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One fateful day, Parvo's wife, Witch Bandora, arrived to destroy the Road Rovers. Until alien Joker arrives and gives the Road Rovers battlesuits and Zords to save the world!


Hunter - Red Rover

Blitz - Black Rover

Exile - Blue Rover

Colleen - Pink Rover

Shag - Yellow Rover

Muzzle - Green Rover


  • Ultrazord
  • Megazord
  • Pterodactyl - Pink
  • Tyrannosaurus - Red
  • Triceratops - Blue
  • Sabretooth Tiger - Yellow
  • Mastodon - Black
  • Dragonzord - Green
  • Megadragonzord - Ptero, Masto, Tricera, Sabre, Drago
  • King Brachion - Red
  • Thunder Megazord
  • Red Dragon - Red
  • Unicorn - Blue
  • Griffin - Yellow
  • Lion - Black
  • Phoenix - Pink
  • Tor - Green

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