from the favorite movies to the Cartoon series comes the Never Ending Story, only more into the world no one ever knew!


Bastian passed away at 79, and leaves a book for his grandchild Lionel, who must use the book to help Fantasia from falling into the Lie! with the help from some old friends and new ones they make some miraculus adventures!


Samuel L. Jackson - head Adviser

Taylor Laughtner - Atreyu

Michael Leon Wooley - Rock Bitter

Andy Serkis - Night-Hob

Johnny Depp - The Little Snail Racer

Dwight Schultz - Engiwook

Tim Curry - Falcor

Andrea Martin - Ergal

Jim Broadbent - Morla the Ancient One

Alexander Polinsky - Bark Troll

Rene Auberjoinis - Librarian

Logan Grove - Lionel

Tom Hiddleston - Lord Decivous

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