Splitting apart an atom will yield you protons, neutrons, and electrons. Splitting apart those will get you quarks of different flavors. Are quarks made of neutrinos? And what happens when a neutrino is split?

What is a neutrino?

"Neutrino" is Italian for "little neutral one". These particles are incredibly small; at least a million times smaller than an atom. They pass through us at rates of trillions of them a second, and can pass through a light-year thickness lead. These particles weigh close to zero, and are produced by the sun and other stars.

What happens if a neutrino splits?

This was just some crazy thing I said, but they would give out a burst of pure energy if they could ever be split. My belief is that neutrinos are virtually indivisible because of the enormous energy contained iniside. This may be some kind of gravity that keeps the neutrino together. Besides, if a neutrino could penetrate through a light-year worth of led, it probably would need some kind of energy.

So if splitting a neutrino would yield you pure energy, how much energy would it be? I think that it could possibly be enough to equal a bullet hitting a person, but of course, I'm not a nerd and don't know exactly how much.

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