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Welcome to my very own chipmunks/chipette caracthers that i made up myself!!!

Hope you enjoy.

Anthony and the chipmunks

  • Anthony-Anthony is somewhat like alvin.He is enthusiastic,charming,bossy,and impulsive.He is always building schemeful plans,like alvin and is willing to go on a date with julia,like alvin to brittany.He is the leader of his own band of brothers called:anthony and the chipmunks.He also loves to get into sticky situations to go on adventures,to see action,or to just be full of himself.(wich he is already!)His signature color is orange and he has purple eyes.He has a crush on Julia the chipette.he is also half suger glider(beacuse of father).If he was in any alvin and the chipmnuk movie,his vocie would be Taylor Lautner.
  • Mandy-Mandy is the smart one of the group.Sometimes anthony forces mandy to do his dirty work or sometimes just makes him do his homework!he is also quirky and ready or an adventure like alvin and anthony.simon always tells him to stay out of it and mandy does,but in the end,it does not work out to well.mandy has half the IQ that simon does.His signature color is purple and his eyes are also purple,like anthonys,that they have the same gene pool.He also wears green glasses and has a crush on jeniece the chipette.If he was in any alvin and the chipmunks movie,his voice would be Ludacris.
  • Billy-BIlly is the shy/innocent one.he is very shy around new people and usually stutters while talking.He acts like theodore but is in love with eleanor also theodore gets left out about it.He loves to eat like theodore,they can talk for hours,starting by eating.When he eats,he gobles down everything on the plate and is sprakily-licked clean.Dave always says that billy is there new dishwasher jokingly.His signature color is blue and his eye color is also blue.He has a small crush on jenny the chipette but has a huge crush on eleanor.If he would be in any alvin and the chipmunks movie,his voice would be Justin Bieber.

Julia and the chipettes

  • Julia-Julia is the leader of her group and the counter-part of anthony.She is a little full of herself and is a diva a bit.She always argues with anthony about bets and contests,and sometimes,about dumd things.She has brown hair tied to a long ponytail,like brittany,she has purple eyes and signature color is brown and loves dresses.If she would be in any alvin and the chipmunks movie,her voice would be Ke$ha.
  • Jineice-Jineice is the smart one of the group.She is not that clumsy as jeanette,but is very enthusiastic.She wears pink glasses beacuse of her very poor eyesight,just like jeanette.She has black hair wich is in a neat bun,blue eyes,and her signature color is hot pink.If she was in any alvin and the chipmunks movie,her voice would be Taylor Swift.
  • Jenny-Jenny is the shy,but energetic chipette.she is sweet and content,a hates when people argue,escpecally anthony and julia!She will stand up to JUlia when something is wrong and needs to be fixed.Her hair is dirty blonde with short wavy hair,also blue icy eyes,and signature color is baby blue.If she would be in any alvin and the chipmunk movie,her voice would be Miranda Cosgrove

More wil come soon......

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