Megamo is the main antagonist of the Heroes Alliance television franchise. In ancient times, he was a ridiculed human who turned to Satan for help, as he turns him into a powerful, collossal monster. However, the civilians of his village sealed him up. But, in present day, the seal was sadly temporary, and he breaks free to seek revenge on the world, as well as the entire universe. He had three lives, and will be on a siesta life after life. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore. In Heroes Alliance Forever, he possesses Megatron as a temporary body until he gets his third and final life. As it goes on, Megamo decides to use Megatron as his pawn to create an army of warriors to join him in the ranks. After he was stabbed at the heart by Optimus Prime, he ended up in hell alongside his generals Diana Holo, Jeem Modeem, Fatina and Loudimo. His disciple, from another series, Cartoon Hero All-Stars, is the evil Mecha-Boy. Megamo trained Mecha-Boy and tried to free him, but to no avail, Xandir the Spellcaster stood in his way. Zach "Terroristo" Holo, Diana's husband and another of Megamo's generals, ended up in hell after he was killed by Xandir. A friend of his, J.B. Phobosson, also ended up in hell along with Megamo's brother, Xenonair.

Megamo 1

Megamo, as we first see him in the very first episode of Heroes Alliance. He is also seen in this form of Heroes Alliance Triumphant, where he is permanently defeated in the final battle.

Megamo 2

Megamo, in his second life, as seen in the Heroes Alliance season 2 finale, before Heroes Alliance Forever could start airing.

Megamo's Astral Form

Megamo's astral form, which he use to take over Megatron's body in the first episode of Heroes Alliance Forever, after his second life is gone.

Megatron, possessed by Megamo

Megamo, possessing Megatron, and manipulating him to form the Experts of Darkness for his army, after losing his second life.

Megamo 3

Megamo, in his third, final, and most dangerous form in the Heroes Alliance Forever series finale.

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