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There could be a Possiblity of a Mortal Kombat Cartoon in the Near future with Warner Bros. Animation (Who Now Owns the Rights of the Franchise) Producing it. The series will be run by the former Producers of G.I. Joe: Rengades and The Batman is released November 11, 2003 – May 13, 2006.


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The Opening Narration is Done by Raiden: "Much has changed since the last Mortal Kombat tournament. Dark forces of Outworld have begun invading the Earthrealm. These attacks are seriously weakening Earth's dimensional fabric, enabling not only outworlders to enter the Earthrealm, but warriors from other domains as well. Only the most extraordinary warriors can possibly meet this challenge. Driven by purpose and bound by honor, these are the heroes of the Outer Realm."

Narration by Raiden:

"Much has changed since the last Mortal Kombat tournament. Dark forces of Outworld have begun invading the Earthrealm. These attacks are seriously weakening Earth's dimensional fabric, enabling not only outworlders to enter the Earthrealm, but warriors from other domains as well. Only the most extraordinary warriors can possibly meet this challenge. Driven by purpose and bound by honor, these are the heroes of the Outer Realm."


  • Richard Epcar - Raiden
  • Patrick Seitz - Scorpion
  • George Newbern - Sub-Zero
  • James Sie - Liu Kang
  • Jeff Bennett - Johnny Cage
  • Brian Bloom - Kurtis Stryker
  • Grey DeLisle - Princess Kitana
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Jackson "Jax" Briggs
  • Olivia D'Abo - Sonya Blade
  • Clancy Brown - Shao Kahn
  • Scott Menville - Kung Lao
  • Nolan North - Shang Tsung
  • John Kassir - Reptile
  • Keith Szarabajka - Noob Saibot
  • Tricia Helfer - Mileena
  • Mark Hamill - Baraka
  • Dwight Schultz - Lord Shinnok
  • Steven Blum - Nightwolf, Chameleon
  • Dawnn Lewis - Sheeva
  • Nick Chinlund - Quan Chi
  • Dave Fennoy - Smoke
  • John DiMaggio - Kano, Goro
  • Iona Morris - Zara
  • James Horan - Asgaarth
  • Robin Atkin Downes - Ermac
  • David Sobolov - Ramath
  • Terri Hawkes - Jade
  • Michael T. Wiess - Oniro
  • Wade Williams - Kabal
  • Rino Romano - Rain
  • Rick D. Wasserman - Sektor
  • Khary Payton - Cyrax
  • Susan Eisenberg - Sindel
  • April Stewart - Sareena
  • Crispin Freeman - Kintaro, Kenshi
  • Gary Anthony William - Onaga
  • Kari Wahlgren - Skarlet
  • Jennifer Hale - Frost
  • Kim Mai Guest - Li-Mei
  • Fred Tatasciore - Bo' Rai Cho
  • Keone Young - Dairou
  • Keith David - Darrius
  • Maria Canals - Khameleon
  • Corey Burton - Havik, King Jerrod
  • Tasia Valenza - Kira
  • Vanessa Marshall - Nitara
  • Nika Futterman - Ashrah
  • Danica McKellar - Tayna
  • David Kaye - Fujin
  • Hynden Walch - Tasia
  • Travis Willingham - Reiko
  • Jason Marsden - Hotaru, Kobra, Chow Kang
  • Phil LaMarr - Mavado
  • Rodger Bumpass - Hsu Hao
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Moloch, Motaro and Orochi Hellbeast

Brazilian Cast

  • Mauro Ramos - Raiden and Bo' Rai Cho
  • Eduardo Dascar - Scorpion
  • Luiz Feier Motta - Sub-Zero
  • Alexandre Moreno - Liu Kang
  • Peterson Adriano - Johnny Cage
  • Guilherme Briggs - Kurtis Stryker
  • Andrea Murucci - Princess Kitana
  • Maurício Berger - Jackson "Jax" Briggs
  • Sylvia Salustti - Sonya Blade
  • Ricardo Schnetzer - Shao Kahn
  • Reinaldo Buzzoni - Kung Lao
  • Júlio Chaves - Shang Tsung
  • Paulo Bernardo - Reptile 
  • Waldyr Sant'anna - Baraka
  • Bruno Rocha - Noob Saibot
  • Sheila Dorfman - Mileena
  • Luiz Carlos Persy - Lord Shinnok
  • Sérgio Muniz - Nightwolf
  • Ricardo Juarez - Chameleon
  • Samir Murad - Kano and Orochi Hellbeast
  • Márcio Simões - Kabal
  • Mabel Cezar - Sheeva
  • Márcio Seixas - Quan Chi and Sektor
  • Hércules Franco - Smoke
  • Ronaldo Júlio - Goro, Kintaro and Motaro
  • Izabel Lira - Zara
  • Pietro Mário - Asgaarth
  • Hamilton Ricardo - Ermac
  • Dário de Castro - Ramath
  • Ana Lúcia Menezes - Jade
  • Ednaldo Lucena - Oniro
  • Marco Antônio Costa - Rain
  • Carla Pompílio - Sindel
  • Guilene Conte - Sareena
  • Malta Júnior - Kenshi, Havik and Reiko
  • Philippe Maia - Cyrax
  • Marcelo Torreão - Onaga
  • Flávia Fontenelle - Skarlet
  • Adriana Torres - Frost and Tanya
  • Fabíola Giardino - Li'Mei
  • Silvia Goiabeira - Khameleon
  • José Santa Cruz - King Jerrod
  • Lina Mendes - Kira
  • Priscila Amorim - Nitara
  • Miriam Ficher - Ashrah
  • Rosane Corrêa - Tasia
  • André Belizar - Fujin
  • Ettore Zuim - Hotaru
  • Jorge Rosa - Mavado
  • Clécio Souto - Kobra
  • Marcelo Garcia - Chow Kang
  • Ricardo Telles - Hsu Hao
  • Jorge Vasconcelos - Moloch
  • Manolo Rey - Vozes Adicionais
  • Isaac Schneider - Vozes Adicionais
  • Ronalth Abreu - Vozes Adicionais
  • Luiz Carlos Persy - Vozes Adicionais
  • Élida L'Astorina - Vozes Adicionais
  • Jéssica Marina - Vozes Adicionais
  • Charles Emmanuel - Vozes Adicionais
  • Erick Bougleux - Vozes Adicionais
  • Victoria Ficher - Vozes Adicionais
  • Locutor/Placas -Sérgio Fortuna
  • Diretor de dublagem - Sheila Dorfman
  • Estúdio - Wan Macher


  • Collette Sunderman - Casting and Voice Director
  • Kevin Manthei - Composer
  • Ed Boon - Creator
  • Andy Sturmer - Teen Titans Theme Song Producer
  • Puffy Ami Yumi - Performer


Season One (2003 - 2004): Arc Liu Kang

Episode Title Episode Title (Brazilian Portuguese) Episode Plot Original air date
Kombat Begins: Part One O Kombate Começa: Parte 1 The story tells that once every generation, there is an inter-dimensional martial arts tournament known as Mortal Kombat, designed by the Elder Gods to limit invasions between the realms of the universe. If the realm of Outworld wins Mortal Kombat ten consecutive times, its Emperor Shao Kahn will be able to invade and conquer the Earthrealm. November 11, 2003
Kombat Begins: Part Two O Kombate Começa: Parte 2 The Shaolin warrior Liu Kang and his comrades, Hollywood movie star Johnny Cage and U.S. Special Forces officer Sonya Blade, were handpicked by Raiden, the god of lightning and Earthrealm's defender, to overcome their powerful adversaries in order to prevent Outworld from winning their tenth straight Mortal Kombat tournament. November 15, 2003
Kombat Begins: Part Three O Kombate Começa: Parte 3 Liu Kang faces not only Shang Tsung, but the souls that Shang Tsung had forcibly taken in past tournaments, and the image of his brother, Chan. November 18, 2003
The Scorpion's Sting A Picada de Scorpion With Earthrealm saved, Outword can no longer invade it. But the undead warrior Scorpion have a plan to break the truce. With help from the Netherrealm ruler, Shinnok. November 23, 2003
Beware the Reptile Cuidado com Reptile Sonya Blade is on a hunt to find her partner Jackson Briggs. Who is keeping Prisoner from Kano & his partner, Reptile. November 25, 2003
Skarlet as Blood Skarlet como Sangue Shao Khan had created a warrior with the blood of the fighters from the past tournaments called "Skarlet". November 29, 2003
The Might of Asgaarth O Poder de Asgaarth Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Jax is going out for Quest of Treasure of golden sword they find new kombatant called "Asgaarth" to face Shao Kahn, Sheeva and Shang Tsung. December 3, 2003
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero Sub-Zero is the Leader of lin kuei is ambushed by Guards and meets the kombatants and Raiden for saving his Life and Trainies and joins. December 6, 2003
The Return of Quan-Chi A Volta do Quan-Chi Quan Chi has Returned and escaped from netherrealm and take a command for the army of Dragon King and find his Patner Shang Tsung, and Raiden faces the deadly alliance. December 9, 2003
The Princess of Edenian A Princesa de Edenian Liu Kang travels in the edenian to visit his brother Kung Lao and meets the princess of edenian called "Kitana". December 13, 2003
Vengeance Vingança Scorpion is a capable to revenge Sub-Zero and Raiden, and leave out of netherrealm and comes of earthrealm to avenge of his brother. December 18, 2003
Beware of Mileena Cuidado com Mileena Kitana and Kombatants goes to edenia to visit King Jerrod and Queen Sindel and Mileena is Kitana's clone as the thief comes there to find her clone to meet and in fights Mileena, and Kitana is not afraid her and she are fearless. December 21, 2003
Uppercut Soco no Queixo Red dragon clan comes to earthrealm and Jax Falls in the Helicopter Jax's arms are hurt for members of Red Dragon is called "Mavado" and "Hsu Hao" and is saved by "Kabal" and they are captured and Kabal implants bomb about ship and Jax thanks for Kabal for save him and Jax are ready to go home. December 27, 2003
Nightwolf Nightwolf The native american "Nightwolf" comes to visit kombatants and joins for special way to face Kano. January 10, 2004
The Afterlife Vida Após a Morte The Kombatants battles Sheeva and shokans before the sun rising and Raiden is Hurted unconsciously by Sheeva and Sub-Zero tries to wake him up. January 17, 2004
Underworld Kombat Kombate no Submundo Sub-Zero, Jax and Kitana travels in netherrealm and they have a plan to face a Orochi Hellbeast and Scorpion for get out this realm. January 24, 2004
The Second Coming of Lord Shinnok A Segunda Chegada Do Lord Shinnok Liu Kang, Jax, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Stryker, Kano, Nightwolf and Kung Lao are in hunt for find Lord Shinnok for back home. January 31, 2004
Female Fury Fúria Fêmea Jade is a Friend of Kitana and joins the kombatants to face Mileena and Shao Kahn, Mileena has been defeated by Stryker, Jade Joins them. February 7, 2004
The Journey of Liu Kang: Part One Jornada de Liu Kang: Parte 1 Liu Kang goes to travel to asia to enconter a Bo'Rai Cho a traines him to face Moloch. February 14, 2004
The Journey of Liu Kang: Part Two Jornada de Liu Kang: Parte 2 Liu Kang and Bo' Rai Cho faces a guardian of river, cave and tree, now faces Moloch, Liu Kang thanks Bo'Rai Cho for visit to asia and now he travel to USA for home. February 21, 2004
Rainfall Chuva Mortal Rain the prince of edenia comes to earthrealm behind of kitana. February 28, 2004
Goro the Four-Arm Terror Goro o Terrorista de Quatro Braços The Kombatans face Kintaro, who attempts to break into the prison. Liu Kang and Jax's team maneuver goes away and the villain escapes. A fierce argument between Liu Kang and Jax ensues, and Jax announces his decision to quit the team. Shao Kahn takes advantage of the split, sending Goro to eliminate the Kombatants.. March 6, 2004
Eternal Life Vida Eterna Kitana and Kombatants meets your mother Queen Sindel and honoraded to come here to visit and Shang Tsung and Quan Chi comes behind of Raiden and Sub-Zero, the others and Raiden rejoins them for good. March 13, 2004
Wrath of Raiden A Ira do Deus do Trovão Raiden suffers overvoltage of thunder powers and kombatants backs to help him. March 19, 2004
Immortal Kombat: Part One Imortal Kombat Parte 1 Liu Kang has separated and coming to sewers and liu kang has captured and taked by Mavado and Hsu Hao. March 21 2004
Immortal Kombat: Part Two Imortal Kombat Parte 2 Liu Kang faces Mavado and Hsu Hao and breakout, Jax and Sonya faces Goro in Factory and Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Kitana faces Kintaro in abandoned mine. March 26, 2004
Immortal Kombat: Part Three Imortal Kombat Parte 3 In a Final Stand aganist Shao-Khan, Raiden unleased the Power of the Elder Gods to face him in the Biggest Mortal Kombat Known to realm kind. March 31, 2004

Season Two (2004): Arc Raiden

Episode Title Episode Title (Brazilian Portuguese) Episode Plot Original air date
Revenge: Part One Vingança: Parte 1 Shao Kahn have a plans for Goro, Kintaro, Motaro and General Reiko to kill kombatants of once and for all. April 6, 2004
Revenge: Part Two Vingança: Parte 2 Reiko faces the kombatants and defeats them and Shao Kahn's plan is work and raiden faces him once and get out this place in collapse, and Reiko is Missing and Shao Kahn is alive. April 11, 2004
Frostbite GelaDura Sub-Zero meets frost from lin kuei as enemy as criminal, kombatants and Sub-Zero faces her. April 18, 2004
Where There's Smoke Onde Há do Smoke Sub-Zero has a new friend Smoke as ninja as cyborg, Oniro, a sinister, dangerous and cruel and Sub-Zero and Smoke's enemy  Sub-Zero and Smoke and they faces Oniro together and them become friends, Sub-Zero backs to the earthrealm and Smoke joins later them. April 24, 2004
The Cyber Initiative A Iniciativa Cibernética Kombatants Meets Cyrax is a Cyborg and Friend of Jax and Sonya and Enemy of Sektor and Cyrax faces Sektor and Cyrax causes virus and Sonya and Jax Saves him, Cyrax defeats Sektor with double bombs and he kicks out Sektor in his mind, he joins them. April 28, 2004
Enter Noob Saibot Entre o Noob Saibot Noob Saibot is assassin of lin kuei and enemy of Sub-Zero, Shao Kahn sends him to kill him. May 9, 2004
The Red Swordsman O Espadachim Vermelho Kombatants Meets Kenshi is a Red Swordsman, he joins to adapt special way for Sonya Blade, Mavado and Hsu Hao is sended by Shao Kahn to Brawl Kenshi. May 16, 2004
The Treasure of Swords of Ilkan O Tesouro das Espadas do Ilkan Liu Kang and Kitana goes to cave of earthrealm to find the lost treasure ancestors swords and Zara goes behind him. May 22, 2004
The Dragon King Reborn O Renascimento do Rei Dragão Dragon King has Reborned is called "Onaga" former Emperor of outworld, Quan chi, Shang Tsung and Onaga goes to destroy earthrealm and Kombatants. May 29, 2004
Only Human Apenas Humano When Cyrax beats Sektor in an online video game, he challenges Cyrax to a real, physical fight; a fight Cyrax loses due to Sektor having lesser limits on his strength. June 5, 2004
Evolution Evolução It's the Fourth of July of earthrealm and everyone is ready to celebrate.. that is until Quan Chi crashes the celebration. July 31, 2004
My Bro Liu Kang Meu Mano Liu Kang Liu Kang Reenconters Kung Lao during the battle againist Baraka and Tarkatans, Kung Lao and Liu Kang defeats Baraka together like double. August 3, 2004
Deception: Part One Decepção: Parte 1 Deception is borned, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi travels to outworld and goes to his palace to rule the army of Onaga. August 21, 2004
Deception: Part Two Decepção: Parte 2 Raiden faces Shang Tsung and Quan Chi and both defeats raiden, Onaga comes to face Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Raiden, Raiden defeats Onaga and Shao Kahn and Shao Kahn falls in lava, and he Sacrifices for use his thunder powers for stop a volcano, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi runs of his palace , Raiden's Sacrifice as Vain and becomes stone, Onaga survives of volcano and flies away, Kombatants honors his sacrifice by Sub-Zero placing a plaque in front of his statue form that reads "Raiden. A Thunder God. A Procetor of Realm", and Deception is gone. August 21, 2004

Season Three (2004 - 2005): Arc Shang Tsung and Quan Chi

Episode Title Episode Title (Brazilian Portuguese) Episode Plot Original air date
The Quest of Wisdom A Busca da Sabedoria After of Shao Kahn's Defeat, deception is gone and Raiden's sacrifice, Liu Kang and Jax are tasked with escorting one of the earthrealm forest’ for find a wisdom, to special forces base. August 28, 2004
The God of Wind O Deus do Vento Sub-Zero, Liu Kang and Kung Lao meets the god of winds and of elements of nature called Fujin. September 4, 2004
The Student Princess A Princesa Aluna Liu Kang encounters The Student Princess called Li'Mei. September 11, 2004
The Seidan Leader O Líder Seidan Jax is Under Arrested by Hotaru the Seidan Leader from crimes and Dairou takes Jax out of prison of defeat Dangerous Darrius. September 18, 2004
Cyrax's Virus O Virus do Cyrax Cyrax suffers the Cibernetic Virus and Stryker helps him, Liu Kang finds Medicine to cure him. October 2, 2004
Race Againist Time Corrida Contra o Tempo October 6, 2004
The Sum of Parts A Soma das Partes October 23, 2004
Rise of Tarkatans A Hora de Tarkatans October 30, 2004
The Demon Within O Demônio Dentro de Nós November 4, 2004
Growing Pains Dores Crescentes January 5, 2005,
Deadly Alliance: Part One Aliânça Mortal: Parte 1 January 15, 2005
Deadly Alliance: Part Two Aliânça Mortal: Parte 2 January 22, 2005

Season Four (2005): Arc Sonya Blade

Episode Title Episode Title (Brazilian Portuguese) Episode Plot Original air date
Justice For All Justiça para Todos January 26, 2005
The Quest A Cruzada February 3, 2005
A Good Deed For Kung Lao Boa Ação para Kung Lao February 7, 2005
Cyrax the Barbarian Cyrax o Bárbaro February 12, 2005
The Obscure Side O Lado Obscuro May 14, 2005
The Invisible Threat A Ameaça Invisivel June 4, 2005
Switched Na Mira do Assassino June 11, 2005
The Hunt Relentless A Caçada Implacável June 18, 2005
Cybernetic Trust Confiânça Cibernética June 25, 2005
The Trail to Invisibiblity Um Caminho para Invisibilidade July 2, 2005
The Prophecy A Profecia July 9, 2005
Stealth Furtivos July 16, 2005
Overdrive A Todo Vapor September 24, 2005
Divide and Conquer Dividir e Conquistar October 1, 2005
The Big Brawl: Part One A Grande Luta: Parte 1 October 8, 2005
The Big Brawl: Part Two A Grande Luta: Parte 2 October 15, 2005
The Big Brawl: Part Three A Grande Luta: Parte 3 November 4, 2005

Season Five (2006): Arc Shao Kahn

Episode Title Episode Title (Brazilian Portuguese) Episode Plot Original air date
Konquest Conquista January 7, 2006
The Return of Raiden A Volta do Deus do Trovão January 14, 2006
For Real De Verdade January 16, 2006
Trust Confiânça January 23, 2006
Ermac Ermac February 5, 2006
The Wisdom of Asgaarth A Sabedoria de Asgaarth February 14, 2006
Ice Speed Velocidade do Gelo February 23, 2006
Begin! Começar! March 14, 2006
Calling All Kombatants Chamando Todos os Kombatentes March 23, 2006
Kombatants Together! Kombatentes Juntos! April 6, 2006
Things Change A Mudança May 13, 2006

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