Mor'du as a Heartless

Mor'du is a boss fought in Kingdom Hearts III: Reconnect.

Appearance and Backstory

Mor'du is a monstrous, 15 feet tall black bear with huge claws, a misaligned jaw, and long, sharp teeth. King Fergus lost his leg in a battle against this bear while protecting his wife and daughter.


The revived human Mor'du

Mor'du was not always a bear; He was a human prince, who wanted to take over the kingdom he shared with his three brothers, and used magic to gain "the strength of ten men". The spell he received eventually transformed him into a monstrous bear, soon leading to the fall of the kingdom. Merida realizes the same spell has been thrown upon Queen Elinor as she is turned into a bear. In the end, Mor'du is killed, crushed by a menhir, which frees the Prince's spirit who takes the form of a wisp.

Role in Reconnect

In Reconnect, Mor'du appears as a Heartless boss summoned by Isa to battle Sora and Merida while he tries to steal the world heart of Castle DunBroch and turn Queen Elinor into a Heartless. Eventually, Sora manages to defeat Mor'du by weakening him long enough for Goofy to break the menhir that immediately crushes Mor'du, ending his life. But instead of turning into a mindless, child-like wisp, Mor'du dissappears into darkness and his heart flies off into the shadows.

Later on, Chernabog uses his soul resurrection powers to restore Mor'du to his original human form, granting him a position as the Horned King's head warrior in the armies of darkness. Sora eventually confronts the human Mor'du during a return visit to Castle DunBroch, but soon learns while battling the villain that Mor'du is really is as strong as ten men, just as he always wanted. Soa manages to defeat Mor'du once more, but offers to help save the prince from dying. Mor'du refuses the offer, prefering to finally rest in peace and face judgement on the crimes he has committed, disappearing into the darkness once more.

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