Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is an animated series based on the Marvel Comics superhero


Moon Knight chronicles the exploits of Marc Spector, a former mercenary turned vigilante crimefighter. While on a mission in Egypt, Marc attempts to save a village from a massacre brought on by his boss, the corrupt Raoul Bushman. Bushman humiliates Marc in combat, and leaves him to die in the desert. Fortunately, Marc is saved by the Cult of Khonshu, who recognize him as their chosen warrior. Nursed back to health by Marlene Alrune, whose father was among those killed by Bushman, Marc accepts his destiny to battle evil as Khonshu's emisarry of justice, and is given a white and silver uniform made from a special cloth, and many moon shaped weapons, such as an ahnk-shaped club, a gold dagger, and cresant shaped throwing blades. With this equipment, Mark, now calling himself the Moon Knight, attacks Bushman's troops out of revenge for the village they killed. But in the confusion, Bushman escapes, prompting the first season's story arc. Returning to America, Marc establishes two psuedo-identities to aid him in his war on crime: Steven Grant, a multibillionaire, using the money he stole from Bushman's troops, and Jake Lockley, a cab driver. With his best friend, pilot, and sidekick, Frenchie, Moonie wages a secret war on crime, using his own prowess to battle New York's criminal underworld, while searching for Bushman.

Two noteable changes to the character in the series are as follows:

  • In a tribute to the original Mirage Studios Ninja Turtles comics, New York is ignorant of Moon Knight's existance, save for rumors.
  • Moon Knight has NO superpowers, as a way to avoid the way most writers either give him powers or not.


  • John Campbell...Marc Spector/Moon Knight
  • Clancy Brown...Frenchie
  • Kari Wahlgren...Marlene Alrune
  • Gina Torres...Gena Landers
  • Malcolm McDowell...Bertard Crawley
  • Tony Todd...Raoul Bushman

Adapted Storylines

None, but some episodes are based on the comics

Who should do the series?

The people who did the first five seasons of the 2003 Ninja Turtles cartoon

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