Monster Life: The Series is a 2012 CGI program that aired on ABC Family's fanmade preschool programming block( US), Milkshake! (UK), ABC 2 (AU), France 5 (France), Cartoon Network Japan, Cartoon Network German, Cartoon Network Arabic and Disney Channel China.

Info On The Show

22 Monsters are born and raised in an island called Numa. They have adventures and have two 11 minute episodes about almost anything.

The Monsters

Vacuumster (Female) voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris

Beakster (Male) voiced by Tom Kenny

Spearster (Male) voiced by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Sharkster (Male) voiced by Nicholas Cage

Rockster (Male) voiced by Pol Pot

Pegaster (Female) voiced by Tara Strong

Owlster (Female) voiced by Lena Dunham

Fiendster (Male) voiced by Ben Affleck

Jackaloster (Male) voiced by Jello Biafra

Hornster (Male) voiced by Bill Cosby

Mothster (Female) voiced by Sarah Silverman

Dragster (Male) voiced by Jerry Seinfeld

Diplodoster (Female) voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin

Diggster (Female) voiced by Ashleigh Ball

Boarster (Male) voiced by Kevin Spacey

Crabster (Male) voiced by Jack Nicholson

Squidster (Male) voiced Rupert Grint

Poochster (Male) voiced by H John Benjamin

Porcuster (Female) voiced by Zoe Quinn

Taster (Male) voiced by Matt Damon

Monsters Debuted in Series 2

Crocster (Male) voiced by Hulk Hogan

Domoster (Female) voiced by Aubrey Plaza

Frankenster (Male)

Jagster (Male)

Hungerster (Male)

Lizardster (Male)

Pilgrimster (Male)

Pumpkinster (Male)

Reindeerster (Male)

Seahorster (Female)

Starster (Female)

Toucster (Female)


Monster Life: The Series/Episodes

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