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My Little Pony
My little pony friendhip is magic the movie by fign01-d4xonr2
Original movie poster
Directed by Dan Scanlon
Produced by Kori Rae
Screenplay by Daniel Gerson
Robert L. Baird
Dan Scanlon
Story by Daniel Gerson
Robert L. Baird
Dan Scanlon
Starring Tara Strong
Lori Alan
Aubrey Plaza
Jessica Evans
Teresa Ganzel
Beth Behrs
April Winchell
Music by Randy Newman
Studio Illumination Entertainment
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Runtime 95 minutes
Language English

My Little Pony is a upcoming 2015 American CGI animated 3D adventure-comedy family movie from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, based on the toyline made by Hasbro, which it made Transformers. It will be released on July 3, 2015. The film stars the voices of Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle, Aubrey Plaza as Rainbow Dash, Lori Alan as Applejack, Jessica Evans as Pinkie Pie, Teresa Ganzel as Fluttershy, Beth Behrs as Rarity, April Winchell as Spike, and Bonnie Hunt as Princess Celestia. It is The eighth of the My Little Pony movies since Generation 1 and ninth of the Hasbro movies since G.I. Joe, Michael Bay's Transformers movie franchise and Battleship, and the first movie to involve adaptation from Lauren Faust's "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" animated series.


The film opens with a storybook open up about two royal sisters who ruled over the magical land of Equestria and why two royal sisters rue the land because they wanna go to the live action for to get a few friends with them and it's up to the great pony heroes will stop them.

Character Cast

Mane Six

  • Tara Strong - Twilight Sparkle
  • Lori Alan - Applejack
  • Aubrey Plaza - Rainbow Dash
  • Jessica Evans - Pinkie Pie
  • Beth Behrs - Rarity
  • Teresa Ganzel - Fluttershy
  • April Winchell - Spike

Equestria Royalty

  • Bonnie Hunt - Princess Celestia
  • Pam Murphy - Princess Luna
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Princess Cadence
  • Donovan Patton - Shining Armor

Cutie Mark Crusaders

  • Isabella Acres - Applebloom
  • Ava Acres - Sweetie Belle
  • Madison Moellers - Scootaloo

Other Characters

  • Elissa Knight - Trixie
  • Nathan Fillion - Big Macintosh
  • Dawnn Lewis - Zecora
  • Laraine Newman - Twinkleshine, Derpy
  • April Winchell - Golden Harvest, Minuette
  • Mona Marshall - Octavia, Red gala, Berry Green, Minty
  • Sherry Lynn - Diamond Tiara, Sweetie Drops
  • Cristina Pucelli - Silver Spoon, Lyra Heartstrings
  • Bill Farmer - Mr. Carrot Cake
  • Julia Sweeney - Mrs. Cup Cake


  • Jess Harnell - Discord
  • Marcia Wallace - Nightmare Moon
  • Helen Mirren - Queen Chrysalis
  • Alfred Molina - King Sombra
  • New Friends:
  • Beyonce as Alice Twlight's friend
  • Tom Kenny as Alex Spike's friend


The music was composed by Randy Newman. It is likely to have dubstep music by Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia, Timbaland, and Chris Brown. The soundtrack have Axwell, Skrillex, Sia, Beyonce, Randy Newman, Chris Brown, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Timbaland.

This is the new song from the movie called Hero by Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso ft. Timbaland and Chris Brown

Hero by Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso ft Timbaland and Chris Brown lyrics:

(Intro: Timbaland)

Eyy 2x, c'mon

(Hook: Chris Brown)

Baby, you're the best all time

Whoaa, I love the way you make the village a good environment

Wanna party till we all about to get lil hyper

Put your hands up till the DJ play us a favorite song


(Beat Break)

(Hook 2x)

(Beat Break)

(Bridge 4x: Timbaland and Chris Brown)

Get crazy

Get wild

(Beat Break)

(Hook 3x)

(Outro: Timbaland)


Next Generation by Skrillex ft Sia and Juicy J

(Hook: Sia)

This is

The next power to get

Cause we always hype

This is the new generation

We got that best move 2x

(Beat Break)

(Hook 3x)

(Beat Break)

(Bridge: Sia)


We always helping at the job

If you don't help at the job

Your boss won't hired you


Get the job good

This is the best one ever


(Verse: Juicy J)


Juicy J

Yo, we always makin it hype

Wanna party till the DJ plays us a favorite jam


Uh huh

All my babes got that power

I pick my favorite babe

Baby, I love you

We better stop fool around

Just work


The game go up

The Dancefloor so awesome

See that

This the move

Better get turnt up


(Hook 3x)

(Beat Break)

(Bridge 4x: Juicy J and Sia)

Juicy J: The game go up, the dancefloor so awesome

Sia: Yeahhh



(Beat Break)

(Outro: Juicy J)


Yall know



Three 6 

Uh huh


Ready by Beyonce ft Timbaland

(Intro: Timbaland)

Uh huh



Number one


(Hook: Beyonce)

The game always going on

You cannot give up

Better get up and move on

Are you ready


Are you ready

(Bridge: Beyonce)

Oh yeah



(Verse: Beyonce and Timbaland)

Do not stand there

Help along good at the job

When your boss tells yall what to do

Just do it


(Hook 2x)

(Bridge 4x)

(Outro: Timbaland)


Development Gallery


  • The movie will be rated PG.
  • The movie will be in 3D.

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