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Sunset Shimmer's demon form returns as a separate character in this film.

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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 2: Sunset Shimmer and the Demon Palace (sometimes shortened to Equestria Girls 2, Equestria Girls 2: Sunset Shimmer and the Demon Palace, or Sunset Shimmer and the Demon Palace) is a 2015 musical comedy fantasy movie that is the sequel to Equestria Girls. It was released in select theaters on June 21, 2015, had a home video release on August 3, 2015, and had its' television debut on The Hub on September 6, 2015.


Our movie opens with a Sunset Shimmer singing a song that tells about the events of Equestria Girls from her perspective over clips of how she adjusted to her school after that time (The First Thing About Friendship). Then, the Twilight Sparkle of the human version of Equestria begins to narrate a story that happened a year after the events of Equestria Girls. Sunset Shimmer is walking home from Pinkie Pie's birthday party and discovers a mysterious mansion. She decides to check out the mansion for herself, hoping that someone would finally adopt her, seeing that she was raised in an orphanage during her time in the human world. Inside the mansion, she notices some demon-like creatures are having a dance party (Demon Palace Disco) and Sunset Shimmer is very suprised. She thinks that she may have seen creatures like these before, but can't remember where. She then encounters the demon versions of Snips and Snails and tells that she has no family and found this palace, thinking it would be a possible home for her. Sunset Shimmer then asks them to speak the owner of the palace, causing Snips and Snails to use their demon magic to summon Sunset Demon. Sunset Shimmer is shocked, because she realizes that she took on that form in the past. Sunset Demon then introduces herself to Sunset Shimmer in a song (Demon Princess). After the song, she allows Sunset Shimmer to stay with her in the palace and tells Sunset Shimmer that she is making a human being who is like Sunset Shimmer named Sunshine Glitter. Sunset Shimmer gets very excited, as she had never had any siblings before.

Sunset Demon then takes Sunset Shimmer to her dungeon, where Sunshine Glimmer is going to be born. In order to bring Sunshine to life, she, demon Snips, and demon Snails must perform a special kind of demon magic spell. (Lively Magic) They do so, and it amazes Sunset Shimmer. After Sunshine's birth, Sunset Demon tells Sunset Shimmer that she will be going to the area outside her palace (the humanized Equestria) to show Sunshine "the human world". Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash noticed that Sunset Shimmer never went to school today, so everyone splits up to find her.

Just before they leave, Pinkie Pie appears, looking for Sunset Shimmer. She thinks the demon is Sunset Shimmer, but Sunset Demon says she isn't her and lies by saying she never has heard of Sunset Shimmer before. Pinkie then sings a song to distract her, but Sunset Demon cannot take it, so she attempts to harm Pinkie, but she runs away. (Old Time Rock and Roll). Sunset Shimmer then gets the chance to talk to Sunset about how she had always wanted a sister and how they will be best friends. Sunset Demon then takes the girls to Canterlot High, and she destroys the school and hypnotizes the students like she did when she was in Sunset Shimmer's body. Apparently, Sunset Demon bluffed about showing the girls the human world-she actually wanted to make a paradise for demons, and in order to do so, she must turn everyone in the human version of Equestria into her demon slaves (My True Paradise). Sunset Shimmer is really shocked that everyone in the world's lives are at risk and tells Sunset Demon she is no longer her daughter and can no longer trust her. She then takes Sunshine with her and tells that together, they must stop Sunset Demon. However, Sunset Shimmer feels a bit sorry for abandoning her new mother, as she seemed to be really nice and caring to her, but changed suddenly (Eternal Flame).

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer's 5 friends witness Sunset Demon rounding up the mind controlled students. The 5 girls think Sunset has turned into a demon again, but Pinkie Pie claims it isn't her. Just then, Sunset Shimmer rushes in and tells the girls that she has a solution to defeat Sunset Demon: challenge her to a magical battle! Sunset Shimmer's friends think this is impossible, since there is no magic in the human version of Equestria. However, Sunshine tells the girls that she was made with magic and can help the girls defeat Sunset Demon by using good magic spells. The girls then set off to fight Sunset Demon. 

Sunset Demon tells Sunset Shimmer and Sunshine that they have disobeyed her and will be turned into demons because of it, but Sunset Shimmer challenges her to a battle. If Sunset Shimmer and her friends defeat Sunset Demon, Sunshine Glimmer will be become a normal girl in the human Equestria. If Sunset Demon wins, Sunshine will die. The girls fight, but their magic seems to be weak against Sunset Demon. Just as Sunset Demon fires her last attack, Sunshine wishes that her magic was stronger, and this wish transforms the girls into much more powerful forms, and they send Sunset Demon to the Demon World. (The Magical Showdown) Sunset Shimmer thanks Sunshine for her help before her memory is erased and she becomes an ordinary girl who people now think is Sunset's younger sister. (Thank You, My Hero!) Afterwards, Sunset sings a song telling what happened after the events of the movie (The First Thing About Friendship [Reprise])


  • The movie is 70 minutes long.
  • This movie is somewhat similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Sunset Demon bluffed 2 times in this movie. First, she told Sunset Shimmer that she wouldn't like her to be in her family, but did want her, and the second time, she wanted to rule the humanized Equestria instead of showing Sunshine the humanized Equestria.
  • This is the first My Little Pony movie to include 2 real life songs in it (Old Time Rock and Roll and Eternal Flame)
  • The part of the movie with the battle is a take-off of the Tenacious D song Beelzeboss.

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