Marvel vs Youtube Poop: Fate of Two Worlds is the third game in the Marvel vs Youtube Poop series. It has new characters not in the first or second games, and like the second has a story. It will release on Wii U, Xbox 360, Wii and 3DS early 2013.

IMG 2960

The cover.


Dr. Doom and Mario Head have teamed to lead a army of villians to couquer the Marvel and Youtube Poop universes. Now, Iron Man and the King reassemble a new group of avegers, as they must stop Doom and the Head from awakening Galactus!


  • Indicates that the character is only avalable in the War of Iron DLC pack
Marvel Youtube Poop

Iron Man

Captain America

Hotel Mario

The King

Thor Link
Hulk Morshu


Storm Zelda
Spider-Man Hotel Luigi
Spider-Ham Gwonam
Abomination Ganon
The Leader Dr. Robotnik
Carnage Weegee
Magneto Malleo
Marvel Youtube Poop

Red Hulk

Soild Snake
Iron Knuckle*
New Characters
Marvel Youtube Poop Deadpool Millitron*
Beast George the Volcano (Large Character)
Black Panther King Koopa
Bullseye Toon Mario
Daredevil Mama Luigi
The Destroyer (Large Character) Squidward
Human Torch Scratch
Howard the Duck Mario Head
Sliver Surfer Walleo
Doctor Doom Waweegee


Story Mode: You play as the characters througha story to stop Dr. Doom and Mario Head before they awaken Galactus!

Battle Mode: The normal battle. Now, Cross Gauges and Pandora Mode from The King's Epic Adventure X The Frollo Show are added, they also work for Marvel characters too.
IMG 2975

Artwork for the game.

Galactus Mode: You play as Galactus and fight Marvel and Youtube Poop fighters.

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