There could be a Possiblity of an another Mortal Kombat Animated show in the future. Also, the show will air on Toonami. Rated TV-14-LSV for Intense Martial Arts action, language, sexual themes and mayhem.


It's revealed that the battle between the warriors of the six realms culminated into only two survivors: Shao Kahn and Raiden. Badly beaten, Raiden had only one last move he could make to prevent Shao Kahn from claiming the power of Blaze. He sends visions of the entire course of the Mortal Kombat timeline to himself in the past right before the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament. This transfer of information to his former self causes a rift in time causing the timeline to be erased and a new "reboot" timeline to be introduced, with a new outcome of Mortal Kombat history to be written. But this story leads to even worse unforseen events. It ends with many of the main game characters dying at the hands of Queen Sindel and eventually Raiden kills Liu Kang in a fit of rage. But eventually the Elder Gods aid Raiden in killing Shao Kahn and saving Earthrealm.

Narration by Raiden:

"Much has changed since the last Mortal Kombat tournament. Dark forces of Outworld have begun invading the Earthrealm. These attacks are seriously weakening Earth's dimensional fabric, enabling not only outworlders to enter the Earthrealm, but warriors from other domains as well. Only the most extraordinary warriors can possibly meet this challenge. Driven by purpose and bound by honor, these are the heroes of the Outer Realm."


  • Richard Epcar - Raiden
  • Patrick Seitz - Scorpion
  • George Newbern - Sub-Zero
  • James Sie - Liu Kang
  • Jeff Bennett - Johnny Cage
  • Brian Bloom - Kurtis Stryker
  • Grey DeLisle - Princess Kitana
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Jackson "Jax" Briggs
  • Olivia D'Abo - Sonya Blade
  • Clancy Brown - Shao Kahn
  • Miguel Ferrer - Kung Lao
  • Nolan North - Shang Tsung
  • John Kassir - Reptile
  • Keith Szarabajka - Noob Saibot
  • Tricia Helfer - Mileena
  • Mark Hamill - Baraka, Havok
  • Dwight Schultz - Lord Shinnok
  • Steven Blum - Nightwolf
  • Dawnn Lewis - Sheeva
  • Nick Chinlund - Quan Chi
  • Dave Fennoy - Smoke
  • John DiMaggio - Kano, Goro
  • Iona Morris - Zara
  • James Horan - Asgarth
  • Robin Atkin Downes - Ermac
  • David Sobolov - Ramath
  • Terri Hawkes - Jade
  • Michael T. Wiess - Oniro
  • Wade Williams - Kabal
  • Rino Romano - Rain
  • Rick D. Wasserman - Sektor
  • Susan Eisenberg - Sindel
  • Benjamin Diskin - Kenshi
  • April Stewart - Sareena
  • Crispin Freeman - Kintaro
  • Gary Anthony William - Cyrax
  • Kari Wahlgren - Skarlet
  • Jennifer Hale - Frost
  • Kim Mai Guest - LiMei
  • Tasia Valenza - Kira
  • Vanessa Marshall - Nitara
  • Nika Futterman - Ashrah
  • Danica McKellar - Tayna
  • Hynden Walch - Tasia


  • Collette Sunderman - Casting and Voice Director
  • Kevin Manthei - Composer


Kombat Begins: Part One
Kombat Begins: Part Two
Kombat Begins: Part Three
The Scorpion's Sting
Beware the Reptile
The Might of Asgarth
The Return of Quan-Chi
The Princess of Ediena
Beware of Mileena
The Afterlife
Underworld Kombat
The Second Coming of Lord Shinnok
Female Fury
The Journey of Liu Kang: Part One
The Journey of Liu Kang: Part Two
Rain of Rage
Goro the Six-Arm Terror
Eternal Life
Wrath of Raiden
Immortal Kombat: Part One
Immortal Kombat: Part Two
Immortal Kombat: Part Three

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