MLP The Doremirex Saga
is a premiere of Season 3 of My Little Pony Friendship of Magic in Hub, A New Enemy called Dorie Oak to Destroy The Ponyville, and his 4 Doremirex Commanders Mirabelle Bay Leaf, Reanne Narcissus, Christine Zelkova and Isabella Pine. to cannot save the world to new plan of Sonic from Sonic Underground and his friends to Destroy Doremirex for good to be end on Ponyville.


53. A Cosmic Call (PMV)

54. Cosmic Crisis (PMV)

55. H2Whoa (PMV)

56. An Enemy in Need (PMV)

57. A Chilling Discovery (PMV)

58. Desperately Seeking Sonic (PMV)

59. Galactic Gumshoes (PMV)

60. Trick Sand (PMV)

61. Ship of Doom (PMV)

62. An Underground Oddyssey (PMV)

63. Station Break-In (PMV)

64. A Doremirex Melee (PMV)

65. Mission Match-UP (PMV)

66. Clash in the Cloister (PMV)

67. Teasing Time (PMV)

68. A Revolutionary Tale (PMV)

69. The Planet of Misfortune (PMV)

70. Terror on the Typhoon (PMV)

71. Ponyville Hunt (PMV)

72. Christine Strikes Back (PMV)

73. The Cosmo Conspiracy (PMV)

74. Eye Spy (PMV)

75. Angel of Mischief (PMV)

76. The Light in the Darkness (PMV)

77. A Fearless Friend (PMV)

78. So Long Sonic (PMV)


DK's Shout! Factory End Special: Iron No More (2013)

Big Award as...Doremirex Group of Ponyville

Creation Bratz Babyz into...Doremirex in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 3 Preview


Mario Tennis N64 Tournament Board Ideas (2000)


Award 2 Monsters into the Great Battle of Green & Black Rangers (2013)

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