from the creators of Alien Planet, and Dinosaur Planet, comes the story of Monsters from the future


Arcticoa: The Study of the Tundra, Sea, and Ocean, all studied by Isis Jean Valeria!

Tropicania: the study of the Prairies, Swamps, Jungles, and rainforests, all studied by Rupert Alan Malone!

Vulcanus: the most extreme study of Desert, Mountains, Badlands, and anywhere more dangerous, all studied by Derek Samson Jr.



Norway: On Monster Planet

  • Felledont- Mutated Descendent of Pigs, and more like Enteledont!
  • Dorutops - Mutated Descendent of Vultures, and more like Gastornis!
  • Onurac Whale - Mutated Descendent of Right Whales, only are land based!
  • Wooly Walrus - Mutated Walrus's that took up the nieshes of Wooley Mammoths!


  • Tickar - Mutated Descendents of Saltwater Crocodiles
  • Forgid Whales - Mutated Descendents of Marine Iguanas!
  • WhaleCrab - Mutated Lobsters that are as large as a Blue Whale!
  • Guan-Long - Mutated Marine Iguana Relative that took up the Pace of Basilosaurus!
  • Triceploplots - A land mutant Iguana that has horns!

Indian Ocean

  • Brewgas - Mutant Puffins that took the place of Pterosaurs!
  • Jellyshark - A Combination of a Shark and a Jellyfish!
  • Sun Rider - A Mutated Descendent of Mink Whales, that has four flippers!
  • Sea Worms - Viper Like Gulper Eel relatives!


Amazonian/African Plain

  • Sabre-Tooth Lion - Mutant Descendents of Lions!
  • Clawboons - Sloth like Baboons!
  • Bubass - Elephent Mutants
  • Chezaze - Mutant Descendents of both Hyeana and Dog!
  • Bubass Eater Dragon -

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