Mission to Moon Kingdom is Chibi Moon's Mission to go onto the palace and call Queen Serenity, In order to Create one of Heroine Infantries, The Sailor Scouts.



Sailor Chibi Moon Went on a Mission to Moon Kingdom. over the distant past, Tuxedo Mask gives his new Military Forces that achieved to Sailor Scouts. In Under the castle, Sailor Moon passes the Achievement to be complete, Where to be created a female military Soldiers ever to walk the moon palace, The Sailor Scout Infantry.

But then, The Black Moon Clan, and Bureau of bad Behavior army arrived and attacked moon Kingdom. Queen Beryl opens the Negamoon Star Destroyers and starships to attack them. Sailor Scouts and her Infantry Battles against villainous organizations, Between them that the Battleship Thunderchild, Slowly move towards moon palace, Then the Deathling ground of Shadow Spray, and Swam across at full speed towards the Dreaded Queen Beryl, and Three Evil gods, Wiseman, Negaforce and Pharaoh 90.


Heroic Armies and Teams

Freedom Fighters

Heroine Alliance

Moon Cats

Sailor Scout Infantry



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