Naruto: Evolution is a live-action adventure-fantasy modern-day novel basic off the animation of the Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series. It follows a young eighteen-year-old teenager name Naruto Uzumaki, (Ross Lynch), who has a powerful fox demon beast known as the "Nine Tailed Fox" sealed inside him, following the path to become the strongest ninja in his home civilized village for his goal is to become the next Hokage.


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi and Thriller

Music by

James Newton Howard and Trevor Rabin


Music soundtrack score by:

Sparks the Rescue, Anberlin, Papa Roach and Taking Back Sunday

Cast and characters

  • Ross Lynch as Naruto Uzumaki
  • David Henrie as Sasuke Uchiha
  • Emma Roberts as Sakura Haruno
  • Chris Evans as Kakashi Hatake
  • Yoo Seung-Ho as Sai
  • James Franco as Yamato
  • Milo Ventimiglia as Might Guy
  • Wenjie Wang as Rock Lee
  • Nat Wolff as Neji Hyuga
  • Liu Yefei as Tenten
  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Asuma Sarutobi
  • Nick Jonas as Shikamaru Nara
  • Meaghan Martin as Ino Yamanaka
  • Spencer Breslin as Choji Akimichi
  • Kelly Hu as Kurenai Yuhi
  • Taylor Lautner as Kiba Inuzuka
  • Go Ara as Hinata Hyuga
  • Kim Hye-Seong as SHino Aburame
  • Baron Chen as Iruka Sensei
  • Callan McAuliffe as Gaara of the Sand (The Kazekage)
  • Jeffrey Parazzo as Kankuro
  • Taylor Swift as Temari
  • Mitsuki Koga as Baki
  • Malcolm McDowell as Hiruzen Sarutobi (The Third Hokage)
  • Harrison Ford as Jiraiya
  • Camerion Diaz as Lady Tsunade (The Fifth Hokage)
  • Marilyn Manson as Orochimaru
  • Topher Grace as Kabuto Yakushi
  • Natalie Portman as Shizune
  • Aramis Knight as Konohamaru
  • Zahang Yihi as Anko
  • Debby Ryan as Karin
  • Kevin G. Schmidt as Suigetzu Hozuki
  • Avan Jogia as Jugo
  • Joe Jonas as Kotetsu
  • Drake Bell as Izumo
  • Tom Hardy as Killer B
  • Tristan Wilds as Omoi
  • Keke Palmer as Karui
  • Katherine Heigl as Samui
  • Bill Goldberg as A (The Fourth Raikage)
  • Michael Ealy as Darui
  • Owen Wilson as C
  • Ziyi Zhang as Mei Terumi (The Fifth Mizukage)
  • Matthew Fox as Ao
  • Matt Bennett as Chojuro
  • Danny Trejo as Onoki (The Third Tsuchikage)
  • Zendaya as Kurotsuchi
  • Roshon Fegan as Akatsuchi
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Danzo
  • Ian Mckellen as Homura Mitokado
  • Judi Dench as Koharu Utatane
  • Liam Neeson as Hashirama Senju (The First Hokage)
  • Daniel Craig as Tobirama (The Second Hokage)
  • Adam Brody as Minato Namikaze (The Fourth Hokage)
  • Rachel Bilson as Kushina Uzumaki
  • Hero Jaejoong as Haku
  • Ian Anthony Dale as Zabuza Momochi
  • Rain as Kimimaro Kaguya
  • Tristan Wilds as Kidamaru
  • Calum Worthy as Sakon / Ukon
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Tayuya
  • Jareb Dauplaise as Jirobo
  • John Nobel as Nine Tailed Fox (voice)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as The Eight-Tails (voice)


Chris Pine as Pain / Deva Path / Yahiko

Alexander Skarsgard as Nagato

Gemma Arterton as Konan

Sonu Sood as Tobi / Madara Uchiha

Jeffrey Donovan as Zetsu

Steven Strait as Itachi Uchiha

Chris Jericho as Kisame Hoshigaki

Ben Kingsley as Kakuzu

Scott Caan as Hidan

Alexnader Ludwig as Deidara

Thomas Dekker as Sasari

Dev Patel as Tobi


Naruto 2: Uprising

Naruto 3: Aftermath

Chapter 1: Evolution

Fifteen years ago, a demon fox known as the “Nine Tailed Fox” attacks a city-like village called the Hidden Leaf, causing havoc and murdering citizens and leaf shinobi in the process. A shinobi, The Fourth Hokage, face against the Nine Tailed Fox. He sacrificed his life to seal the demon inside a newborn infant. In the present day, fifteen years later, Naruto Uzumaki (Ross Lynch) is a fifteen-year-old boy who is an outcast in his village having no friends and everyone in the entire village hates him. He is befriended by his teacher, Iruka (Baron Chen), but still gets into trouble. One day, Naruto fails to pass the clone-jutsu test and doesn’t graduate with his classmates. After learning the “Shadow Clone Jutsu”, Naruto finally passes from the Ninja Academy. The following day, Iruka puts his classmates into a three-man-squad. Naruto is put with his rival Sasuke Uchiha (David Henrie), who is the soul survivor of the Uchiha clan, and Sakura Haruno (Emma Roberts), who Naruto has a crush on despite her having a crush on Sasuke and never acknowledging Naruto, on Squad 7 led by Kakashi Hatake (Chris Evans), who is a famous worldwide known skilled talented shinobi and wears sunglasses. Kakashi puts the teens on a training task to take two bells from him, explaining if they can they will pass but if they can’t they will be sent back to the academy. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are unable to take the bells from him, until Kakashi informs them to use “teamwork” which they should’ve used in the first place. After the training, the teens are still unable to take the bells, despite using teamwork, but Kakashi passes them for using teamwork and for not abandoning each other. Squad 7 is assign to missions that involve taking care of babies, cleaning houses and walking pets. They are assigned by Hiruzen Sarutobi (The Third Hokage) (Malcolm McDowell) to escort Tazuna (Ian Anthony Dale) back to the Land of the Waves, a small nation with little money. They learn Tazuna is the land of the waves’s bridge builder trying to build the bridge to land in order to break the control of the ruthless mob-leader Gato (James Gandolfini) who has taken control of the land of the waves’s shipping and transportation. Upon arriving in the Land of the Waves, the team takes Tazuna back to his wife and son, before they are confronted by Zabuza Momochi (Johnny Messner), the ruthless demon ninja of the mist. Kakashi battles Zabuza and reveals his Sharingan, a powerful rare dojutsu used only by the Uchiha clan and allows the user to copy an opponent’s techniques and abilities, in his left eye. Kakashi, helped by Naruto and Sasuke, are able to defeat Zabuza, who is helped by a mysterious mask-wearing shinobi and flees. Kakashi trains the teens to master “Chakra” control in order to defeat Zabuza when he returns. After two days of training, the teens manage to complete their training to harness their chakra control. Naruto is helped by Haku (Douglas Smith), and the two became friends. Zabuza is approached by Gato, who demands Zabuza to kill the leaf ninja and Tazuna. The next day, Zabuza and the mysterious mask wearing figure attacks the bridge. They are about to kill Tazuna and his family when Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura appears. Kakashi fights Zabuza, while Sasuke fights and overpowers the mysterious ninja, who is able to gain the upper hand on Sasuke. Naruto appears and helps Sasuke, but they are still outmatched by the ninja. Sasuke sacrifices himself to save Naruto, who taps into the power of the Nine Tails and engages the ninja. The ninja is defeated, and it is revealed that Haku was the mysterious ninja. Kakashi gains the upper hand on Zabuza and prepares to kill him with his Lighting Blade. Haku, who was trying to ask Naruto to kill him, blocks the attack, taking the blow through the chest to save Zabuza. Haku dies and Kakashi defeats Zabuza. Gato and all his gangs arrive, and Naruto comforts Zabuza, who then regrets of using Haku as a tool. Zabuza kills Gato and several of his gang, before dying next to Haku’s lifeless body. Sasuke is still alive, revealed to have only been in a near-death limbo state and tells Haku never meant to kill him from the beginning. Gato’s gangs charge towards the village, but they are forced by all the villagers to flee with all of them armed with weapons. With the bridge finally completed, Squad 7 returns back to the leaf village while Tazuna and his family and the villagers celebrate their victory along with calling their bridge in honor of their help “The Great Naruto Bridge”. Two weeks later, Kakashi is called to the Hokage Mansion where he and all squad leaders are told by the Hiruzen of the upcoming “Chunin Exams”.

Two weeks after the events from the Lands of the Waves. Kakashi is called to the Hokage Mansion where he and squad leaders including Asuma Sarutobi (Jake Gyllenhaal), Squad leader of team 10, Kurenai Yuhi (Ziyi Zhang), squad leader of team 8, are told by the Hiruzen of the upcoming “Chunin Exams”, a dangerous tournament where shinobi from their cities and villages participate in order to come either Chunin or Jonin. when Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai recommends their students, an argument emerges between Iruka, who is not happy to his previous students participating in the chunin exams, which leads for Hiruzen to hold up an preliminary test. Kakashi informs this to the teens, and they decide to participate in the chunin exams. Wanting to test if they are truly ready, Kakashi challenges them, and decides to let them participate in the exams after witnessing them using teamwork together. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are on their way to the Forest of Death, when they are approached by Rock Lee (Wenjie Wang) who has come to fight Sasuke wanting to see if the stories of the Uchiha clan are true of them being the most skilled and powerful clan in the world. Before Sasuke and Lee commence their fight, Sasuke reveals his Sharingan. After an ensues battle, Sasuke is overpowered by Lee, but his teammates Tenten (Liu Yefei) and Neji Hyuga (Jang Geun-Suk) arrives forcing him to stop. Upon arriving the gate of the forest of death, the teens reunite with their fellow former classmates Shikamaru Nara (Nick Jonas), Ino Yamanaka (Meaghan Martin), Choji Akimichi (Spencer Breslin), whom are team 10, and Kiba Inuzuka (Taylor Lautner), Shino Aburame (Kim Hye-Seong), and Hinata Hyuga (Go Ara), whom are team 8, along with other candidates including Rock Lee and his team, and sand ninja Gaara (Callan McAuliffe) and his sibling teammates Kankuro (Jeffrey Parazzo) and Temari (Meaghan Martin). Anko (Zahang Yihi), the exam proctor, appears and reveals the candidates of their mission in their task; they must spend five days in the forest of death and battle each other in order to obtain both a Heaven and Earth scroll and make their way to a tower which is a hundred kilometers away from the gates. When the test begins every candidate dashes through the forest of death; some candidates are killed by hidden booby-traps and devoured by man-eating beasts. Anko finds a body without a face, and learns that the one who did it has returned to the leaf village. She orders several proctors to go inform Hiruzen before going after this mysterious ninja in the forest of death. The next day, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura have obtained an earth scroll before encountering Orochimaru (Johnny Depp). In an ensuing battle, Sasuke hesitates to fight, claiming Orochimaru to be powerful for them to beat, while Naruto continues to fight Orochimaru and merges into the Nine Tails power. Orochimaru overpowers and defeats Naruto, before Sasuke engages him an ensuing battle. Sasuke defeats Orochimaru, who paralyzes and bites Sasuke putting a Curse Mark on his right arm before fleeing. Orochimaru is confronted by Anko and the two commence their fight, during which it is revealed that Orochimaru is Anko’s sensei. Anko prepares to sacrifice herself to kill Orochimaru, who appears to be only a Substitution and the real Orochimaru emerges leaving. Before he leaves, Orochimaru tells Anko of his plan to destroy the leaf village. Three days later, Naruto and Sasuke are fully recovered and the trio dash through the forest barely making their way to the tower with both heaven and earth scroll. Upon entering the tower, the trio reunites with team 8, 10, Rock Lee’s team, the sand ninja and several other three candidates along with their leaders Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Might Guy (Milo Ventimiglia), Iruka, and Baki (Mitsuki Koga), squad leader of the sand ninja. Hiruzen congratulates the remaining candidates before revealing the preliminary rounds before the last task of the exams. When the preliminary rounds begin, Sasuke is the first to fight and wins the match. Afterward, Shino won his match; Sakura and Ino failed to win when the two battle and knocked each other out leaving the match a draw; Tenten lost her match against Temari; Shikamaru won his match; Naruto has won his match against Kiba and his dog Akamaru, a golden retriever puppy; Hinata lost her match against Neji, who is revealed to be Hinata’s cousin; Lee lost the match against Gaara and is left fatally wounded before being treated back to health in the emergency room; and Choji lost his match against the sound ninja Kabuto Yakushi (Topher Grace). After Hiruzen tells the nine remaining candidates (Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Shino, Shikamaru, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro and Kabuto) that the final rounds will be held at the Chun Exam Stadium in one month, along with telling them to prepare themselves, Kakashi takes Sasuke away to seal the Curse Mark after witnessing it nearly taking over him during his battle. After sealing the curse mark, Kakashi is about to take Sasuke to rest in the infirmary when he is approached by Kabuto, who reveals to be working with Orochimaru and has come to kill Sasuke. Kakashi overpowers Kabuto in a brief fight, and Orochimaru appears. Kakashi confronts Orochimaru, preparing to kill him with his Lighting Blade, but Orochimaru calls his bluff before leaving with Kabuto.

Naruto meets with Kakashi at the hospital and asks if he can train him, but when Kakashi denies this Naruto claims that he is going to train Sasuke. Kakashi tells Naruto to go find a skilled Jonin as him to teach him new techniques before the final rounds. Naruto goes off in search of another Jonin, before running into the one and only Jirayia (Chow Yun Fat), who claims himself as the “Toad Mountain Sage” and revealed to be one of the legendary Sannin, three skilled masterd ninja trained by the great Third Hokage. Naruto asks Jiraiya to become his new teacher, but Jiraiya refuses and tries to flee from Naruto, who keeps following him until he decides to train him. Frustrated and unable to get rid of Naruto, Jirayia finally decides to train him. At the beach, he tries to teach Naruto how to walk on water, but fails and learns that Naruto is unable to build up his Chakra. After learning Orochimaru placed a five-prim-seal on him, Jiraiya reseals the seal on Naruto, allowing Naruto to build his Chakra up again and successfully walk on water. Kabuto is seen with Baki discussing of their plan to destroy the Leaf Village. After two weeks, Naruto has also learned how to summon frogs using “Summoning Jutsu”. But, he fails to summon a giant frog and Jiraiya learns that Naruto must tap into the power of the Nine Tailed Fox in order to do so. In order for this to happen, Jiraiya takes and pushes Naruto off a giant cliff after telling Naruto must tap into the power of the Nine Tails on his own if he wants to live. As Naruto falls from the five thousand feet cliff, he falls into a subconscious and encounters the Nine Tailed Fox. Naruto demands the fox to hand over some of his powers, which the demon fox does so stating he will die if Naruto dies. Naruto awakens and is able to summon the giant chief toad Gamabunta. The angered Gamabunta refuses to accept Naruto as his henchmen, leaving Naruto to challenge the giant frog to a duel of which Gamabunta will let Naruto be his henchmen if he can land on hit on his head. After an ensuing battle, Naruto is able to land a hit on Gamabunta’s head winning the challenge. Naruto wakes up and learns from Konohamaru (Aramis Knight), the grandson of Hiruzen and Asuma’s nephew, that he has been knockout out for weeks and the final rounds start in 30 minutes. Thanks to Konohamaru, Naruto makes his way to the Chunin Exam Stadium, where thousands of people including Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Sakura, Ino, Choji, Kiba and Akamaru, Hinata and her father, are seen sitting in the stands. When the final rounds start, Naruto prepares his fight with Neji, who states Naruto that fate will lead to his failure as well of him attempting his dream to become hokage. When the two commence their battle in an ensuing fight, Naruto appears to be no match for Neji, who is suing his Byakugon. With this, Neji easily overpowers Naruto; however, Naruto taps into the power of the Nine Tails and begins engaging Neji. Naruto defeats Neji and wins the first match. Naruto states to Neji that people can change, for to him Neji is a genius instead of a failure. The second match between Shikamaru and Temari begins; Temari appears to have Shikamaru on the run as he fails trying to capture her in his Shadow Possession Jutsu until he is able to get her in his trap; though as a shock to everyone he quits stating he hasen’t enough charka for another match. With Temari the winner of the second match, the third match between Sasuke and Gaara, who is very determined to kill Sasuke, begins. Sasuke surprises every one of his new abilities while overpowering Gaara, who then conceals himself into a sand shield defense attempting to transform into his unknown monstrous form. Sasuke, using Chidori, is able to penetrate through Gaara’s sand shield and strike a fatal blow in Gaara’ chest severely injuring him; Gaara passes out, and Sasuke is winner of the third match. Kabuto then secretly uses a Genjutsu to put everyone in the stadium, except Kakashi, Guy, Asuma, Kurenai and Sakura whom were able to release the Genjutsu in time, to sleep while a legion forces of Sound and Sand shinobi invades the leaf village causing havoc and battling leaf shinobi in the process. Hiruzen is confronted by Orochimaru, and it is revealed that Orochimaru is Hiruzen’s traitorous student. As Hiruzen and Orochimaru commence their battle, Gaara is resorted and transforms into his monstrous Shukaku form and attacks Sasuke, who is helped by Naruto and Sakura. The transformed Gaara overpowers Sakura and Sasuke before engaging and overpowering Naruto, who refuses to give up. In the ensuing battle, which takes place in the woods away from the leaf village, Naruto summons Gamabunta to aid him in battle. After an ensuing battle, Naruto defeats Gaara, who asks how Naruto can think of any other person but himself; Naruto states that friends are what make a shinobi strong. Kankuro and Temari appear by Gaara’s side, and the three flee back to the sand village along with all the defeated sand shinobi while sound shinobi are killed by the leaf shinobi. Orochimaru uses Forbidden Jutsu: Reanimation to bring the First Hokage (Liam Neeson) and the Second Hokage (Daniel Crag) back to life in his control and they gang up on Hiruzen, who defeats and seals the First and Second Hokage into the bodies of his clones using the Reaper Death Seal; Hiruzen states if any shinobi uses this jutsu they will die after taking their enemy with them. Hiruzen captures and prepares to remove Orochimaru’s soul but is unable to due to his fatally injures. So instead, Hiruzen seals Orochimaru’s arms forever bidding him to use any jutsu. Hiruzen bids farewell to his fellow former student before dying, while Orochimaru retreats with all his several surviving shinobi. Before he retreats, Kabuto, cornered by Kakashi, Guy and Asuma, states to Kakashi that he shall fight him when ever he unlocks the true power of his Sharingan, although Kakashi is no a member of the Uchiha. With the battle won, a memorial funeral is soon held for Hiruzen and all dead leaf shinobi with every shinobi in the leaf village including its citizens paying their final respects to the great wise Third Hokage. Meanwhile, two unknown figures with red cloud-like symbols are seen watching over the leaf village.

The two figures make their way into the leaf village without being detected, until they are confronted by Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai. The figures are revealed to be wanted S-Ranked murderous criminals Itachi Uchiha (Steven Strait) and Kisame Hoshigaki (Chris Jericho). A ensues fight emerges between the three leaf shinobi against Itachi and Kisame. Itachi and Kakashi seem to be equality matched until Itachi defeats Kakashi, using his Tsukuyomi of his Mangekyo Sharingan. After learning they are after Naruto, Kakashi reveals Itachi of their organization known as the “Akatsuki”. Kisame is about to kill Asuma and Kurenai when Might Guy appears and battles Kisame in a brief battle, in which Guy overwhelms Kisame. Itachi and Kisame escape, while the others take Kakashi to the hospital where he falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Jiraiya is informed by the leaf village elders to find and bring Tsunade back to the village for her role of taking the sit as the “fifth hokage”. He agrees to this, and decides to take along Naruto, who is complaining over Kakashi teaching Sasuke new techniques. Jiraiya offers to teach Naruto a new technique of his own if only he agrees to come with him, which he does. They sit out for a city called Tanzaku Town, where Tsunade was rumored to be. Sasuke goes to see Kakashi at the hospital where he learns that Itachi has returned and is after Naruto. Determined to kill Itachi for murdering the Uchiha clan, Sasuke rushes out to find Naruto, though discovers that Naruto has already left the village with Jiraiya. In Tanzaku Town, Jiraiya leaves to gain information of Tsunade, while Naruto is confronted by Itachi and Kisame. Sasuke appears, and attacks Itachi, who overpowers Sasuke in a brief commence fight. Sasuke charged at Itachi with his Chidori; uninterested in their quarrel, Itachi effortlessly stops the attack. Naruto attempts to help, but Kisame then prepares to cut off Naruto’s arms and legs. Jiraiya arrives to block the attack. Jiraiya prepares to fight Jiraiya and Kisame, but Sasuke stops him wanting to kill Itachi. After another struggling fight, Sasuke is defeated by Itachi, who uses Tsukuyomi to put Sasuke in a coma. Itachi and Kisame are able to flee from the town, and Might Guy, who followed them, appears and takes Sasuke back to the village. Elsewhere, Tsunade (Camerion Diaz) and her assistant Shizune (Natalie Portman) are approached by Orochimaru and Kabuto, whom have come to ask her to heal Orochimaru’s arms in exchange of him brining her deceased little brother and lover back to life. He decides to give Tsunade a week to think about it, and he leaves. While Tsunade has dinner that night, Jiraiya and Naruto arrive at the same bar. When Jiraiya reveals to her why they are here and tells her the situation and the need of a new hokage, Tsunade rejects the offer, saying anyone who would willingly take the title is a fool. Naruto, enraged that she would disrespect the title of Hokage and those who have held its position, challenges Tsunade to a battle. The two step outside, but Tsunade quickly proves to be far out of Naruto's league; Naruto tries to attack Tsunade with his imperfect Rasengan, but fails and is subdued. Despite this, Tsunade offers Naruto a proposition: if he can master the technique in one week, she'll give him her necklace, something worth an immense amount of money. If he cannot, she gets all the money in his wallet. Naruto agrees to the bet, and leaves to start training. Tsunade meets Jiraiya, where he tells her that he is aware Orochimaru has offered her something. Jiraiya makes it clear that he will kill her if she helps Orochimaru. Meanwhile, Naruto continues to train, intent on winning the bet with Tsunade. The week has gone by, Tsunade secretly meets with Orochimaru but when she prepares to heal his arms, Kabuto intervenes and stops this, revealing Tsunade’s plan to kill Orochimaru. Kabuto and Tsunade begin to fight. Although Tsunade has far more battle experience than Kabuto, he is able to hold his own against her, even managing to land a few debilitating attacks. As Kabuto prepares to put Tsunade out of commission, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Shizune arrive to help. Uninterested in their assistance, Tsunade tries to resume her battle with Kabuto, though he manages to subdue her. Naruto and Shizune both launch attacks at Kabuto, which he defeats, and Jirayia and Orochimaru commence their battle. Naruto proves to be no match for Kabuto, until he is finally able to defeat him using the now completed Rasengan. Having to defeat Kabuto and mastering the Rasengan, Tsunade gives Naruto her necklace; Orochimaru moves in to kill Naruto, but was stopped by Jirayia and Tsunade. After an epic ensuing battle, during which Naruto joins in, Orochimaru is defeated and he and Kabuto retreats vowing to meet again and destroy the leaf village. Tsunade, Jirayia, Naruto and Shizune return back to leaf village. At the hospital, Tsunade heals Kakashi, Sasuke and even Rock Lee, and is now presented as the Fifth Hokage of the hidden leaf village.

Shikamaru is promoted to chunin. Meanwhile, Due to the injures he received from Itachi and not being able to defeat him, Sasuke, also angered and jealous of Naruto getting stronger, challenges Naruto to a fight when he and Sakura come to visit. Naruto accepts, and the two head to a dense forest. After exchanging several attacks, Naruto creates a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares his Chidori. The two rush towards each other, with Sakura screaming for them to stop. The two are about to clash when Kakashi appears and deflects them away to different directions. An angered Sasuke storms off in anger, and is later taken aside and lectured by Kakashi of not attacking allies and friends from his village. When Sasuke said if anyone get killed who means something to him maybe he listen, Kakashi then tells him that he is too late to test it out, because they are all already dead. Kakashi tells Sasuke that Revenge will not truly bring happiness to him and is the wrong answer and leaves him, trusting he will not choose vengeance. While he debates on whether to stay with the village or take revenge on Itachi, Sasuke is confronted and subdued by the Sound Ninja Four Kidamaru (Jessie T. Usher), Sakon (Calum Worthy), Jirobo (Jareb Dauplaise) and Tayuya (Vanessa Hudgens), who tell stories of how Sasuke can become stronger if he lends himself to Orochimaru. Sasuke, tired of playing ninja games, finally gives in, and goes to them. Sakura tries to stop him, but fails as Sasuke vanishes before she can persuade him more and he knocks Sakura unconscious after thanking her. When Sakura awakens, she informs Tsunade of Sasuke's defection. Unable to send higher ranking ninja after Sasuke, Tsunade orders Shikamaru to assemble a team of genin under his lead to go after Sasuke. He selects Naruto, Neji Hyuga, Choji Akimichi, and Kiba Inuzuka, and quickly devises the optimal formation for the group. Before they leave, Sakura pleads to Naruto to make sure to bring Sasuke back. Naruto promises to do so, and the group sets out. As the first step in gaining power, Sasuke's cursed seal must be advanced to its second state. For this to happen, the Sound Four seals Sasuke into a barrel and carry him from the leaf village as his seal advances. When the trio makes their way, they are attacked by Jirobo, who stayed behind to stop them from following them. They prove to be no match against Jirobo, but Choji tells the others to go after Sasuke while he stays behind to fight Jirobo. As the others go on ahead, Choji commences his fight with Jirobo. After an ensuing battle, Choji defeats and kills Jirobo, but he is unable to catch up with the others and falls unconscious. The others match catch up to the Sound ninja, but are intercepted by Kidamaru, who stalls and overpowers them while the others escape. Neji stays behind to battle Kidamaru, while Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru continues persuading Sasuke. After an ensuing battle, Neji defeats and kills Kidamaru, but due to his fatal injures as well, Neji falls unconscious, being unable to catch up with the others as well. The others catch up and ambushes the Sound ninja, but Kiba and Akamaru stay to battle Sakon and his brother Ukon, while Naruto and Shikamaru goes after Tayuya and this new unknown sound ninja revealed to be Kimimaro (Rain). Shikamaru battles Tayuya, allowing Naruto to chase after Kimimaro. Shikamaru is nearly killed in battle against Tayuya, but Temari appears and kills Tayuya. Kiba and Akamaru are helped by Kankuro, who kills Sakon and Ukon. Naruto confronts Kimimaro, just in time as Sasuke awakens and leaves despite hearing Naruto call for him to come back. Rock Lee appears, saving Naruto from being killed by Kimimaro, and fights him giving Naruto the chance to go after Sasuke. During the fight, Lee overpowers Kimimaro after drinking some sake he had mistaken for medicine. Kimimaro easily takes over the battle, but Gaara shows up, saving Lee, and battles Kimimaro. Kimimaro is defeated, but before Gaara and Lee could rest, Kimimaro regains consciousness and strikes at Gaara, in anger of him insulting his loyalty to Orochimaru. Kimimaro, however, subsumes to his disease and dies before he could kill Gaara. Meanwhile, Naruto confronts Sasuke at the Final Valley. Determined to bring him back to the village, Naruto battles Sasuke. During the ensuing fight, When Naruto, even with the Nine-Tails' chakra, was defeated, he tapped into the chakra even more, and a red aura of the Nine-Tails' chakra, in the shape of a fox, surrounded him. Sasuke then drew on the power of the second stage of his cursed seal to properly compete with Naruto. The two had one final clash, Naruto with his Rasengan (enhanced by the Nine-Tails' chakra) and Sasuke with his Chidori (empowered by the cursed seal). Upon contact, a giant, black energy dome formed and surrounded them. In the dome, Sasuke struck Naruto in the stomach, while Naruto scratched Sasuke's headband, proving the latter's earlier taunt of the subject wrong. Sasuke won the fight, but after staring at the unconscious Naruto, he couldn't bring himself to kill his best friend, so he simply continued on his way to Orochimaru, while Naruto is taken back to the village by Kakashi, who went after them. In the hospital, Choji, Neji, Kiba and Shikamaru are all alive and well, and Naruto vows again to a devastated Sakura to bring back Sasuke. Jiraiya visits Naruto, informing him of the Akatsuki making their move within two years, as it will be enough time for him to make Naruto stronger. Naruto, determined to get strong to bring back Sasuke, accepts Jiraiya’s training. After recovering from the hospital, Naruto and Jiraiya set out for their two-year training, bidding farewell to their fellow comrades until they return.

Chapter 2: Uprising

Naruto Uzumaki (Ross Lynch) and Jiraiya (Chow Yun Fat) returns to the Hidden Leaf Village, after their two years of training. They reunite with Sakura Haruno (Emma Roberts) along with Konohamaru (Aramis Knight) and Iruka (Baron Chen), and are summoned to the Hokage Mansion by Tsunade (Camerion Diaz). There, Kakashi Hatake (Chris Evans) challenges Naruto and Sakura in a bell test, in which they must forcefully take from Kakashi two jingle bells using whatever means necessary. Sakura and Naruto both demonstrate their newly acquired skills. They are unable to get past Kakashi's barrage of elemental jutsu to get the bells from him. Naruto manages to trick Kakashi by pretending to ruin the ending of his new book; with Kakashi's ears covered and eyes closed, Naruto and Sakura get their bells and finish the test, and Tsunade places Naruto and Sakura with Kakashi, making them team Kakashi. Meanwhile, two Akatsuki members, Deidara (Alexander Ludwig) and Sasori (Thomas Dekker), in his Hiruko form, arrive at the entrance of the Hidden Sand Village to capture the One Tail Shukaku host, Gaara (Callan McAuliffe), who is now named the fifth Kazekage. Deidara sneaks into the village, killing several guards in order to be unnoticed, but is confronted by Gaara. The two battle in an epic battle, of which Gaara sacrifices himself to save the village from being destroyed by Deidara, who subdues and captures Gaara alive before retreating back to Sasori and flees from the village. The following sunset, Deidara and Sasori are followed and confronted by Kankuro (Jeffrey Parazzo), Gaara’s older brother, and Sasori stays behind to battle him while Deidara goes on ahead. In a battle with Sasori, Kankuro summons his puppets (Crow, Black Ant and Salamander) however Sasori easily destroys them and defeats Kankuro, revealing he had also created them. Kankuro is fatally poisoned from Sasori who joins back with Deidara, leaving Kankuro to die by the poison in three days. Kankuro is brought back to the village, while an urgent plea for assistance that the sand village sent to the leaf village arrives and is brought to Tsunade's attention. Acting immediately, she assigns Team Kakashi to back up the sand village. On their way to the sand village, the team pick up Temari (Taylor Swift), Gaara’s older sister, after telling her of Gaara's kidnapping. They all continue towards the village, as Naruto sheds tears over the hard life that Gaara's had. When they arrive in the sand village, they are informed of Kankuro’s attack. Sakura cures him back to health after making an antidote, and Lady Chiyo (Helen Mirren), the sand village elder along with her brother Ebizo, learns Kakashi is the son of the White Fang of the leaf village. The next day, team Kakashi heads out to the Akatsuki hideout and they are joined by Chiyo along the way. Tsunade foresees the difficulty of Team Kakashi's mission and orders Team Guy to back them up. On the way, Chiyo tells them about the nine Tailed Beasts in the world, two of which are sealed within Gaara and Naruto, and that the Tailed Beasts' hosts were individuals burdened with the task of carrying the Beasts within them, also being called Jinchuriki, such as Gaara and Naruto, and that if their Beast is removed, then they will die. It is revealed that Chiyo was the one who sealed the One Tailed Shukaku inside Gaara to protect the sand village. Meanwhile, at the Akatsuki hideout, Deidara and Sasori gather with the other members. They use an astral projection technique, Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons, to extract the One Tailed Shukaku from Gaara, killing him in the process, and seal it in a giant statue. Before the Shukaku was sealed into the giant statue, Zetsu (Jeffrey Donovan), the Akatsuki spy, notices the two lead village teams are hiding towards their hideout, and The Akatsuki leader sends out Kisame Hoshigaki (Chris Jericho) and Itachi Uchiha (Steven Strait) to delay Team Guy and Team Kakashi. As Kisame battles Team Guy, Itachi confronts Team Kakashi. Naruto is caught in Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu, Tsukuyomi, but is released by Sakura and Chiyo. In an ensuing battle, Naruto defeats Itachi with his Great Ball Rasengan, in the meantime, Might Guy (Milo Ventimiglia) defeats Kisame. The two leaf village teams then discover that Itachi and Kisame’s corpse are not their bodies but the bodies of two different people, who the Akatsuki leader had use to stall the leaf village teams using Itachi and Kisame likenesses. Team Kakashi arrives in the Akatsuki hideout. Inside they find the awaited Deidara and Sasori, who were ordered to capture Naruto and kill the intruders by the Akatsuki leader, positioned over Gaara’s body. As Naruto chases after Deidara, fleeing with Gaara’s corpse, Kakashi goes after Naruto while Sakura and Chiyo remain to fight Sasori, who then reveals his true self shocking Chiyo of seeing her grandson looking the same as he left the sand village years ago. Sakura and Chiyo begin to overpower Sasori until he reveals the reason behind his eternal youth; he had transformed himself into a puppet. After an ensuing battle, Sakura and Chiyo defeats and kills Sasori and goes to rejoin with Naruto and Kakashi, whom are still chasing after Deidara. Naruto attacks Deidara, only to discover that he is beating up a clay clone. Angered, Naruto's Nine-Tailed Fox Chakra begins to emerge, leading Naruto to transform to his Two-Tailed aura form. Kakashi uses a seal that Jiraiya gave him to suppress it. Team Guy finds Deidara thanks to Neji's Byakugan, and seeing the pursuing team, Deidara seemingly self-detonates by ingesting his own clay and exploding. However, the explosion is countered by Kakashi's Kamui, from his new Mangekyo Sharingan, who is able to warp it to a different dimension just in time. Meanwhile, Sakura fails to bring Gaara back to life, and the group mourns Gaara's death. Seeing Naruto's emotions as a friend for Gaara, Chiyo moves over to Gaara's body and uses a Life-Transfer Jutsu to resurrect him. A revived Gaara finds himself surrounded by shinobi from the sand village celebrating his return. Temari and Kankuro reveal that Chiyo gave her life to rescue Gaara, shocking Naruto. Gaara asks his villagers to mourn for Chiyo. In the sand village, the leaf and sand ninja pay their respects at Chiyo's grave, and Naruto and Gaara shake hands before departing. Meanwhile, Deidara, revealing that the self-detonation was caused by his clone, survives his battle and is met by both Zetsu and Tobi (Dev Patel), who joins the Akatsuki replacing Sasori.

Back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Kakashi rests in the hospital while Sakura informs Lady Tsunade about the information the dying Akatsuki member, Sasori, gave her: that he was supposed to meet with one of his spies from within Orochimaru's ranks in ten days at the Tenchi Bridge. As four days had already passed, Naruto realizes the need of another teammate and so, starting searching the village for a willing recruit. He runs into Kiba Inuzuka (Taylor Lautner), Hinata Hyuga (Go Ara) and Shino Aburame (Kim Hye-Seong), but they are unable to help, as they are assigned a mission of their own. Later, just as Choji (Spencer Breslin) agrees to help Naruto, the two along with Shikamaru Nara (Nick Jonas) are attacked by a mysterious guy name Sai (Yoo Seung-Ho). The three attempt to capture him, but Sai withdraws. Concerned the Akatsuki will soon come for the Nine Tailed Fox, the village elders confront Tsunade. They propose to Tsunade to keep Naruto in the village and not send him outside the village. Tsunade is still forced to compromise with Danzo (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), by adding Sai as a new member to Team Kakashi. With Kakashi in the hospital, Tsunade temporarily replaces him with ANBU member Yamato (James Franco) and tells him to keep an eye on Sai. Naruto and Sakura meet their new team members, and Naruto angered upon Sai's appearance. Team Kakashi heads out for the Tenchi Bridge. Sakura and Naruto come down hard at Sai for making fun of their former teammate, Sasuke. Seeing the tension in the team, Yamato decides they need to improve on teamwork and uses the Wood Style Jutsu to create a wooden cage, threatening to lock the trio up unless they behave. Sakura is shocked to see Yamato using the secret techniques that only the First Hokage was said to possess. When at the Tenchi Bridge, Yamato disguises himself as Sasori within Hiruko, and goes to meet "the spy" at the Tenchi Bridge. The spy is revealed to be Kabuto Yakushi (Topher Grace), who spills out the location of Orochimaru's current hideout. Before the meeting could finish, Orochimaru (Johnny Depp) appears and interrupts the two. While Kabuto initially seems frightened by Orochimaru's appearance, he stops the ruse and turns around to attack Yamato disguised as Sasori, revealing his and Orochimaru's trap. Seeing Yamato's Wood Style Jutsus, Orochimaru recognizes him as one of his test subjects in the leaf village years ago, when the latter tried to replicate the Wood Style from First Hokage's DNA by injecting it in the bodies of numerous unborn babies, out of which only Yamato survived. After signaling out Naruto, Sakura and Sai, Orochimaru begins mocking him and compares him to Sasuke, which causes the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra to leak from an enraged Naruto's body and ascends him to a Three-Tailed aura form. As Naruto engages Orochimaru in battle, Yamato and Sakura apprehend Kabuto. Naruto, in a Four-Tailed aura form, attacks Orochimaru, and devastates the surrounding landscape, also preventing Sai and Yamato's wood clone from approaching him. Orochimaru's attacks prove to be ineffective against Naruto, but he still manages to keep up with Naruto with his Regeneration Jutsu. Orochimaru finally manages to strike Naruto with his Snake Sword, even though he fails to pierce the sword through him. Seeing Naruto in his Four-Tailed state, Sakura is awestruck and terrified. She tries to approach Naruto, but is attacked by him. Yamato erects chakra-suppressing wooden pillars using his Wood Style Jutsu to bind Naruto before he does any more harm. Kabuto heals Sakura and disappears after reasoning that the leaf ninja are not Orochimaru's enemies because they are also fighting Akatsuki. Yamato forcibly returns Naruto to his normal state. Meanwhile, Sai, who was hiding nearby the battlefield the entire time, confronts Orochimaru on behalf of orders from Danzo. He gives him a letter from Danzo, before, fleeing with Orochimaru and Kabuto their hideout, where he meets the angered awaited Sasuke Uchiha (David Henrie). After recovering, Naruto, Sakura and Yamato tracks them back to the hideout. Inside, they confront Sai, who tells them that not only was he to help in the hidden leaf village's destruction, but also act as a spy against Orochimaru. Before Yamato's team departs to find Sasuke in the hideout, Kabuto appears in front of them and attacks them, before freeing Sai. However, Sai, wanting to learn more about his own bonds with his deceased brother through Naruto's bond with Sasuke, betrays Kabuto and aids Yamato in his capture. A tied up Kabuto gives a vague description of Sasuke's location to the team, thinking that Orochimaru would just kill them either way. The team splits up in search for Sasuke, and Yamato then suggest that Sai’s order by Danzo is to kill Sasuke, claiming him to be a threat to the leaf village. Sai enters Sasuke's room and wakes him up. But instead of following his orders and killing Sasuke, Sai reveals that he wants to preserve Naruto and Sasuke's bonds. Sasuke retaliates by causing a giant explosion in his room, which attracts Sakura, Naruto and Yamato's attention. As Naruto and Sakura meet with their former friend, Sai declares that he is discarding his mission orders and now wishes to aid Naruto in bringing Sasuke back to the leaf village. With his skills immensely improved over the years, Sasuke begins to fight Naruto, Sai, Sakura and Yamato. As the Nine-Tailed Fox attempts to goad Naruto to use its power in his consciousness, Sasuke, using his Sharingan, appears in front of them. The Nine-Tailed Fox states that Sasuke's chakra reminds him of Madara Uchiha, before its chakra is totally suppressed by Sasuke. As his chakra dissipates, the Nine-Tails warns Sasuke not to kill Naruto. Just as Sasuke is about to execute a powerful jutsu to finish the team, Orochimaru, followed by Kabuto, appears and stops him. They convince Sasuke to withdraw with them and they disappear, leaving a weeping Naruto, who confesses his failure to bring Sasuke back to the leaf village, but Sakura reassures him, saying that they will soon bring Sasuke back together. Back in the leaf village, Yamato's team reports to Tsunade about the results of the mission, and Tsunade is greatly angered over Danzo's treachery of leaking classified information of leaf village ANBU to Orochimaru. In the ANBU Root base, Sai asks Danzo to allow him to remain longer with Team Kakashi, as well as keep his name. Danzo reluctantly agrees. Later, Sai goes on a mission with his team, having come to see them as his friends.

Yugito Nii, the host of the Two Tails Jinchuriki, struggles against Hidan (Scott Caan) and Kakuzu (Ben Kingsley) and unleashes her beast form, but is defeated and captured. After Zetsu takes Yugito away, Hidan and Kakuzu then turn their attention to the Fire Nation for their next target, to capture the Nine Tailed Fox. In the Hidden Leaf Village, Asuma Sarutobi (Jake Gyllenhaal) is seen apologizing at the grave of his father Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, for not understanding his advice concerning what the "king" of the Fire Nation is. Lady Tsunade receives a report from a recovered Kakashi that the Akatsuki is again on the move. Tsunade sends out twenty teams composed of four ninja each, to deal with and exterminate the Akatsuki members in the Fire Country. After Shikamaru leaves with Asuma, Izumo (Drake Bell) and Kotetsu (Joe Jonas), Choji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka (Meaghan Martin) leave with Raido and Aoba (Justin Hartley). Meanwhile, Kakashi begins Naruto's new training program. Naruto learns that he has Wind-style chakra. Yamato helps by setting up the training field with his special jutsu. Naruto also learns that he can use his Multi Shadow Clone jutsu to speed up his training, since whatever the clones learn, the original user learns upon the clone's dispersal. Naruto and his mass of clones each take a leaf and attempt to slice it in half with wind chakra as the first step to creating his new jutsu. Naruto completes his first task and moves onto hi second which is to cut a waterfall in half with his chakra before moving to his final training task. After three days, Naruto has finally completed his second training, but rests before he can continue his final task. Asuma’s team ambushes Hidan and Kakuzu. Izumo and Kotetsu attack, but are unable to kill him despite stabbing vital organs due to Hidan's immortality. Shikamaru realizes that Asuma is considering sacrificing himself to help defeat the enemy. Asuma begins fighting Hidan, while Shikamaru distracts him by forcing him to dodge his Shadow Sewing Jutsu. During the battle, Asuma strikes Hidan with a fire style attack, but he gets burnt as well. Hidan then reveals his ability to link his body to his opponent's after ingesting their blood. Asuma rushes at Hidan, but collapses after Hidan stabs himself in the leg, thereby injuring Asuma. Shikamaru realizes Hidan needs to be in the circle for his curse ritual to take effect, and so, uses his Shadow Possession Jutsu to force Hidan to step out of it. Asuma kills Hidan, chopping his head off, but Hidan still lives. Kakuzu sews Hidan's head back on his body with threads that sprout from his body. Izumo and Kotetsu try to attack Kakuzu, but he defeats and restrains the two. Hidan, now able to move again, returns to the circle and stabs himself with the blades of his scythe, and he finishes the ritual by stabbing himself in the chest with another spike, fatally wounding Asuma. Ino, Choji, Aoba and Raido appear as the team's backup, but Hidan and Kakuzu flees after being ordered by their leader to seal the Two Tails. Ino tries to treat Asuma with her medical jutsu, but fails, as Hidan's attacks had damaged his vital organs. Asuma leaves advice for his students, and whispers to Shikamaru the identity of the "king" that the leaf village must protect. As he smokes a final cigarette, Asuma dies leaving his students devastated. A funeral is held for Asuma, after which, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji sets out to kill Hidan and Kakuzu to avenge Asuma’s death. They are stopped by Tsunade, who finally allows them to go after Kakashi arrives volunteering as team leader. Tsunade tells Sakura that Team 7 will be Team 10's backup, but only if Naruto finishes his training within 24 hours. Elsewhere, as Shikamaru quickly adjusts the team's strategy to include Kakashi, Yugito dies after having the two tails extracted from her. Shikamaru, Kakashi, Ino and Choji ambushes Hidan and Kakuzu and an ensuing battle merges. During the battle, it is revealed that Kakuzu has five hearts, each of which must be killed to defeat him. Shikamaru reasons that separating Kakuzu from Hidan is the only way to defeat them, and so, he uses Shadow Possession Jutsu to lead Hidan into a dense forest. In the forest, amidst numerous explosive tags that Shikamaru had set up for the Akatsuki duo, Hidan strikes Shikamaru with his spear, drawing his blood and ingests it. He then stabs himself in the chest, however instead of mortally wounding Shikamaru; he accidentally destroys another one of Kakuzu's hearts. When demanded an explanation from Hidan about why he still was alive, Shikamaru reveals to have poured Kakuzu's blood (that Kakashi had retrieved earlier in a capsule) on Hidan's spear, and so he had killed one of Kakuzu's hearts. He also traps Hidan with his Shadow Possession Jutsu. Hidan tries to break free, but fails and Shikamaru pulls the explosive tags onto Hidan's body. Shikamaru then opens a trap hole that he had prepared, and reveals his plan to bury Hidan beneath the Nara family woods. He has a vision of Asuma entrusting his "will of fire" to him, and then throws his lighter to ignite the tags on Hidan, which explodes dismembering and killing him. Shikamaru returns to the others, amazing Kakuzu of seeing him defeating Hidan. Kakuzu prepares to face Kakashi, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji to get a replacement heart, but is cut off by the arrival of Team 7. Naruto challenges Kakuzu. In the ensuing fight, Kakuzu combines two of his hearts into a single entity making the battle nearly impossibly difficult for Naruto, who then prepares his newly completed Jutsu, Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken. After an ensuing battle, Naruto kills Kakuzu with the Rasen-Shurriken. Back in the leaf village, at Asuma’s grave, Shikamaru tells Kurenai he will protect her unborn child. After studying Kakuzu's corpse, Tsunade tells Kakashi not to let Naruto use Rasen Shuriken again because it will permanently destroy his ability to manipulate chakra. Naruto informs Jiraiya of his new technique and Jiraiya is impressed with Naruto’s growth of getting stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Deidara and Tobi are seen battling the Three Tails Jinchuriki. The two manage to capture the Three Tails easily and return back to the hideout, where the Akatsuki seal the Three Tails. {C}{C

Elsewhere, Orochimaru's body is reaching its limit. After practicing his ninja techniques, Sasuke makes a sudden attack on Orochimaru, having nothing else to learn from him. Orochimaru reveals his true form, a giant white snake, and makes his attempt to take Sasuke's body. In the ensuing fight, Orochimaru begins the ritual to take over Sasuke's body. Kabuto arrives to see Sasuke standing over Orochimaru's snake corpse, and from the Sharingan, he finds out what happened: Orochimaru had failed in possessing Sasuke's body, as Sasuke manages to reverse Orochimaru's Jutsu and absorbs Orochimaru into his body. Sasuke then leaves his hideout to find his own path. Meanwhile, Tsunade discovers the Akatsuki have captured the Three Tails. After recruiting Suigetsu Hozuki (Tyler Posey), Karin (Selena Gomez) and Jugo (Avan Jogia), Sasuke informs his newly formed team that his goal is to kill Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki; Sasuke names their group "Hebi". In the meantime, Naruto and Sakura learn Orochimaru has been killed by Sasuke and decides to go after Itachi in hopes of finding Sasuke. After capturing the Four Tails Jinchuriki, Itachi and Kisame are summoned by their leader and told about Orochimaru's death. They are then warned about Sasuke's movements and that he may be coming after Itachi. After sealing the Four-Tailed Beast, Deidara and Tobi set out targeting either Naruto or Sasuke. Kakashi assembles Team Kurenai, led by himself, to set out with Team Kakashi, led by Yamato, to capture Itachi. As they set out, Hebi splits up in search for information on Itachi. Sasuke is confronted by Tobi and Deidara and battles Deidara. During the battle, Deidara activates his C4 to kill Sasuke. He drops his guard, only to be pierced by Sasuke's Chidori. After being asked how he had survived, Sasuke reveals that he was never harmed and that Deidara was under his Genjutsu. Deidara tries to kill Sasuke, but is misled by his Sharingan again. Both combatants collapse and Sasuke deactivates his Sharingan. Angered at being mocked, Deidara unveils his final attack, turning himself into a living bomb and detonating himself in an attempt to kill Sasuke. Upon noticing the blast, Suigetsu summons Manda and finds out that Sasuke had used him to escape. Unable to survive, Manda dies from his wounds and Zetsu informs the remaining Akatsuki of the death of Deidara and Tobi. Naruto and the others get to the crater, and using Kiba's tracking skills they begin to track down Sasuke's scent. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki leader, Pain (Chris Pine) and his partner, Konan (Gemma Aniston), are then ordered to capture the Nine Tails by a mysterious man, Tobi (Sonu Sood), his real identity being Madara Uchiha. While Naruto's team continues their search for Sasuke, Sasuke is confronted by Itachi, who is revealed to be a crow clone telling him to come to the Uchiha Hideout where they shall settle their fight there. As Tobi stalls the two leaf teams, Sasuke, alone, goes to the hideout and confronts Itachi while Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo are force to remain with Kisame, who threatens to kill them if attempting to join up with Sasuke. Kisame battles Suigetsu. Itachi's illusions deceive Sasuke as he explains that he conspired with Madara Uchiha, the Leaf's founder and the first to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, when he killed their clan. In the ensuing battle, Sasuke gains the upper hand on Itachi, who then unleashes Amaterasu; however Sasuke uses a Substitution Jutsu to escape the flames. Itachi berates Sasuke, claiming he now has no chakra left, but Sasuke reveals that he had come prepared, and has one last technique left that would make his dream of killing Itachi a reality. Sasuke then uses his new jutsu, Kirin, to kill Itachi. However, Itachi survives revealing his final Mangekyo technique, Susano'o. With Sasuke weakened, Orochimaru is able to break free from his restrictive chakra and attempts to take Sasuke's body. However, Itachi retaliates by sealing and killing him Orochimaru, ridding Sasuke of the Curse Mark. Out of jutsu, Sasuke is left at Itachi's mercy, but at the last second, Itachi taps Sasuke on his forehead and collapses onto the ground, dead. The leaf ninja continue to fight Tobi, but all of their attacks manage to phase right through him. Zetsu arrives to inform Tobi of the outcome of the Uchiha match, and Madara (Tobi) drops his goofy persona in order to leave the fight and collect the brothers' bodies. Sasuke wakes up in a cave and Tobi approaches him, introducing himself. An Amaterasu is unleashed from Sasuke's eye, but Tobi recovers from it and tells Sasuke the story of the Senju clan, led by Hashirama Senju (Liam Neeson) – the First Hokage, and how the leaf village elders ordered Itachi to spy on the Uchiha clan from the inside. It is revealed that Itachi contacted Tobi to help him undertake his mission of exterminating the Uchiha clan. They succeeded in their mission, although Itachi couldn't bring himself to kill Sasuke. Some time later, Sasuke reminisces on Itachi's final words to him, before breaking down into tears. He then changes his team's name to Taka and declares, with his new Mangekyo Sharingan, that their goal is to destroy the hidden leaf village.

At the Hokage Mansion, Jiraiya tells Tsunade that he has information regarding Pain's location. The two then discuss about Naruto’s parents, Minato Namikaze (Garrett Hedlund), (The Fourth Hokage) and Kushina Uzumaki, before Jiraiya departs for the Hidden Rain Village. Jiraiya successfully infiltrates the Village Hidden in the Rain, where he wanders around town and speaks to the inhabitants about their leader, Pain. Unsuccessful in gathering information, he captures two lower ninja of the city in a frog's stomach, who end up telling him that the mysterious Pain had defeated the former leader of Rain, Hanzo, whom the Sannin together couldn't defeat years back. Meanwhile, Pain orders Konan to confront Jiraiya, their former sensei, as he changes into a new body. Konan confronts Jiraiya, and Pain soon arrives himself and discusses his personal ideology and the Akatsuki's goals with Jiraiya. He reveals that the collection of the Tailed Beasts is in order to create a Forbidden Jutsu weapon that will be able to destroy entire nations in an instant, so that the world will be able to "mature" and develop an aversion for war. Pain then summons a crab to attack Jiraiya, which is defeated before Jiraiya summons a giant frog named Gamaken. During the battle, Jiraiya finally enters in Sage Mode, after sending Gamaken back home. He summons Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima, who find Pain and destroy his chameleon. Pain then summons two more bodies. Jiraiya stalls for time while Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima prepare a powerful Genjutsu to defeat the bodies and are successful in doing so. As Jiraiya leaves, another Pain ambushes Jiraiya, destroying his left arm. As Jiraiya looks up he sees six Pains, including the three that were killed. Jiraiya is shocked when realizing the actually Pain leader is revealed to be Yahiko, one of his other former students. He learns Pain's secret, but his throat is crushed before finally being impaled by the remaining Pains in battle. As he begins to die, Jiraiya remembers Naruto's determination and forces himself awake, where he writes a message on Lord Fukasaku's back. Pain charged at him in the attempt to kill, but Jiraiya kills one of the Pains with his Great Ball Rasengan before being hurled into the ocean and begins to sink to the bottom. Jiraiya dies, happy knowing that Naruto will live in his place. Soon after Naruto and the others return back to the village, Naruto is soon called to the Hokage mansion, where he is informed of Jiraiya's death in his battle against Pain by Fukasaku. Unable to cope with the shocking news, Naruto lashes out at Tsunade for letting Jiraiya go to the hidden rain village alone and exits the room, needing some time alone. Tsunade and Fukasaku decrypts the message on Fukasaku’s back, revealing it saying “The Real One Isn’t Here”. Iruka comforts Naruto, who is later cheered up by Shikamaru.

Chapter 3: Reckoning

Chapter 4: Aftermath