Disclaimer: This is NOT a Kamen Rider ripoff!

Mega-Rabbi is an American live-action/animated tokusatsu TV series that will air on NBC January 2012.


When Shadow Star, a sinister terrorist organization, rises up to take over the world, they enlist their agents to kidnap innocent humans (mostly criminals, illegal immigrants, anarchists, and the mentally-impaired), turn them into mutant cyborgs (by giving them animal/plant DNA), and brainwashing them beyond practice. However, one of its altered victims was rescued before that step ever began. And his name is the 11-year-old Kyle Jones. And he can transform into the super-powerful bunny of justice: Mega-Rabbi! As Mega-Rabbi, Kyle vows to fight against Shadow Star's evil forces.

==Characters: ==

Mega-Rabbi: the main character of the show. He is Kyle Jones' mutant-cyborg form. His attire consists of being a small, white, anime bunny wearing a blue hoodie-jacket and brown pocketed jeans. He is enhanced with super strength, agility, endurance, and hearing. His henshin device is a CutiePhone, a cell phone that helps him transform. By saying "Rabbi Henshin", dialing 25713, and spinning around, Kyle Jones becomes Mega-Rabbi. He ultimately destroys his enemies with Bunny Tornado, Bunny Shockwave, Bunny Swipe, and Bunny Kneejab.

Kyle Jones: an 11-year-old boy who had a very dark past. He suffered abuse, torture, starvation, discrimination, humiliation, slavery, and hatred of his abusive mother and his hateful sisters. Kyle Jones was rescued and sent to a foster home, with his cruel family taken to justice. Four years later, the husbandless Jones family escape both the Psychotic Ward For the Criminally Insane and Juvenile Detention Center. Then, they became Shadow Star's titular members, kill Kyle's foster family (consiusting of father, mother, and teenage sister), and kidnap him and transform him into Mega-Rabbi. He then escapes. Due to cybernetices implanted into his body, Kyle is going to be 11-years-old for as long as he lives. He may not be human anymore, but he refuses to give up his humanity!

Geoff Murray: owner of an electronics store where Kyle works.

Ryan Harrison: Kyle's feisty friend.

Veronica Walters: Kyle's wise-cracking friend and usually a "damsel-in-distress"

Franklin "Frank" DeYork: Chicago detective who usually aids Kyle against Shadow Star's operatives.

Biff Anitson: Frank's foul-mouthed, childhood friend.

Julie McKara: Frank's cousin.

Angel Hagerston: Julie's niece and Veronica's friend.

For more about Shadow Star, see Shadow Star(Mega-Rabbi)

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