doctor's kit ready for him. Miss Whoops got a stethoscope and used it to listen to Mr. Quiet's heartbeat. Mr. Quiet opened his mouth and Miss Whoops grabbed a blue hamster that almost look like him.

Miss Sunshine's plot: Miss Sunshine went to a sleep over with Miss Helpful. one night, Miss Sunshine and Miss Helpful were sleeping. Miss Sunshine turned on her lamp and she woke up Miss Helpful in the middle of the night. Miss Helpful tells Miss Sunshine that when she was a baby, her mother used to sing her a lullaby to help her go to sleep. the Little Misses went back to sleep. in the middle of the night, Miss Sunshine began to cry and Miss Helpful got on her bed and she told her "You got a very bad nightmare Miss Sunshine". Miss Helpful comforts Miss Sunshine and carries her. Miss Helpful got a call from Mr. Happy saying that Miss Sunshine will not be on Good Morning Dillydale tomorrow. she sat on the couch and she began to sing a lullaby to Miss Sunshine. Miss Sunshine began to close her eyes and fell asleep.

The Mr. Men Movie 2: Meet Miss Princess

Nightmares and Dreams

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow was ready for bed and Miss Naughty tucks her in. Miss Starlow had trouble sleeping in her own bed and she fell out and hurts her head and she began to cry. Miss Naughty woke up in the middle of the night, and she carries her to her bed and fix her. Miss Starlow lays down on Miss Naughty's pillow with a blanket under her. Miss Naughty puts bandages on Miss Starlow's poor head while she holds her hair very gently. Miss Starlow crys again but this time, Miss Naughty gave her a bath while she washes her scraps with a wet towel. Meanwhile Miss Starlow crys the 3rd time, and Miss Naughty grabs a bottle and puts in milk and she feeds her. while she was getting an ice pack, Miss Starlow was crying again and she got a nightmare. Miss Naughty picks her up and she cuddles her and she began to sing her a lullaby so Miss Starlow doesn't want to get another nightmare. while she sings, Miss Naughty rocks Miss Starlow back and forth while she drys her eyes. Miss Starlow fell asleep in Miss Naughty's arms. Miss Naughty puts her down and she nurses her with care.

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump was having a sleepover with his sister Miss Whoops. Miss Whoops was sleeping and Mr. Bump woke up and went to have a midnight snack. Miss Whoops got out of her bed and turns on the light and he thinks he'll get a tummy ache, he'll eat too much food. Miss Whoops grabs Mr. Bump by the arm and went back to sleep. in the middle of the night Mr. Bump tossed and turned and he was dreaming about him in the fire pit and touches it with his foot, and he ran away from the fire monster. Miss Whoops dreams about her in a flowery forest with many animals, trees, and rivers. she feels the water with her finger and a rainbow appears, and a deer nuzzles her cheek and she starts laughing and she thinks it was ticklish. Mr. Bump was crying and Miss Whoops got out of bed and sits on his bed to tell him whats wrong. Miss Whoops told Mr. Bump that he got himself a nightmare while she got a good dream about herself. Mr. Bump lays on his belly and Miss Whoops gave him a back rub to make him more comfortable. later Mr. Bump got himself a good dream but Miss Whoops got herself a nightmare, and she calls for Mr. Bump and he told her that she was laughing not a nightmare, and they finally went back to sleep.


Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump goes to the hospital and saw that his sister Miss Whoops was holding a baby in her arms. he was shocked and Mr. Bump ran to Miss Helpful and he told her that his sister gave birth. but she says that Miss Whoops had cramps and she went to labor by mistake. when he got back, Miss Whoops named her Miss Hurt and went home to take good care of her. when they got to Miss Whoops's house, they had trouble taking care of her. Miss Whoops was changing Miss Hurt's diaper but Mr. Bump can't look at her while she's changing her. that night Miss Whoops woke up and saw that Miss Hurt was crying in the middle of the night. Miss Whoops got Miss Hurt out of her crib and she called Mr. Bump. he told her that he can come late to help Miss Hurt to sleep and when she hang up the phone, Mr. Bump was there. Miss Whoops cuddled Miss Hurt in her arms and she cries again. after that, Miss Hurt was cold and she was shivering. Mr. Bump got Miss Whoops a blanket to make Miss Hurt a little comfortable and warm. Mr. Bump sat on the couch and he saw Miss Whoops sitting on the couch too. Miss Whoops softly sang Miss Hurt a lullaby to make her stop crying and fall asleep. Miss Whoops gently rocks her to sleep while she sings. Mr. Bump hears his sister's song and he fell asleep. the next day Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump are doing the right things with Miss Hurt and now they are feeding her, bathing her, rocking her, charging her, and playing with her.

Mr. Messy's plot: Mr. Messy went to Miss Naughty's house and he asks her if he wants to babysit Miss Starlow or not. Miss Starlow was holding a paper windmill in her hands and she is shy to meet him. Mr. Messy saw Miss Naughty leave the house and he went and carries Miss Starlow. Miss Starlow has to stay home with Mr. Messy while Miss Naughty goes to a Christmas party. 1st Mr. Messy and Miss Starlow went to a drive in and they eat while watching ads on the big screen. 2nd Mr. Messy and Miss Starlow went to the forest to pick a christmas tree. and after they visited all the places, Miss Starlow lays down Mr. Messy's lap and he gave her a back rub with one hand and she was sleeping.

Miss Scary's plot: Miss Scary goes to Mr. Quiet's house and she babysits him.

Miss Giggles and Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Giggles and Miss Starlow looks after Miss Hurt when Miss Whoops goes on a trip for a month.

Headaches and Pain

Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops woke up with a very bad headache. so she calls Mr. Bump and she says that she wants her headache cured. Miss Whoops went to her brother's house and she lays down on a table with a towel around her body. Mr. Bump came and he saw his sister laying on his table and got the stuff he needed for giving Miss Whoops a massage. Miss Whoops closed her eyes while Mr. Bump gave her a neck massage.

Colds and Flus

Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops was awake with a very bad cold. she has a runny nose and she can't stop sneezing and coughing. Mr. Bump checked her forehead to see if she's okay. Mr. Bump ran to the phone and he calls the doctor and see if she wants a check up, due to her cold on the farm. when Mr. Bump opened the door, Mr. Funny came. when he came to her bedroom, Mr. Funny used the stethoscope and he listens to her heartbeat. while he listens to her heart, Mr. Bump holds her hand and he told her "Your going to make it Miss Whoops." Mr. Funny took her temperature and her cold is getting worse. so Miss Whoops has to stay in bed just for today.

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump woke up with a very bad cold and Miss Whoops was his doctor.


Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops was one month pregnant with her first child and went to the hospital, and she having her first child and she is nervous of being a mother. Miss Helpful came in and she gave Miss Whoops an ultrasound. Miss Whoops was shocked that her baby is coming out and Miss Helpful went to the phone to call Mr. Bump and see if his sister is at the hospital. Miss Helpful saw that Miss Whoops was not here. Miss Whoops hears her water coming out and she says "Miss Helpful! gasp! i think my water broke!". Miss Helpful and Mr. Happy rushes Miss Whoops and got her into labor. Mr. Happy pushed Miss Helpful out of the way and he helps Miss Whoops get her baby out. Miss Whoops pushed while Mr. Happy found the head and he says "Alright Miss Whoops, push now!". Miss Whoops pushes very hard and her daughter came to the world for the first time. Miss Whoops says "Hello my sweet little baby girl, i'm Miss Whoops." Miss Helpful takes Mr. Bump to see Miss Whoops. Miss Helpful calls Miss Whoops's new baby, Miss Hurt. and Miss Whoops tells Mr. Bump that they have a new daughter to their family tree. Miss Whoops told Mr. Bump to give Miss Hurt a rub on her tummy and a bubble bath. Mr. Bump talks to his sister's new baby and Miss Hurt does baby talk for the first ever in her life. Miss Hurt calls Mr. Bump doggy or kitty because he thinks he's a dog or a cat. Mr. Bump began to massage Miss Hurt's tummy and she giggles while her uncle massages her. Mr. Tickle came in and he gave Miss Hurt a tickle rub. now it was time for Miss Hurt to take a bath. Mr. Bump puts her in the tub and he uses a shampoo bottle and he gave it to Mr. Tickle. Mr. Tickle washes Miss Hurt's hair but his skin matches her hair.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow got a very bad case of the chicken pox. Miss Naughty calls Mr. Fussy and she says that she was seeing that Miss Starlow woke up with spots everywhere on herself. Mr. Fussy listens to Miss Starlow's breathing and Miss Naughty didn't have a clue about her niece. and so Miss Naughty took her to the hospital to see if Miss Starlow have any. Mr. Happy came and he told Miss Naughty that Miss Starlow is itchy and she was itching and scratching her chicken pox for sometime. Miss Naughty went home while Miss Starlow stays at the hospital with the chicken pox. Mr. Bump and his sister came in and they looked closely at Miss Starlow's spots. Miss Whoops itched it with her finger and Mr. Happy called Miss Naughty that Miss Starlow won't be going home due to her itchy spots. Miss Helpful counted how many spots Miss Starlow has on her body. Miss Starlow goes back to itching but this time she is pretending to be a dog itching it's fleas. Mr. Grumpy came and he used the stethoscope and he listened to Miss Starlow's heartbeat. Mr. Happy used lotion and he gently to make Miss Starlow's spots go away. Miss Helpful got an idea, so she grabbed Miss Starlow's arms while Miss Whoops grabbed her legs. The two Little Misses threw Miss Starlow in the tub with soothing bubbles and relaxing warm water. Miss Naughty got a call from Miss Whoops saying that Miss Starlow has the case of the chicken pox. that night Miss Whoops tucks Miss Starlow and she kisses her and she closed the door. Mr. Stubborn came as the chicken pox fairy and he told her that the chicken pox is a virus. also he says that some Mr. Men and Little Misses get chicken pox every year. Miss Starlow got out of bed and she looks at the water. she tasted the water and her stars glow very brightly. the next morning Miss Starlow got her spots gone on time and she went home and she sees a rope under her feet. Miss Starlow pulls on it and the bucket of polka dots fell on Mr. Fussy and he ran to the hospital and she laughs that Mr. Fussy got the chicken pox.

Mr. Nervous' plot: Mr. Nervous goes to the hospital and went to a room that has an ultrasound machine. Mr. Nervous turns it on and puts it on his chest. he began to listen to his very fast heartbeat from the machine. Miss Scary was listening to the sounds of Mr. Nervous' heart beating very fast. Miss Scary pushes him away and she began to listen to her very own heartbeat.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Naughty visited the hospital to see Miss Starlow. Miss Starlow told Miss Naughty that she got a cast on leg because she fall down and got hurt. Miss Naughty sat the hospital bed and she told Miss Starlow a bedtime story on the day she was born. on the day Miss Starlow was born, Miss Wish went to the hospital in which she was pregnant with her first child and she is ready to be a mother. Miss Whoops, Mr. Bump and Miss Naughty went to the hospital and they were seeing Miss Clumsy's sister Miss Wish giving birth. Miss Naughty could hear the cries of a newborn Baby Starlow and she went over to the bed with the newborn crying. Miss Naughty thinks the baby was cute so she carries the newborn. Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops calls their mother Miss Clumsy to come to the hospital to see their new baby cousin. Miss Clumsy came in to see her daughter Miss Whoops and her son Mr. Bump. Miss Naughty told them that Baby Starlow has a bond with her because they have the same color. Miss Clumsy holds Baby Starlow in her arms and she rocks her. Miss Naughty, Miss Whoops, Mr. Bump, and Miss Clumsy stay at the hospital to take care of Baby Starlow. one night, Baby Starlow began to cry and Miss Naughty got of bed and she picked the baby and she told her "it's going to be okay Baby Starlow, you don't have to cry. Miss Naughty will take care of you.". Miss Naughty gently holds the baby's hand and she makes it nice and warm. so then, Miss Whoops got her glasses on and Mr. Bump got of bed to see if Miss Wish is okay. Miss Wish says "where is my baby Mr. Bump?." Mr. Bump gave up and went back to sleep. Miss Naughty began to rock Baby Starlow and began to sing a lullaby to help the baby sleep. Miss Whoops woke up and she said "Mr. Bump, what was that coming from the room?" Mr. Bump doesn't know. Miss Wish got of the hospital bed and she gently stroke Baby Starlow's head and she looked pretty cute. Miss Naughty comforts Baby Starlow while she went to Miss Helpful and she told her that she wanted to adopt Baby Starlow. Miss Helpful signed Miss Naughty's name and she goes home with her adopted niece and takes good care of her. When Miss Naughty got home, she tucks her baby in bed kissed her head. then Baby Starlow cries again, and Miss Naughty holds her baby niece again. but this time, she puts lotion on her hands and gently massaged Baby Starlow's body. Miss Naughty says "aren't you my little baby because you look like Baby Starlow to me". but Baby Starlow cries again. Miss Naughty sat on the rocking chair and began to sing a lullaby to Baby Starlow. she closed her eyes and fell fast asleep. Miss Starlow woke up and Miss Naughty was still there. Miss Starlow had woken up because Miss Naughty is taking her home. Miss Naughty slept in the middle of the street and Miss Starlow tucks her in.

Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops went to the hospital and replaced Mr. Happy as his replacement. She came into the hospital room and saw her brother Mr. Bump.

Power Out

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump went to Miss Whoops's house doing a snow storm and he was having a fun time with her. when Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump are enjoying the warm heat coming, the power went out on time. Miss Whoops, Miss Hurt, and Mr. Bump are shivering because the house is getting cold. Miss Whoops try to make herself warm but she was cold and she was about to sneeze. later Mr. Scatterbrain came in and he brought supplies for when the power ever goes out. Mr. Bump tells Mr. Scatterbrain if they can camp near a fireplace. meanwhile Mr. Scatterbrain and the gang cooked marshmallows on hot dogs with rainbow frosting for dinner. Miss Whoops wore her pajamas to make herself warm and she putted socks to make her feet warm. after cooking, Mr. Scatterbrain tells Mr. Bump, Miss Whoops and Miss Hurt a bedtime story before they go to sleep. when the power came back on, Mr. Bump tells Mr. Scatterbrain that was the heavy snow covering the electric lines.

Miss Starlow, Mr. Messy, Mr. Lazy, and Mr. Quiet's plot: Miss Starlow, Mr. Messy, Mr. Quiet are at Mr. Lazy's house doing a thunder storm. Mr. Lazy told them that there was no power at his house. so they did a broadcast news at Miss Starlow's house about the power out. Mr. Quiet puts all the flash lights and turned them on. Mr. Messy got a video camera and he recorded the news.


Miss Hurt's plot: Miss Hurt was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Miss Whoops carries her to her bed and she cuddles her in her arms. Mr. Tickle came and he was seeing Miss Whoops holding a baby and he tickles her and she drops the baby and Miss Hurt began to cry. Miss Whoops picks Miss Hurt up and she comforts her while she was sitting on the rocking chair. Mr. Tickle tickles Miss Whoops again but the rocking chair fell into pieces. Miss Whoops got another idea, and she carries Miss Hurt and puts in her cradle and she was safe and sound that Mr. Tickle wasn't there. Miss Whoops gently rocks the cradle back and forth and she sings Miss Hurt a lullaby that is very soothing and quiet. Mr. Tickle came in again and this time he used his long arms and he rocks the cradle back and forth like Miss Whoops is doing. Miss Hurt hears her mother's lullaby and she fell asleep. Miss Whoops sings her daughter's lullaby very quietly so Miss Hurt doesn't cry again. Mr. Tickle tickles Mr. Grumpy and he fell out of the tree and he starts crying. Mr. Tickle was shocked that Mr. Grumpy fell out by mistake and Miss Helpful came and she took him to Miss Whoops's house to have him get better.


Miss Whoops' plot: Miss Whoops goes to the clinic in which her doctor is Mr. Tickle and her nurse is Mr. Lazy.

Miss Giggles' plot: Miss Giggles goes to the doctor for a check up. when she got to the clinic, Miss Curious grabbed Miss Giggles by the arm and went to the doctors room. Miss Curious took Miss Giggles' pulse by holding her hand. later, Miss Giggles got on a table and she could listen to Mr. Nervous talking to Miss Whoops. Mr. Nervous came in and he tells Miss Curious about Miss Giggles getting a shot after the check up.

Miss Hurt's plot: Miss Whoops takes Miss Hurt to the doctor for a check up. they waited until Miss Daredevil calls Miss Hurt's name. Miss Whoops says good bye to Miss Hurt, and then Miss Daredevil carries her into the doctors room. Miss Starlow (Nurse Starlow) came in and she took Miss Hurt's temperature by placing the thermometer in her mouth. Miss Starlow took Miss Hurt's blood pressure by placing the strip on her arm. But, Miss Starlow got confused and ran out of the room like crazy. Miss Hurt looks around and she listens to somebody talking to Mr. Bounce. Miss Naughty (Dr. Naughty) came and she gave Miss Hurt a check up and see if shes okay. Miss Naughty got a stethoscope and she used it to listen to the sound of Miss Hurt's heartbeat. while she listens to the heartbeat, Miss Hurt began to cough. Miss Naughty picks her up and she gently pated Miss Hurt's back. Miss Hurt stopped coughing. Miss Naughty puts Miss Hurt down and continued listening to her heart. Miss Naughty picked up Miss Hurt and turned and layed on her belly. Miss Naughty gave Miss Hurt a back massage. Miss Naughty puts her hands on Miss Hurt's back and gently massaged her. "Does it feel good, Miss Hurt?" asked Miss Naughty. Miss Hurt saw Miss Naughty hurting her and she began to cry. Miss Naughty cheers Miss Hurt up by taking medicine and it will make anyone who wanted to stop crying. Miss Naughty gave Miss Hurt a shot and she called Mr. Nervous and he grabs her arm. Miss Hurt was struggling to get off but the shot was over. Miss Hurt fell asleep as Miss Naughty rocks her back and forth and she puts her on Miss Whoops's lap. she told her "aww, your finally fast asleep." Miss Whoops cuddled Miss Hurt to sleep.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Starlow went to the doctor for a regular check up. she went to the doctors room and her doctor was Mr. Grumpy. he weighs Miss Starlow with a scale and she thinks that never been to the clinic before. Miss Starlow got on a table and Mr. Grumpy came back with his doctors kit and he asks her that she's getting a shot because she was feeling nervous about getting a shot. Mr. Grumpy got a stethoscope and he listened to her breathing by placing it on her back. Miss Starlow took deep breaths while Mr. Grumpy puts the stethoscope in different places of her back. Mr. Grumpy puts the stethoscope on Miss Starlow's chest and he began to listen to her heartbeat. Suddenly the phone began to ring and Mr. Grumpy picked up the phone and it was Mr. Stubborn and he is saying that Miss Starlow is getting a shot but the two Mr. Men didn't know. Miss Starlow layed down on her back and Mr. Grumpy checked her tummy. the phone rings again but Mr. Metal picked the phone and it was Miss Whoops with a cold. Mr. Grumpy uses a flashlight to check Miss Starlow's nose, eyes, and ears. then he check Miss Starlow's throat by placing a ice pop stick on her tongue. Mr. Grumpy took Miss Starlow's temperature and it's normal. Mr. Grumpy gets everybody who are from the waiting room to show them how to get a shot. Miss Starlow doesn't say ouch, but she got herself a band-aid on her arm. Miss Starlow thanked Mr. Grumpy for the treat for being good and he sees her went the door and he saw Miss Whoops got herself a cold and he doesn't know what to do next.

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump went to the Dillydale heart sound clinic and he thinks he has a heart attack. so he ran to the doctors room as fast as he could but he crashed. when Miss Whoops his doctor came, she was shocked that Mr. Bump crashed into a heavy box of blankets. Miss Whoops grabs Mr. Bump by the arm and she placed him on the table. Miss Whoops used the stethoscope and she tried to listen to Mr. Bump's heart, but there was no heart beating. "Mr. Bump, Where is the thump-thump?" said Miss Whoops. she told him that he didn't know why he got a heart attack. Miss Whoops tried again with her stethoscope and she could listen to Mr. Bump's heart and it was beating very fast. "That was close, i fought i had a heart attack." said Mr. Bump. Miss Whoops lays Mr. Bump down on the hospital bed and she got another stethoscope and she listens to the same speed of Mr. Bump's heart but his heart attack came back. "Whoops! i didn't hurt you by mistake, Mr. Bump. i'm sorry." says Miss Whoops.

Mr. Small's plot: Mr. Nosy takes Mr. Small to the doctor for his check up. Mr. Nosy puts Mr. Small down on a table and he took his temperature. then, Mr. Nosy started to listen to Mr. Small's heart by using a stethoscope. Miss Sunshine came and she saw Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small at the clinic.

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump goes to the hospital and he has scrapes all over his body. Miss Whoops grabs him by the leg and the went to the room. Miss Whoops puts her brother on a stool and she took off Mr. Bump's bandages. Miss Whoops got ointment and she gently rub it onto Mr. Bump. Mr. Bump began to sneeze. Miss Whoops began to rub the ointment on the other side of Mr. Bump's body.

Chicken Pox

Miss Starlow and Mr. Bump's plot: Miss Whoops was at home and she was calling Miss Starlow and Mr. Bump about their sleepover. but as she opened the door, Mr. Bump and Miss Starlow got the chicken pox. Miss Starlow starts to itch a little bit, and Miss Whoops carries her. Miss Whoops listens to Miss Starlow's heart with a stethoscope. meanwhile Mr. Bump was trying to get the spots off himself but Miss Whoops came in and she took his temperature. Miss Starlow falls down and she doesn't why she had the chicken pox. Miss Whoops got herself an idea, so she went to the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of lotion in which it cures the chicken pox. Miss Whoops lays Miss Starlow down on a towel and she puts lotion on her hands and gently massages her. "That feels nice." says Miss Starlow. Miss Hurt woke up from her nap and she crawls into the bathroom with a red marker in her hand. She takes the cap off the marker and puts the spots on herself. Mr. Bump ran around the house saying that he doesn't want his spots gone. Miss Whoops caught her brother and carries him into her bathroom and placed him on the chair. Miss Hurt began to cry that she has the chicken pox. Miss Whoops puts her daughter in the sink while she was crying. Miss Whoops took off Mr. Bump bandages and he was naked. When Miss Starlow went in the bathroom, she began to faint that Mr. Bump was naked. Miss Whoops putted in too much lotion on her brother so she gently bathe him in the tub with warm water. the next morning Miss Whoops woke up and as she turned on light in her bathroom and she got herself the chicken pox. Mr. Bump, Miss Starlow and Miss Hurt came in Miss Whoops's room and they cheer her up that she may need a bath to get the spots off.


Miss Hurt's plot: Miss Whoops, Mr. Bump, and Miss Starlow were watching some movies but Miss Hurt came came in messy. the 3 were shocked that Miss Hurt needs to take a bath. Miss Whoops carries Miss Hurt while Miss Starlow and Mr. Bump follow her into the bathroom. Miss Whoops puts Miss Hurt down on a fluffy towel while Mr. Bump gets the water ready and Miss Starlow puts in bubbles. Miss Whoops puts her daughter in the tub and grabs a wet cloth and puts in soap and she washes Miss Hurt's tummy and under her arms. then Mr. Bump gave the shampoo to Miss Starlow but she couldn't get it open. she threw the shampoo bottle to Mr. Bump but he got hit in the face and the shampoo bottle was on the floor. Miss Whoops used her foot and she got it up. she puts it on her daughter's hair and washes it. Miss Hurt splashes water on Mr. Bump thinking she is a sea monster attacking dillydale. Miss Whoops used her finger to tickle Miss Hurt's head and she was giggling. Miss Whoops got Miss Hurt out of the tub and her daughter is shivering and she was cold. Miss Starlow gave Miss Whoops a towel to dry Miss Hurt but she was still shivering. Miss Whoops got a warm blanket and Mr. Bump turned the fireplace on and Miss Starlow, Miss Whoops, Mr. Bump, and Miss Hurt fell asleep. the next morning Mr. Bump got messy but this time Miss Hurt sneaked in the bathroom and fell in the tub and she swam in the water. Miss Whoops puts shampoo on her daughter and washed her hair. then, Miss Starlow washed Miss Hurt's face to get the dirt off. after that, Miss Whoops got Miss Hurt out of the tub and layed out a towel and puts her daughter. Miss Starlow gives the lotion bottle to Miss Whoops and she opened it. Miss Whoops puts lotion on her hands and rubs it and then she massaged Miss Hurt to give her more comfortable.


Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump is getting his heart checked by his sister Miss Whoops.

Miss Fashion's plot: Miss Fashion has an ad for her "Stethoscope-a-Vista" in which it is used for listening to your heart in different places on yourself.

Miss Starlow's plot: Miss Naughty got sick because she doesn't feel well this morning and Miss Starlow came as her doctor. She used her stethoscope and used it to listen to the sounds of Miss Naughty.

Mr. Scatterbrain's plot: Mr. Scatterbrain is opening his own Animal Hospital from his house. as he calls any Mr. Men and Little Misses to have their pets checked, Miss Whoops' ferret got very sick from eatting too much Halloween candy from last year. Mr. Scatterbrain used his stethoscope and listened to the ferret's heart. Mr. Scatterbrain had to get an ultrasound to hear what's inside of her ferret. He founded out that there wasn't any macaroni in there. instead, her ferret had too much Halloween Candy. a little while later, Miss Starlow's frog Chippy got very ill so that Mr. Scatterbrain had to use the stethoscope on Chippy and listened to her frog's heart. as he became an Animal Doctor, Mr. Scatterbrain went all over Dillydale and gave anyone a check up. in the middle of the night, Miss Starlow and Miss Naughty went to the store and grabs a couple animal poitons and fed the Mr. Men and Little Misses while their sleeping. The next day, everybody were all as animals and went to the Animal Hospital. Miss Whoops was a cat and was thinking that she is a cat. Mr. Scatterbrain was very suprised that Miss Whoops was an animal. He got his stethoscope and listened to Miss Whoops' heart.

Miss Curious' plot: Miss Curious and Miss Starlow were playing doctor doing a sleepover. Miss Starlow will be the paitent while Miss Curious is the doctor. Miss Curious used the stethoscope and she listened to Miss Starlow's heart beating coming from her chest.

Doctor Appointment

Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump had to get a doctors appointment with his doctor Miss Whoops.

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