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NOTE: This is just a fan-made season idea that is not real. So stop saying that this is real or fake.

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The seventh season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will air on Cartoon Network.



  • Malakia - A callous Pony and who hates candy and always wanted to get rid of Pinkie Pie (the specific reason is never explicitly stated) in the episode Pinkie Pie's Most Hated
  • Nightmara - the pony who cast a spell on Honey Rays, once belonging by Hydlia the witch(during G1 ponies when she's destroyed) in A Fun Time in Ponyville
  • Queen Hurricane - a main antagonist in The Nightmare Hurricane (Part 1 & 2)
  • Queen Parasprite - the main antagonist in The Return of the Parasprites
  • Parasprites - the secondary antagonists in The Return of the Parasprites
  • Moonlight Glammer - Moondrop's archenemy and Starlight Glimmer's dad who blackmailed him in Don't Let Your Guard Down
  • Darkness Night - the main antagonist in Moondrop and Dollar Rain's origin
  • Alternative Princess Celestia - the main antagonist of the three parter finale of season seven.
  • Balthazar - a creature whose once imprisoned in the lamppost lamp by the royal sisters.


Episode Title Description Debuts Air Date Code Number
144 The Nightmare Hurricane (Part 1) y Moondrop, Dollar Rain, and Queen Hurricane     April 15, 2017 701
145 The Nightmare Hurricane (Part 2) Moondrop proves to Twilight that he will defeat Hurricane Queen with help from Dollar Rain. They all win and everyone is happy. April 15, 2017 702
146 Animal Jam (not related to online game or TV show of the same name) Princess Celestia introduces Twilight and her friends to Jasmine the bat pony and her little sister Mosina. They are surprised to see Moondrop again. Moondrop reveals to them that he's Jasmine's younger twin brother and Mosina's older brother. Jasmine and Mosina (Moondrop's Sisters) April 22, 2017 703
147 Pinkie Pie's Most Hated Dollar Rain is offered by Twilight Sparkle a vacation to Manehatten with Moondrop (which she decides to give him three weeks off) if she tells Pinkie to go on a diet from eating candy and sweets. Elsewhere Pinkie runs into Malakia, a pony with a hatred of all things sweet and sugary and a grudge against the pink party pony herself (for unknown reasons) Malakia April 29, 2017 704
148 A Fun Time in Ponyville Twilight gave Moondrop some time off after working so hard as a guard to go have fun with Dollar Rain. Dollar Rain reveals she's Babs Seed's half-sister because her great-great-great cousin three times removed was a pegasus. Honey Rays, Nightmara Night May 6, 2017 705
149 The Runaway Rainbow Twilight discovers that the bat ponies have bat pony magic. She decides to make Moondrop and Rainbow Dash run around Equestria. Moondrop remembers the race. May 13, 2017 706
150 The Musical Ponies Twilight and Rarity discover that Moondrop is writing a song. They try to make him sing in public but he refuses to do it because it's for Mosina's upcoming 9th birthday. May 27, 2017 707
151 Equestria Party It's Jasmine's and Moondrop's birthday and Twilight and Pinkie are planning to throw them a birthday party. But Moondrop isn't a party lover and wants to have a normal birthday.  June 3, 2017 708
152 Speedy Rainbow Dash Starlight Glimmer returns after working on flying around Equestria's race. She asks Moondrop and Rainbow Dash to take part. They accept. June 24, 2017 709
153 The Return of the Parasprites When a mad scientist George the Explorer finds a Parasprite near the Everfree Forest, he takes it to his home (Manehattan). In the night, the Parasprite wakes up, eats a wall, and clones himself. Now Parasprites are everywhere in the world. Twilight and her friends heard that Parasprites were attacking places. So, Rainbow Dash has an idea that she could make a team called Paraspritebusters (parody of Ghostbusters) and sends them back near the Everfree Forest. George the Explorer,
Crystalbob the Parasprite (Paraspritebusters' pet hero)
July 1, 2017 710
154 A Weekend at the Crystal Empire Twilight invites Moondrop and Dollar Rain to the Crystal Empire for a weekend. Dollar Rain dreams to go there for their reunion and meets her older brother Shining Armor and sister-in-law Princess Cadence. July 8, 2017 711
155 Stupid Private Investigator Ponies (And Dragon) When the mayor of Ponyville mysteriously dissapears, Twilight Sparkle decides to investigate with Spike and Applejack, but what happens when they both disappear as well? Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie keeps bothering Rarity until Rarity tells her to leave her alone. Pinkie Pie finally decides to leave, but when they are going opposite ways, their tails become entangled and discover that they could be stuck together...forever?! July 15, 2017 712
156 Adventures in Fillysitting Applejack decides to take a vacation, and Applebloom begs to come along. However, Applejack refuses and says she should stay safe with Granny Smith and Macintosh, but Applebloom refuses this. She whines until Applejack begins to lose it, when Twilight Sparkle walks by. Looking out for a quick solution, Applejack begs her to filly-sit Applebloom for a few days. Twilight accepts, but only to find out filly-sitting is harder then it looks. July 22, 2017 713
157 Ending an Era A year after the events of "Call of the Cutie", the Cutie Mark Crusaders have FINALLY found what they're good at. However, one of the three wish to move on, as they have had so much fun together and there are still so many fillies out in Equestia with blank flanks. They decide to keep the legacy by helping all the cutie mark-less ponies out there. They soon find it hard to keep up with all the fillies, until they discover three who have been mercilessly taunted by everypony around them. They decide to pass the Cutie Mark Crusaders job to the three: Sky Rocket, a pegasus with long orange hair and a big attitude, Elegance, an earth pony with violet-black hair who is obsessed with fashion (similar to Rarity), and Twisty-Turny, a dark-blonde unicorn who may not be as smart as the others, but still has a wide range of talents. September 23, 2017 714
158 Spike the... Pegasus? When Spike finally realizes that Rarity could never like him, he refuses to accept it, but he knows it couldn't work with him being a baby dragon and her a fully-grown unicorn. Depressed, he runs to Everfree Forest, not exactly knowing why he wishes to run or where he wishes to stop. He finds himself at the door of a five-star gypsy (who, ironically, is a relative of Zecora) and asks her to put a spell on him that will turn him into the perfect guy for Rarity. She turns him into a pegasus pony, but tells him he has 24 hours before the spell wears off.He believes he will have the best time of his life, but when he returns to Ponyville, he discovers everyone is looking for him. No matter how many times he tells them, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity shocked! How much trouble can he get into in only 24 hours? September 30, 2017 715
159 Everypony's Story It's the twentieth anniversary of the death of the bat pony named Moonbeam. Moondrop, Jasmine, and Mosina are trying to deal with the loss of him. Vinyl and Derpy manage to help Moondrop. Bon-Bon is able to find out with Lyra and Whoove what Moonbeam died from. Dollar Rain helps Moondrop by dealing with the loss of his own brother. Diamond Tiara tells Jasmine and Mosina that she does care about the well-being and feelings of their brother which makes Mosina cheer up. Moondrop reveals Moonbeam died to save him from dying at birth. October 7, 2017 716
160 New Pony in Town When a new pony arrives in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to make friends with her. However, the new pony, a unicorn with a pink body and a red mane, is very down on herself and everybody else. She does NOT want to make friends, but would rather be alone. Because of this, Twilight gets her friends to help change the pony's personality for the better. October 14, 2017 717
161 Discord Returns Discord visits Princess Twilight and meets Moondrop and Dollar Rain, where he discovers Moondrop's the kindhearted bat pony. October 21, 2017 718
162 Spike's Wonderful Life After accidentally ruining a celebration, Spike wishes he's never been hatched, Moondrop and Princess Luna shows him the world where he never hatched. October 28, 2017 719
163 Don't Let Your Guard Down

Moondrop is training very well to be Princess Twilight's guard along with Dollar Rain, but he's being blackmailed by his old mate from his dark past to not let his guard down. He will reveal his terrible past to Twilight when the Mane 6 demand him to tell them.

November 4, 2017 720
164 Like Father, Like Daughter?

It's The Equestrian Father-Daughter Dance, and Moondrop, Jasmine, and Mosina's father is on his way. Jasmine decides that she doesn't want to dance after a long time. Dollar Rain's father Blaze arrives in shock.

Nightmare Lynch and Echo (Moondrop, Jasmine and Mosina's parents) November 11, 2017 721
165 Hollow Shades vs. Canterlot The Mane 6 decides to go to Moondrop, Jasmine and Mosina's home village known as Hollow Shades, but Moondrop and Dollar Rain are against it because their parents try to make them into soldiers for the war between Hollow Shades and Canterlot. Moon Moon, Sun Sun, and Midnight Blossom (one of Moondrop's best friends) November 18, 2017 722
166 The Anniversary

It's Moondrop and Dollar Rain's 10th anniversary since they become best friends. Moondrop tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders a story about how he and Dollar Rain became best friends. In the end, Moondrop and Dollar Rain decided to get married, making them the first bat pony and pegasus to get married after 2000 years.

  • Note: This episode reveals the origins of Moondrop and Dollar Rain when they were enemies.
  • Note: This episode is 52 minutes long
Darkness Night November 25, 2017 723
167 Parasprite (Part 1) Moondrop accidentally lets the Parasprites escape and lets them invade Ponyvile. The Cutie Mark Crusaders manage to help him get them back into their cages, but then Twilight, Dollar Rain and their friends arrive home from Canterlot. Twilight is very furious at Moondrop for almost destroying Ponyville, so she fires him as a guard and forbids bat ponies to enter Ponyville. Jasmine and Mosina turns on him on their journey flying back home. After he feels lonely, Moondrop stops flying and falls out of the sky with Jasmine and Mosina (who also falls out too). December 2, 2017 724
168 Rise of Moonbeam (Part 2)

After the Parasprite incident, Dollar Rain is mad at Twilight for banishing her friends. But then the next day, after he wakes up, Moondrop disappeared after he fell.

Twilight finally finds out that The Parasite Invasion that Moondrop made was an accident and she decides to rehire him but then she finds out that he is missing. Moondrop wakes up with another bat pony named Moonbeam on his side. He revealed to be his long-lost older half-brother and there are no bat ponies because Hollow Shades got destroyed from a fire that is caused by Alternative Celestia (who's very evil). 

Dollar Rain revealed to Applejack and Rainbow Dash that Ms. Harshwhinny is her birth-mother and is afraid of her knowing about her and Moondrop planning to get married and wants her to take over the mother-daughter business. Until she decides she's had enough of Harshwhinny's bossiness, and finally stands up to her.

Alternative Mane Six
Alternative Princess Celestia and Luna

December 9, 2017 725
169 Is It Me? (Part 3) Nightmare Lynch reveals that Moonbeam isn't dead, he disowned him for no reason. December 9, 2017 726


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