4 turtles, one of them becomes evil, and the 4 turtles' lives are gunna be changed forever. (Rated TV-14 due to mild language and mentions of tobacco and beer and blood)

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Write the first section of your page here. This story focussos on drama, family, and a little comedy. This isn't the 1990s Saturday morning cartoon everyone knows. Unlike most TMNT shows, the Shredder doesn't appear 'till season 3. Unfortnatly, Venus De Milo appears in season 2, but she will barely use magic and she will be in a realationship with Donatello in season 5. The Teen Titans will join them in season 8.


Leonardo: The leader of the group. Has a huge scar in the side of his head. He hated Michelangelo when he became Midnight doe to sadness. The most serious ninja turtle.

Donatello (aka Turtle Titan): Venus De Milo's boyfriend. Was the saddest when Michelangelo left and became Midnight.