You have seen Immortals, Clash of the Titan's, and 300, now it's Mythology, loosley based off the feats of Jason and the Argonauts!


A young Warrior, Jason (Shia LeBeuf) , must Face many trials to win the Freedom of his people from the clutches of Pelias (Tom Hiddleston)! Hera (Rosaro Dawson) aids him to reclaim his homeland and save the entire kingdom!


Shia LeBeuf - Jason

Tom Hiddleston - Pelias

Jonathan Adams - Aeetes

Rosaro Dawson - Hera

Hugo Weaving - Zeus

Tyler Laughtner - Hercules

John Goodman - Orpheus

Michael Clarke Duncan - Philoctetes

Arnold Vosloo - Phineas

Ann Hatheway - Medea

Ray Winstone - Peleus

Mickey Rourke - Telamon

Alfred Molina - Pollux

Ben Kingsley - Castor

Cote DePablo - Atlanta

Tom Felton - Euphemus

Stephen Lang - Hypolitas


Talos - Based off a Statue only it's more like a Cyclops!

Harpies - Designed like Pterosaurs and from the Film, the Last Unicorn!


Hydra - more like a Komodo, mixed with Cobra heads!

Griffin - a beast similar to a bird

Cyclops - A one eyed Giant

Satyr's - Goatmen/Fauns that help Jason find the Fleece!

Minotaur - a Man Bull similar to the Minotaur from the 2005 film!

Manticore - a Lion Like Ogre, with a Scorpion tail!

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