From the screenwriters of Horrible Bosses, and the producer of Wedding Crashers, comes a now-grown Rusty Griswald deciding to take his wife and kids to Walley World before it closes. 6,088 miles from Brazil to California.


July 19, 2013


  • Russel Griswald (Ed Helms)
  • ??? (Sandra Bullock) - Rusty's wife
  • ??? (Ciara Bravo) - Rusty's daughter
  • ??? (Connor Gibbs) - Rusty's son
  • Tyson Rounter (Jeff Bridges) - Rusty's greedy boss who wants the business trip for money
  • Abby (Sofia Vergara) - Rusty's maid
  • Jeorge Holmes (Cirian Hinds)
  • Tiana (Queen Latefah)
  • Proctor (James Woods)
  • Gina (Amy Adams)
  • Hosea (Drake Bell)



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