Ben Gates and Riley Poole know about the secrets of the diamonds of South America, which Ben's long-time german rival, ??? is setting afoot on to make more money.




  • Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage)
  • Riley Poole (Justin Bartha)
  • Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) - Ben's girlfriend and fiance
  • Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) - Ben's father
  • Emily Appleton (Helen Mirren) - Ben's mother and Patrick's wife again
  • Agent Peter Sandusky (Harvey Keitel)
  • John Adams Gates (Christopher Plumber) - was seen in a flashback in a hospital bed dying of a heart attack
  • Brian Proctor (Dougray Scott) - the main antagonist and Ben's rival, whom he refers Ben as "Herr Gates", he is the CEO of Proctor Industries, in 1974, he believes John Adams Gates was the cause of him not accepting his father's idea of helping him find the secrets of the diamonds, thus leading him to drink to death and knows that the diamonds are hidden, the Copper in Mexico, Brazil and Paris, the Molybdenum in Greece, the Gold in Texas and the Silver in Russia
  • Curtis Proctor (Ned Beaty) - Brian's father, was seen in a flashback dying at his desk convincing ?Brian to hate the Gates family forever
  • Briana Beckett/Sabrina Watch (Angelina Jolie) - the secondary antagonist and Proctor's fiance



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