Moana 2: The Lost Island is a movie that will be release in theaters in 2019. It is a sequel of the movie Moana from The Walt Disney Company.


After Moana returned to her island home, she told everyone about what happened. The village children loved her story. Soon, she mistakenly sails to the Te Fiti island, where Moana meets Maui again. He helps her repair her boat, while telling her about a new problem. Maui then continues talking that there are no palm trees on Motunui. Moana doesn't find this a problem, but Maui tells her that there are no palm trees on other islands too. The palm trees are gone. Moana and Maui say goodbye to each other, then Moana and the rest of the village sail away.They sail both day and night. Moana is stressed about the boats decaying and running out of food. She sings a solo song called "Me".

Moana then talks to her mother, named Sina, who starts coughing and then faints. A village doctor checks Sina and tells Moana and Tui that she is very seriously sick. When Moana asks about how she could heal Sina, the doctor replies that She needs a potion made of coconut milk, tears of love and a golden ring. Moana and the rest of the village sail back to Motunui. Moana takes Pua and her own boat and sails away. After a few days, she lands on an island and she looks for coconuts, but doesn't find any. She only finds a guy named Moiné, who lives on the island. He begs Moana for her to take him with her by a song called "So Nice".

Moana agrees and takes Moiné with her. Again, After sailing for a few days, they see another island, that is not pictured on any map. It's called The Lost Island. Just when they get close to the island, a giant crab rises from the water, revealing that the crab's name is Tamatoa. He whistles and a large boat starts getting close to him. It reveals the Kakamora, in which they share a song with Tamatoa called "You Stole My Heart". Then, Moana and Moiné make it through the two oponents, but the Kakamora boat accidentally impales Tamatoa and the boat along with the Kakamora gets sinked down to the ocean.

Moana and Moiné go to the island. The villagers all wear Tiki masks. They sing a song to them ,which is really similiar to "Where You Are", called "The Lost Island".



  1. Me
  2. So Nice
  3. You Stole My Heart
  4. The Lost Island
  5. Me (Reprise)
  6. What Love Feels Like
  7. Here For You
  8. Fine