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My Workout siteEdit

The overall goal here is to provide a destination for anyone who is on any kind of training program, or just wants to get on one. This site should people to get and give answers to all the questions they've ever had about working out...

For those people that are serious, and don't mind coughing over a little dough, we'll offer expert advice from certified personal trainers. That plus specialized tracking to key demographics for ads should make for a profitable venture.

Site AreasEdit

Workout GoalsEdit

Workout TrackerEdit

Personal Training ($$)Edit

Workout Community (open)Edit

My Workout Groups (private)Edit

Clothing, equipment, etcEdit

  • User reviews (ingestion from 3rd party api's, and on-site user-generated)
  • Trainer reviews (from the pro's!)
  • Lead revenue via Amazon Affiliate program (and perhaps others if they can be found...)

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