Movie Magic: The Legacy of the Films- a new spectacle, different from DCA's World of Color water show, DLR's former Fantasy Waters show, DL & DHS' Fantasmic!, DLRP's Bonfire Spectacular, Universal Studios' Universal 360: A Cinesphere Spectacular, MK's Wishes, old and current Disney theme park shows, Las Vegas' Fountains of Bellagio and more, but with movies, cartoon shorts, live-action shorts and film serials. Hosted by Tinkerbell and all the others as they tell the story and legacy of the movie magic. this show utilizes same technology as DCA's World of Color.

Music: Mark Hammond, Dave Hamilton, Minnesota Orchestra and other symphony orchestra groups
Show elements: Live Actors and Articulated Characters, Barges, Grid Nozzles, Single and Dual Water Whips, Blow Pops, Transformer Nozzles, Chaser Fountains, Geyser Fountains, etc
Songs, APM Music Identification, Music-only Scores and Tunes represented in the show: Lights!!! Camera!!! Action!!!, When You Wish Upon a Star, You Can See with Your Heart, Pure Imagination, The Age of Not Believing, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Song of the Gold Diggers, No One But Donald Duck, I've Got No Strings, Casey Junior, Topsy Turvy, Bumble Boogie, All the Cats Join In, Be Our Guest, Nutcracker Suite, The Pastoral Symphony, Rhapsody in Blue, Pomp and Circumstances - Marches 1, 2, 3 and 4, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet, Little Toot, Hop on Your Pogo Stick, Trees, Define Dancing, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, You Belong To My Heart, The Army's Not the Army Anymore, The Thrill of It All, Hey a Movie!, The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, Gidget, The Second Star to the Bright, Der Fuehrer's Face, I'm Wishing, Lester's Possum Park, Woody's Roundup, Trashin' the Camp, The Bare Necessities, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company "B", The Greatest Man in Siam, The Woody Woodpecker Polka, Abou Ben Boogie, A Friend Like Me, Would You Like to Swing on a Star?, I Just Can't Wait To Be King, That's Entertainment!, There's No Business Like Show Business, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocus, You're Doing the 1940, Cryin' for the Carolines, etc
Characters represented in the show as they tell the story and legacy of movie magic: Tinkerbell, The Blue Fairy, The Spring Sprite, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, The Fairy Godmother, Pinocchio, etc
Villains represented in the scariest, vile and intense section of the show: Zig Zag, Sa'luk, Judge Doom, Hades, Sykes, Shan Yu, Clayton, Coco LaBounche, Berkeley, Grundel, etc
Songs, APM Music Identification, Music-only Scores and Tunes represented in the scariest, vile and intense section of the show: Flight in Panic 1, Gidget is Drowing, Hellfire, The Wildebeest Stampede, Lighting McQueen's Lost, Sinister Stromboli, House of Horror, Abject Terror, Armed Attacks, Dangerous, Arnold is Back, Black Empire, Imperial March, Cliffhanger, Finger of Fear, Frankenstein's Niece, From the Dead, Frontal Attacks, Danger Zone, Dead March, The Dragon (from Tokyo Disneyland 10th Anniversary Spectacular: It's Magical!), Death Trap, Drama Links, Dramatic Climaxes, Dramatic Cues, Dramatic Encounter, Dramatic Impacts, Dramatic Stabs, Enter the Villain, Evil Alien Attack 1, etc
Movies, Cartoon Shorts, Live-Action Shorts and Film Serials represented in the show: Pinocchio, etc

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