Mickey's Epic Adventure , Better known Japan as Mickey mouse Saves Disney Town (ミッキーマウスはディズニータウンを保存します。Mikkīmausu wa dizunītaun o hozon shimasu) is the film-to-be.


Mickey Mouse spilled a bottle of magic liquids into the paint he will use. When Mickey creat a plan for a world of his own, the paint he's using gets sucked into this world. The next day, Mickey gets suck into a Disney-esque Disneytown, a place beyond his imagination. In Villains Street USA (based on Main Street, U.S.A.), all disney are upset that they are Turpens, beings that are almost dissolved with thinner, while the good guys are wackily-painted Tinters. Judge Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) decides to stop Mickey Mouse with a green paint thinner known as "Toon Poison." He demonstrates this to the others by lowering a living cartoon shoe into a drum of Toon Poison until it dissolves, leaving only a smear of paint floating on top.

But the Tinters forwarned Mickey about the dangers of the Quest he's going to partaken. He heads off to Fantasia (a Fantasyland-Style place). Once there he confronts and Ooogie Boogie(The Nightmare Before Christmas). However, Mickey won when Oogie Boogie is split open, revealing himself to be merely an animated sack full of insects. Most of Oogie's bugs fall into the Toon Poison-drenched floor and are dissolved, and Mickey uses it to dissolve the last bug that is Oogie himself. Then in The Disney Frontier (Frontierland) Judge Claud Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) was the next to go. He fell into a Toon Poison-tainted river and is dissolved. Mickey takes a short cut through Tomorrow Tectra (Tomorrowland) only to confront and fight Captain Hook (Peter Pan ). Mickey use a wind-up toy baby crocodile to scare Hook away, only for him slip and slide across another pool of Toon Poison and dissolve. Judge Doom is confronted at Disney Town Central (Mickey's Toontown).Doom survives being run over by a steamroller, revealing that he himself is a toon and confess his plot to destory him. Mickey eventually dissolves Doom in Toon Poison by opening the drain on a giant vat of which the green thinner is held. Tinters hail him as a hero, but his off screen wizard master bring him home, ending the film with fire works for the Tinters' delight.

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