• Alexandros Martinez
  • Elisa Martinez
  • Mrs. Brooke Preston Mata
  • Mata's Servants
  • Meghann Odum
  • James Clark


In the tradition of "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls", Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, present you a better story as designed by Alexandros Martinez. In this story, there is no Danielle, but there's plenty of Elisa Martinez.

Alex himself is unaware of the proclamation. Elisa slyly offers to help Alex retrieve the necklace from the bottom of the well. When Elisa reveals her intentions, the two teens struggle and fall into the well. There they meet a Frog King, who tells them that the necklace has been taken by the magical Mrs. Mata.

The two teens end up in the magical realm of Mrs. Mata. They make their way to Mrs. Mata's house, along the way encountering various magical creatures and things in need of help. At each point Alex happily helps the creatures, while Elisa refuses. When they end up at Mrs. Mata's house, she explains that they have to stay a while, because the door leading to their world is closed. Alex agrees to stay and help Mrs. Mata with her chores, but Elisa leaves to find her own way back. Alex gets help from Mrs. Mata's little boy servants, while Elisa runs into all amount of trouble. In the end Elisa reluctantly returns to the house, and Mrs. Mata sends both teens back home.

The entire village watches as the two teens are magically returned from the well. Mrs. Mata appears in the sky and says, "What you have done of your own accord, you both shall receive your just reward." Alex's clothes transform to a beautiful wedding suit and the garnet stone necklace appears around his neck. As for Elisa, pitch falls on to her clothes. Meghann Odum arrives, and is reunited with Alex, taking him to the castle to be married. Elisa reluctantly agrees to marry James Clark.

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