This is The Modern Version of Minnie's Answering Machine at Disneyland's ToonTown in Minnie's House.

Minnie's Answering Machine (Disneyland Anaheim) Spiel

Minnie: Hi, this is Minnie Mouse. I have so many errands to run I might be out all day. Please leave me a message and I'll call you back. (laughter) Bye-bye.

Mickey: Hiya Minnie. Gosh, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be late for our date tonight. Big doings at the movie barn ya know. Meeting lots of swell folks on the set and all. Gee, thanks for understanding. Ah, see ya later.

Sora: Hey, Minnie, This is Your Friend Sora. Every time That I Get the Great Outdoors, Heartless Appears and Wants Me to Fight Them. Man, What a Tramp! Gee, I Can't Stand It! Well, I Got to Go! Bye!

Goofy: Hi ya Minnie. I called to tell ya, uh, uh, tell ya that, garsh, I forgot what it is I'm supposed to tell ya. Well if you remember what it is, could you call me and let me know?

Demi: Hi,This is Demi Lovato! That scoundrel Donald Duck makes me so angry with that temper of his. It's enough to drive a girl simply crazy! But, well, he is sort of cute when his feathers are ruffled. [sigh] I guess Miley keep him after all. Well, thanks for your help Minnie. Bye-bye.

Donald: Hello Minnie. Demi says I have a temper. Can you imagine, me a temper? Isn't that ridiculous? Boy does that make me mad! (laugh).

Goofy: Uh, hi ya Minnie. It's me again, Goofy. I remember what I forgot before but, uh, I guess I didn't do such a good job because I forgot it again. Good-bye.

Mickey: Uh, hi ya Minnie. Ha, gosh, we're real busy here in the movie barn today. Lots of filming and guests to great you know. Ah, ah, I don't think I'm going to make our dinner date tonight. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. I'll call you later. Bye.

Miley: Hi, Minnie, It's Miley Cyrus! Me and Donald Had a Romantic Date at the Fancy Restaurant! (Sigh Dreamily) What a Night! I Remember The Day That Donald and I First Get Married, We Have a Full of House! Well, I Had toGot Back to Work! Call You Back! Bye!

Goofy: Guess who? Just called to tell ya I still don't know why I called. But I'm thinking about it. Wait! I was returning your call. Yeh, that's it. Whew! I thought I was losin' my mind. Welp, I'll talk to you soon.

Sora: Hey, Minnie! It's Me Again! I Want to Let You Know That Kairi Won't Be Back from Her Trip to New York Until the End of Friday Morning! At Least, Riku is Taking a Day Off! I Had to Call You Back Again Because I Had to Go to The Party at The Park. Bye!

Mickey: Hi ya Minnie. It's me again. Another break in filming. Gosh, I'm busy, but it looks like things are moving along great now. So I'll be able to make that dinner date after all. Gee, what a swell way to end the day, with you (laugh). Oh, uh, well gotta run, but I'll see ya real soon.

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